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Comic chat show presented by Graham Norton. The biggest names in showbiz join the host on his sofa.

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Series 12, Episode 18 - Richard Gere, John Malkovich, Saoirse Ronan, Taylor Swift

Richard Gere talks about fame, John Malkovich tells all about an obsessive fan, while Saoirse Ronan talks about her incredible success so young. Taylor Swift reveals how she embarrassed herself in front of Richard Gere.

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Richard Gere, reminded about being famously snubbed by the Oscars for his performance in Chicago, jokingly says, "Thanks for bringing that up! Actually, I'll tell you how I found out. We were opening the movie in Paris and we were all staying in the same hotel with rooms right next to each other. In LA they were making the announcement and we could hear it down the corridor." Indicating each room, he says, "That one gets nominated, that one gets nominated, that one gets nominated and I felt a little flutter as it gets near me and it went straight past me. Every room got nominated, the movie got nominated, the music got nominated and photography got nominated..."

Talking about his new movie Arbitrage being his first movie in four years, says, "I was told that today and I couldn't believe it but I guess it's true. I honestly didn't know but I guess I hadn't read a script I particularly liked."

Asked about fame and whether he is known in every part of the world, he says, "About 30 years ago I was in Borneo and decided to have an adventure. We took a one-prop missionary plane into the middle of Borneo. We landed in the middle of nowhere, got in a canoe and went up river, we got off the boat and started walking up to a long house and this whole tribe comes out and started shouting, 'Officer Gentleman, Officer Gentleman, Officer Gentleman!'"

Saoirse Ronan, talking about starting work as a an actress at the age of seven, says, "I was never treated as a kid. I was doing serious adult films so I was treated as an equal." And, asked if she thinks she has missed out on a normal life, she says, "I am lucky because I started when I was very young. I didn't have the pressure that a lot of actors have to work to put food on the table. I really enjoy it and I don't feel I've missed out. I've had some great experiences and I've learnt a lot and I've made amazing mates along the way."

Talking about fame, she says, "I really don't get recognised anywhere other than in Ireland. A lot of people would recognise me at home. They are very proud of me at home, but outside Ireland nobody knows who I am."

On her new movie The Host and her first proper romantic scenes, she reveals, "It has never been that intense before. There was lots of making out," adding, "My dad was on set for the last scene where I'm with Max Irons, one of my love interests. We were filming in the desert and there was nowhere to hide so I said to my dad, 'I'm really not into you seeing me snogging so just turn round.' He did, he was really cute. It was really awkward and I can't have them (her parents) there for any of that stuff."

On doing action scenes, she says, "I've gotten used to doing them and I enjoy training for a film." She reveals that when she had fight scenes with Eric Bana in Hanna, "He was scared of hurting me. I am small and he wasn't expecting much from me but I had been training and was really into martial arts and went for it and did actually punched him a few times, which he was shocked by. I took advantage because he was holding back and I wasn't."

John Malkovich, talking about his upcoming movie, Red 2 and his own action scenes, says, "The older you get there's a limit to what can be achieved stunt wise. If we can walk to the car we feel okay and we're like, 'we really nailed that.'"

Talking about fame and one a particularly obsessive fan he says, "I was in my garden in France at about one in the morning and this very big woman appeared and she explained she wanted to be my assistant and she wanted me to read her screenplay. I looked at the title of the book, which looked like it might have been scratched with a bloody nail, and it said, 'she kills'. I said, 'that seems very interesting, what is it about?' and she said, 'an out-of-work woman who kills a well-known actor.' I called the police, who asked me lot of questions and then asked me to sign some DVDs."

Taylor Swift performs I Knew You Were Trouble live in the studio before joining Graham for a chat.

Revealing herself to be a huge Saoirse fan, she says, "I wanted to learn to fight when I saw you in Hanna. You were so good and you carried the movie. You were fantastic."

Talking about the Golden Globes and sitting next to Richard, who was up for best actor, she says, "I really put my foot in my mouth." Richard teasingly explains, "She asked me, 'Why are you here?' when I said, 'actually I'm nominated,' she said, 'for what?'"

Taylor continues, "I was then completely freaked out because I met Richard's wife Carey (Lowell) and said, 'It's so good to see you again.' She looked at me like, 'I've never met this girl before' and then I realise it's because she is on Law and Order and she is my favorite assistant district attorney and I literally see her every week. It was a good night. I was really on!"

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Friday 22nd February 2013
45 minutes


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