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Series 12, Episode 8 - Martin Freeman, Dawn French, Lee Mack, Girls Aloud

Martin Freeman talks about Middle-Earth and Sherlock, Dawn French reveals she is "so happy" with her new man, Lee Mack says he just couldn't finish his autobiography and Girls Aloud say they've never fallen out and reveal none of them have read Cheryl's book.

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Martin Freeman, talking about The Hobbit and the length of time it took to record the film, says, "You sort of lose sight of the fact it will be a movie in quite a helpful way. It decreases the pressure and the expectation. About once a month Jimmy Nesbitt would say, 'Martin, you are the Hobbit,' to remind me this was going to be a film."

Talking about the epic trilogy, Martin reveals, "We found out there would be a third movie on the day of the wrap party. They said, 'There is an amazing amount of material that would be hard to squeeze it into two films. We want to tell this story properly, with deference to Mr. Tolkien, we want to make three,' and who am I to argue."

Talking about the new level of fame he is now experiencing, he says, "It is a different kettle of fish, definitely. I am used to attention but this is another thing."

Asked about the next series of Sherlock and what happens, Martin says, "I don't know, not fully. Sherlock is alive but I don't know how. The producers know and will show it to us when they are ready."

Dawn French, revealing she has caught the writing bug, says, "I seriously have. This novel was a lot harder than the first. I didn't know what was required of me with the first novel and this one had to be better. I am a baby writer, but I love it."

And on dedicating her new book to her new man, she says, "I knew I would be opening the flood gates but he helped me so much. He was a rock for me during the writing of it. Difficult things happened while I was writing it. My mum died which was really devastating and he helped me through all that so without a doubt I had to dedicate the book to him. I am so happy."

Lee Mack, talking about writing his autobiography, says, "I foolishly told everyone I could write it in eight weeks and I finished it nine months later. I just couldn't finish it."

Girls Aloud perform Love Machine live in the studio before joining Graham for a chat.

Talking about their 10-year anniversary and asked who made the reunion happen, Cheryl Cole says, "It was a natural thing. It is a celebratory time, a decade in music."

Asked if there had be tensions within the group or any awkwardness in getting back together, Cheryl says, "People think there was a three year break but we still socialised on a weekly basis. It's not like we didn't see each other for three years." Nicola adds, "It would be wrong to say it wasn't frustrating to read all that stuff."

Talking about her book and asked if the group had read it, Cheryl reveals, to the embarrassment of the other girls, "Not one of them has read it," adding, "They don't need to as they were there."

Asked if she is going to do UK X Factor next Cheryl says, "It's a definite 'no.'"

Talking about Kimberly on Strictly, and asked if they are voting for her, the girls give a resounding, "Yes." Kimberley adds, "They have been so encouraging and when I am tired they say, 'Ah ah, get back to the studio and cha, cha, cha."

And on the new tour and what happens next, Kimberley says, "We don't know. We'll see how the tour goes. We hope it is a success."

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Friday 14th December 2012
45 minutes


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Sunday 16th December 2012 11:30pm BBC1

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Alan Thorpe Producer
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