Birds Of A Feather. Image shows from L to R: Sharon Theodopolopodous (Pauline Quirke), Dorien Green (Lesley Joseph), Tracey Stubbs (Linda Robson). Copyright: Alomo Productions / Retort.

Birds Of A Feather (1989)

ITV and BBC One sitcom about three friends living in Essex. 128 episodes (12 series), 1989 - 2020. Stars Pauline Quirke, Linda Robson, Lesley Joseph, Charlie Quirke and others.

Series 4, Episode 4 is repeated on Drama today at 5:20pm.

Series 6

1. Not In My Backyard

First broadcast: Sunday 18th September 1994

Sharon, Tracey and Dorien believe they will be living round the corner from royalty, when someone with children called Harry and William, and who is guarded by heavies moves into Chigwell.


2. Mrs. Robinson

First broadcast: Sunday 25th September 1994

Tracey is worried because Garth is going out with an older woman and Chris has started writing to "express his inner self".


3. First Time Caller

First broadcast: Sunday 2nd October 1994

Sharon is busy at the café and Dorien is busy at her first aid course, which leaves Tracey feeling useless. Then she rings a radio show with advice and becomes a local celebrity...


4. Compulsion

First broadcast: Sunday 9th October 1994

When Dorien starts bulk buying in chain stores, Sharon and Tracey feel that drastic measures are called for.


5. All Day And All Of The Night

First broadcast: Sunday 16th October 1994

Sharon has to have work done on the café, and Chris's cousin Georgiou undertakes to do the work cheaply and at night. However he turns the place into an all-night Greek nightclub and Dorien is the star attraction, dancing the night away for £600.


6. Appreciation Society

First broadcast: Sunday 23rd October 1994

Tracey and Sharon decide to change places as each believes the other's job is far easier than their own. Meanwhile next door neighbour Dorien is getting threatening letters and is very worried...


7. Moving

First broadcast: Sunday 30th October 1994

Sharon's two bedroom flat above the café becomes hot property. Both Dorien and Garth want to rent it out. After prospective buyers decide against purchasing Dorien's house, it looks like Tracey may sell hers and suddenly Sharon needs the flat herself.


8. Out

First broadcast: Sunday 6th November 1994

Chris has managed to wangle home leave, but Darryl blew his chances by beating up Chris. When he comes home for the weekend Chris seems to be a changed man, but Sharon is suspicious. She tries to get Dorien to act as bait to see if he still will chase anything "female and with a pulse".


9. In At The Deep End

First broadcast: Sunday 13th November 1994

Tracey receives a letter addressed to Darryl requesting a quotation for the installation of a swimming pool. Sharon decides it would be a good idea to start up a pool business of their own, especially when she discovers that there is profit of at least £5,000 to be made. Meanwhile, Garth is depressed and wants to know the meaning of life, and Dorien is sponsoring a child in the Gambia - but she sends him a pair of gloves and matching scarf from Harrods.


10. Business Is Business

First broadcast: Sunday 20th November 1994

Sharon decides that she wants to sell the café and set up a new swimming pool business with Tracey. Dorien wants her to accept a mystery buyer found by her husband, but Chris wants her to sell to someone in the Greek community...


11. Puppy Love

First broadcast: Sunday 27th November 1994

A Saturday night in sends Sharon, Tracey and Dorien in search of their first boyfriends. But it doesn't quite turn out how any of them expected.


12. Still Waters Run Deep

First broadcast: Sunday 4th December 1994

Sharon and Tracey are making a fortune with their swimming pool business, then they are invited by a gangster to build a pool as a present for his girlfriend. However he wants the pool built within a week and their workforce is in Florida. Meanwhile Dorien is riddled with guilt after Marcus lands in hospital.


13. On The Glass

First broadcast: Sunday 18th December 1994

Sharon and Tracey's pool business goes into decline as Winter sets in, and Dorien also finds herself broke after Marcus cancels all of her credit cards. Sharon and Tracey decide to go into the double-glazing business and think that Dorien would be the ideal person to do the door-to-door selling...


Christmas Special: Christmas In Dreamland

First broadcast: Saturday 24th December 1994

Sharon falls asleep and enters a parallel universe in which she is the wealthy sister, Tracey is the poor relation and Dorien is Doreen her char lady...


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