Birds Of A Feather. Image shows from L to R: Sharon Theodopolopodous (Pauline Quirke), Dorien Green (Lesley Joseph), Tracey Stubbs (Linda Robson). Copyright: Alomo Productions / Retort.

Birds Of A Feather (1989)

ITV and BBC One sitcom about three friends living in Essex. 128 episodes (12 series), 1989 - 2020. Stars Pauline Quirke, Linda Robson, Lesley Joseph, Charlie Quirke and others.

Series 4, Episode 7 is repeated on Drama today at 5:20pm.

Series 2

1. Getting A Grip

First broadcast: Thursday 6th September 1990

Overdue bills lead to the electricity being cut off. Garth has been fighting in school and the central heating is leaking. Roll on two useless plumbers, a pair of female plumbers who botch it up and one who couldn't give a firm time arriving just as the house begins to flood.

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2. Sweet Smell Of Success

First broadcast: Thursday 13th September 1990

Money is running out and Tracey is getting desperate. Darryl's Jaguar is repossessed when Tracey advertises it through Computer Car. Only problem is, Darryl confesses that he has hidden £25,000 in the spare tyre. Luckily Dorien accidentally saves the day.

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3. Young Guns

First broadcast: Thursday 20th September 1990

When Garth brings his handsome friend home from school, Sharon annoys Tracey by suggesting they may be gay, leading to Tracey to tell Darryl before finding solid proof. Dorien has her own way of finding out if Richard is gay or not.

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4. Muesli

First broadcast: Thursday 27th September 1990

Darryl is down after watching a fellow inmate being released. His friend tries to cheer him up. Tracey wants to have more in common with him so gets Dorien to lock her and Sharon in the box room for the weekend, only she ends up with a crisis and forgets about them.

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5. Keep Off The Grass

First broadcast: Thursday 4th October 1990

The sisters face a moral dilemma. They have seen someone they know involved in a crime, but can they grass him up? Tracey says yes, Sharon says no, but they both change their minds after speaking to Darryl and Chris. Dorien thinks there is only one option.

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6. Mice

First broadcast: Thursday 11th October 1990

Dalentrace is infested with mice, Tracey blames Sharon for keeping her bedroom in a mess. Sharon's idea of getting a cat doesn't work quite as planned and Dorien's workman isn't quite who she said he was.

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7. Brief Encounter

First broadcast: Thursday 18th October 1990

Dorien becomes concerned about their financial situation when Marcus is reluctant to move. Chris is aiming to become the new prison drugs runner and Sharon starts an affair with financial adviser Don when she helps him after he is mugged at Chigwell station.

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8. You Pays Yer Money

First broadcast: Thursday 25th October 1990

A by-election in Chigwell causes tension about who to vote for between Tracey, Sharon and Dorien. Sharon wants Darryl's vote after Tracey paid his poll tax, but he wants the full £350 for the pleasure, leading Sharon to take drastic action.

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9. Trust

First broadcast: Thursday 1st November 1990

Tracey is seeing a psychotherapist, Gerald, Darryl thinks she has another man, does she come clean? Sharon isn't helping Tracey give up smoking by smoking around the house. Dorien and Sharon's advice goes unheeded.

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10. Thirty Something

First broadcast: Thursday 8th November 1990

Sharon reminds Tracey that she used to be a hooligan when she complains about the neighbour's kids throwing a party. Sharon is depressed about her 30th birthday and her lack of fulfillment. Lisa makes her a tempting offer, but is all as it seems?

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11. Love On The Run

First broadcast: Thursday 15th November 1990

When Darryl ends up in hospital, he and the nurse devise a plan for him to escape to spend a night with Tracey. Sharon has a fling with an artist who gives Tracey a surprise welcome home.

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12. Old Friends

First broadcast: Thursday 22nd November 1990

Sharon feels left out and jealous when Tracey invites her old best friend Trish to stay. Things soon turn around when Tracey becomes tired of Trish's obsession with the past and Sharon starts to bond with her.

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13. Parting

First broadcast: Thursday 29th November 1990

Sharon is ignoring Chris and accuses him of lying about being ill in a desperate plea for attention, until she gets a call from the prison. Chris has a tumour. Will Sharon change her mind about leaving him and changing her surname?

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14. Jobs For The Girls

First broadcast: Thursday 6th December 1990

Sharon has gone into the pet sitting business, but she has competition from a teenage boy. Meanwhile Tracey has decided to get back behind the typewriter and Dorien gives her her first commission, with mixed results.

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15. Someone Else's Baby

First broadcast: Thursday 13th December 1990

As the Antiques Roadshow throws up a surprise for Dorien, a letter in an old box and a barmy Auntie Sylvie throw up a few shocks for Tracey and Sharon. What is the meaning of the letter?

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Christmas Special: Falling In Love Again

First broadcast: Tuesday 25th December 1990

Chris has got himself into debt with the McCarthy family, Sharon wins a dating show and chooses a trip to Berlin as her prize so that she can collect a valuable car that Chris owns to settle the debt. Dorien gets a nasty surprise and Tracey falls for a mechanic.

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