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Series 12, Episode 19 - Jude Law, Judi Dench, Mila Kunis, Olly Murs

Judi Dench reveals all about her exit from 007; Jude Law says he has banned his son from being tattooed; Mila Kunis talks about Oz; and Olly Murs is embarrassed by his tweets about Mila.

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Judi Dench, light heartedly moaning about the goodie bag she has just been given by the show, says, "Lovely as it is, I went immediately to check with Jude and mine was full of regeneration, anti-ageing cream and his wasn't!!"

Talking about her dramatic exit from the 007, with M's death in Skyfall, she says, "I knew about it for quite a while before. I went and saw Barbara Broccoli and Daniel Craig, which I thought was a nice chance meeting to have a cup of coffee, but it was straight in my face. It wasn't broken to me gently. I put a very brave face on it and didn't tell anyone at all. People would ask, 'how's it going?' and I'd say, 'fine' and then, 'are you enjoying filming?' and I'd say, 'it's fine,' and, 'do you get out from behind the desk, and I'd say, 'yep.' It was quite hard, but it was worth keeping the secret."

Asked how they marked her passing, Judi says, "There was a big cake. I don't remember what it said on it!"

She also reveals, "When I started as 'M' it was quite shocking and I did worry. I don't think I realised that it was quite a responsibility that, suddenly, it should be cast as a woman. I didn't realise that as I was doing it, otherwise I would never have taken it on."

Asked if she did a passing of the mantle on to Ralph Fiennes, she very firmly says, "Certainly not!"

Talking about taking the role in her new play, Peter and Alice, which is written by John Logan who also wrote the screenplay for Skyfall, Judi says "I was quite excited to do it, but I was a bit nervous. I just asked John many, many, many questions. I was boring about the amount of questions and when I got to the 78th question he said, 'you realise why I got rid of you in Skyfall!'"

Reminded of one of her first acting roles on stage in Romeo and Juliet in 1960, she says, "There is a moment in the play when Juliet is in the most terrible state and has the line, 'Where is my father and my mother, nurse?' and my father who was in the audience, stood up and said, 'here we are darling, row 'H'.' It was so sweet."

Jude Law, talking about his soon to be 17-year old son, says, "He had an idea that he wanted to get a tattoo. I told him he wasn't. I've got some, I don't regret them but I don't want him tattooed. I told him to wait until he is 18 and then re-think it and make all his mistakes then!"

Talking about his new movie Side Effects, he says, "I was nervous about playing a psychiatrist. It's not a field I know an awful lot about and I wanted to be authentic and sympathetic to an extraordinary profession and there's always a part of you that says, 'you can't sell this, you're not like a doctor.' There's a responsibility you feel for the part, you want to be accurate."

Revealing more about getting into the character, he says, "The doctor is really well dressed and I had this idea that I wanted him to have lots of details that said a lot about him so I decided to wear really flamboyant, colourful socks. But what I realised after a while is that most of the film is in close up so I kept desperately trying to see if I could get the socks on screen!"

On the success of the Sherlock movies, he says, "It was probably foolhardy taking it on because Holmes is so popular but it's gone alright and it works because the stories are good and the characters are interesting."

Mila Kunis joins Graham and his other guest straight form the premiere of her new movie Oz the Great and Powerful, without her co-star James Franco who was too poorly to take part in the show. Asked how James is, Mila raises her eyebrows and says, "He's fine."

Talking about the film and her role as one of the witches, she says, "I was nervous, I was pretty scared I was going to screw up this iconic character for a lot of people, it was incredibly frightening," adding, "The film is scary. There were two or three parts where I properly jumped and I was there so it must be scary."

On her role as the voice of Meg in Family Guy, she says, "Poor Meg. The one thing I get the most of is 'Shut up Meg' on, the street."

Recalling the intensive dance training she did for her role in Black Swan, Mila says, "It was five, six hours a day, seven days a week for four or five months. I wouldn't recommend anyone doing it like that, it's not healthy." Asked if she has kept it up she says, "God no. The second we wrapped I hung those little pointe shoes up forever."

Olly Murs performs Army of Two live in the studio before joining Graham for a chat.

Talking about his success, he says, "It's been an amazing three and half years since The X Factor. It's been incredible and I just love what I do, I love singing and doing what I do. It's great." Asked about touring with One Direction, he says, "It was insane, my ears are still hurting."

To Olly's huge embarrassment Graham brings up the subject of tweeting, revealing that when Olly was asked by a fan, 'who in Hollywood he would most like to have kids with', he had replied, Mila Kunis. Apologising to Mila, Olly says, "I never thought in my wildest dreams, that I would actually meet her," adding, "Though Olly and Mila has a great ring to it!" Mila graciously adds, "This is so flattering."


James Franco was due to appear in this episode but pulled out due to illness.

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Friday 1st March 2013
45 minutes


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