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Series 12, Episode 2 - Bond Special: Daniel Craig, Dame Judi Dench, Javier Bardem

Graham Norton hosts a James Bond special. Daniel Craig says he is honoured to play 007, Judi Dench revels in M's action scenes, Javier Bardem talks about his love of Bond villains, and Of Monsters And Men performs live in the studio.

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Daniel Craig, talking about working with The Queen for the Olympics opening ceremony says, "It was planned for a long time. Danny Boyle told me what he wanted to do and I almost walked out because I really thought he was just pulling my leg. The whole thing then came about and the next thing I know I was at the palace. I didn't think they would get the okay from the palace but apparently they got that first and then asked me so I didn't have much choice!"

Judi Dench jokingly says that she wasn't asked to be involved, "No, not at all. I was extremely miffed and then I saw it all happen and thought, 'Well, there we are, in spite of us all.'" She also reveals that Daniel kept the whole thing secret from his Skyfall co-stars, "He never let on. He didn't say a word."

On being cast in the role of 007, Daniel says, "I was very reluctant to say 'yes' to Bond. I couldn't quite understand why I was being asked. It was off my radar. It was a very nice offer but I thought they had the wrong guy. They were quite persistent."

Asked if he had to audition for the role, he says, "Yes, I had to do an all-day screen test. You have to do a scene from From Russia With Love. It was nerve wracking but I did that and then I then had to take my shirt off for some odd reason - I don't know what that was about!"

Talking about his toned physique, he says, "I don't look like that all the time. I start training about six months before we start shooting. What's lucky is that we plan out the shirtless scenes quite carefully so I can de-carb and all that boring stuff. The rest of the time I eat and drink what I want and just try and stay in shape."

And, on the worldwide fame the role has brought him, he says, "It was quite disconcerting at first but I kind of enjoy it now. I am enjoying making the films and it is part of my life and it's a real honour to do it so I take it and enjoy it."

On the favourable reviews of Skyfall, Daniel says, "We are incredibly happy. Everyone says don't read them but these have been very good so they've been hard to avoid."

Judi, talking about M having big action sequences in the new movie, says, "I enjoyed them. I loved it. It's about time M got more to do. They were always away in glamorous places and I was kept in a shed." Refusing to be drawn on the plot of the film and whether she has a stunt person, she says, "I had to go to Shed 19 where all the stunt men hang out but I couldn't possibly tell you what that was about. I'm not saying a word to you!"

Asked if she likes being in charge as M, Judi says, "You bet. I love keeping naughty boys in order." And on what it is like to join the Bond franchise says, "It is thrilling. You are wonderfully looked after and very spoilt. It sounds really corny, but you are made very welcome and you are allowed to work under wonderful circumstances."

Javier Bardem adds, "It feels like a family and you are part of it." But revealing he was intimidated on his first day, says, "I was shooting with Daniel and Judi and they were both looking at me and I suddenly realise James Bond and M are looking at me and I am doing a James Bond movie and all my lines went off. Sam Mendes asked me what happened and I said 'I have just realised I am a Bond Villain.'"

To Judi's huge embarrassment, Javier adds, "I then get back into the scene and I suddenly hear the Bond theme tune and think 'What is that?' and then realise it is Judi's cellphone!"

Talking about playing a Bond villain, Javier says, "The first Bond film I saw was Moonraker when I was 11 or 12 and I remember being really drawn to Jaws. I guess my destiny was drawn in stone as I looked at that guy and thought he had beautiful eyes and was such a nice person and didn't understand why he was a villain. I thought he was lovely."

Of Monsters And Men performs Little Talks live in the studio before joining Graham to chat about their new album.

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Friday 26th October 2012
45 minutes


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