Birds Of A Feather. Image shows from L to R: Sharon Theodopolopodous (Pauline Quirke), Dorien Green (Lesley Joseph), Tracey Stubbs (Linda Robson). Copyright: Alomo Productions / Retort.

Birds Of A Feather (1989)

ITV and BBC One sitcom about three friends living in Essex. 128 episodes (12 series), 1989 - 2020. Stars Pauline Quirke, Linda Robson, Lesley Joseph, Charlie Quirke and others.

Series 5

1. High Fidelity

First broadcast: Sunday 5th September 1993

Crises on two fronts for Tracey - first in her marriage and then with Sharon.


2. Bang

First broadcast: Sunday 12th September 1993

It's an explosive time in Chigwell, with upheavals for Sharon, Tracey and Dorien.


3. Non-Starter

First broadcast: Sunday 19th September 1993

Sharon persuades Tracey to teach her to drive. Darryl and Chris are due to be moved to a less high secrity prison.


4. Absent Friends

First broadcast: Sunday 26th September 1993

A spate of burglaries throws suspicion on Sharon and Tracey.


5. Suspicious Minds

First broadcast: Sunday 3rd October 1993

Dorien's husband makes a rare appearance.


6. Dead Loss

First broadcast: Sunday 10th October 1993

Sharon's mother-in-law dies and Chris is granted 24 hours compassionate leave from prison. Chris uses this to disappear. Sharon and Tony set about tracking him down.


7. A Brush With The Law

First broadcast: Sunday 17th October 1993

Tracey and Dorien set up in business together as decorators. Sharon meets the man of her dreams but he turns out not to be all he first appeared.


8. Mind Over Matter

First broadcast: Sunday 24th October 1993

Dorien's hypnotises Sharon to help her to overcome her arachnophobia. This causes mayhem.


9. East Side Story

First broadcast: Sunday 31st October 1993

Tracey is worried that her son Garth is missing out on life. Meanwhile, Sharon has planned an evening out with Tracey and Dorien, but Dorien has agreed to babysit her teenage neice, Rosa. They decide to leave Rosa and Garth together while they go out, but when they are away, romance blossoms.


10. Find The Lady

First broadcast: Sunday 7th November 1993

Tracey and Sharon need help to understand their husband's tax returns. As the wife of an accountant, Dorien helps them out. They discover that Tracey's husband Darryl has invested well and now has a large sum to look forward to in his pension, but Sharon's husband Chris was less well advised. Sharon tracks down a mystery financial advisor to explain...


11. An Inspector Stays

First broadcast: Sunday 14th November 1993

The police want to use Tracey and Sharon's home for a surveillance operation.


12. All Gone Pear-Shaped

First broadcast: Sunday 21st November 1993

Sharon is still in love with her boyfriend, Colin, and she plucks up the courage to tell her husband. However, she refrains from telling him that Colin is a policeman.


13. The Beautiful Game

First broadcast: Sunday 28th November 1993

Tracey manages a boys' football team, while Dorien finds a psychic who will change her life.


Christmas Special: It Happened In Hollywood

First broadcast: Saturday 25th December 1993

Sharon and Tracey discover that their real father's name is George Hamilton and conclude that he must be the Hollywood actor. They decide to go to Los Angeles to find him, but cannot raise the fare. Dorian agrees to pay for them as long as she can go too...


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