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Series 12, Episode 10 - Tom Cruise, Hugh Jackman, Billy Crystal, Rosamund Pike, John Bishop, Paul Hollywood, Mary Berry, Pink

Tom Cruise says he ignores anyone who says 'no' to him; Hugh Jackman says he owes his career to Russell Crowe; Billy Crystal reveals he is the schmuck that turned down Toy Story; Rosamund Pike says Tom educated her; and John Bishop says he embarrasses his children; while Paul Hollywood and Mary Berry talk baking; and Pink says she was scared of marriage.

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Tom Cruise, talking about his new movie Jack Reacher and the realism of scenes, says "There are so many visual effects in movies that I like to shoot things as practically as possible as opposed to green screen. For an audience, you can feel the difference."

Asked if anyone can say 'no' to him doing his own stunts, he says, "Yes, but I ignore them! It's all about storytelling and as an actor you bring everything, physically and emotionally, to a character. I'm able to do them and I've trained for 30 years doing things like that." On whether he ever gets scared, he says, "No, but there are moments when the adrenalin is going. It's quite technical but sometimes things go wrong - and a lot of what goes wrong is in the movie but no one has been injured." Quickly correcting himself, he says, "Or been badly hurt anyway. No one missed a day of work!"

Talking about shutting Trafalgar Square to shoot a scene for a new movie, he says, "It was an amazing experience. I've driven through there but to land a helicopter with the RAF was amazing. I blew the first take because I was smiling so much. I was so thrilled by the whole thing."

Asked if the hard time he gets from the press gets under his skin, he says, "No. It is what it is." Revealing Paul Newman's once told him, "'You can't ever pay attention to white noise,'" Tom adds, "You just have to live your life, do your work and just do the best you can and you know what's important."

Tom reprises some of his famous catchphrases, 'show me the money,' 'you complete me' and 'help me help you' with a little help from Graham and his audience.

Rosamund Pike, his co-star in Jack Reacher talks about the on-screen relationship between them, "We wanted to do a male female dynamic that wasn't about sex. She is more than just the love interest." Mentioning The Thomas Crown Affair and My Girl Friday to illustrate the relationship, she adds, "We watched a lot of classic films. Tom educated me."

Talking about how the role came about for her, Tom says, "We wanted her and she was just perfect. Hitchcock would have killed for her. She is a great actress, very beautiful and cinematic."

And, on being five months pregnant by the end of shooting, Rosamund says, "Yes, I had a secret stowaway throughout the movie which is pretty cool."

Hugh Jackman, talking about his new movie, Les Misérables, says, "It is the role of a lifetime. I am a big Les Mis fan and I'm very grateful to be in it," adding, "Thank god they waited 27 years to make so I could play the role. It is epic in every way, in scale, emotionally and story wise."

Talking about singing live on the movie he says, "We did 19-20 takes on each song. It was an incredible feeling. I would wake up in the morning and think I am singing Bring Him Home today and I may never sing it again in my life. It was like opening and closing night each day. It was pretty amazing."

Asked it he had to audition for film, he says, "Everyone did. It was the longest audition of my life - it was four hours. I have never asked to leave an audition before but had to put the kids to bed."

And on his Les Mis co-star Russell Crowe, he says, "We are great mates and I actually owe my career to him because he turned down Wolverine."

Talking about being on the Oprah show in Australia when he crashed into the stage on a zip wire, he says, "It was a crazy thing to do. We only had one rehearsal. I knew I had hurt myself because there was blood everywhere but the thing that worried me was my kids seeing it because they had asked to come. But, my son turned to my wife and said, 'Why can't we be a normal family?'"

Talking the success of When Harry Met Sally, ]Billy Crystal modestly says, "It was a good one." And, on why there was never a sequel, he says, "We dabbled in doing another for years, but it was kind of perfect. We said, 'let them be 'happily ever after.'"

However, he reveals the movie's famous orgasm scene took a while to capture, "Meg was really nervous to do it. In the first rehearsal it was very tepid and not a good orgasm. So the director proceeds to have the biggest orgasm I have ever seen in my life. It's gigantic, huge and everyone applauds and then he said, 'I made a mistake I shouldn't have done that.' I said, 'Meg is fine, you didn't embarrass her.' He said, 'I know, but my mom is in the room and I've just had an orgasm in front of her!'"

Talking about Monsters Inc., in which he stars as the voice of Mike Wazowski, he says, "It is the most favourite character I have ever played. It was the first thing my granddaughters saw and I had to speak like him for six months, it almost killed me. They have started to realise I am an actor and after leaving a screening of Parental Guidance, the six year old said to my daughter, 'Mummy, do people know that grandma is married to Billy Crystal?'"

Revealing he said 'yes' to Monsters Inc. because he turned down Toy Story, a role that went to Tom Hanks, Billy says, "I'm the schmuck that said no, but at the time I didn't think it was for me. From then on it's been, 'What ever it is (from Pixar) it is a 'yes.'"

John Bishop, talking about his stand-up show and asked if his boys have banned him from talking about them, he says, "No, but they are at an age when there is stuff going on that they don't want to talk about. It is funny stuff for me but embarrassing for them."

Paul Hollywood and Mary Berry join the New Year celebrations to chat about the success of The Great British Bake Off. Asked if they will be heading for the States for the US version, Paul says, "I don't know, but if we get the call," while Mary is more adamant, "I don't think so."

Paul denies that personality ever comes into the judging, "You can't do that, you've got to be fair. Someone did talk off camera to us last year and I thought, 'Right, I've marked your card mate,' but it doesn't work like that because people's heart and soul goes into it and you have to judge it properly."

Mary reveals that the cake she has baked for Graham was nibbled by her spaniel, "Poppy leapt up and took a bite out of the cake and I thought about making another one but I didn't have time so I just filled the hole with icing."

Pink performs The Truth About Love live in the studio before joining Graham for a chat about the single, her world tour and life with her husband and baby.

Talking about asking her husband to marry her, she says, "I said 'no' so many times because I thought marriage was scary but then I thought he wouldn't ask again so I asked him," adding, "I knew it was love when he offered to throw up to keep me company when I had had too much to drink."

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Monday 31st December 2012
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