Taskmaster. Image shows from L to R: Greg Davies, Alex Horne. Copyright: Avalon Television


  • TV comedy
  • Channel 4 / Dave
  • 2015 - 2022
  • 117 episodes (13 series)

TV format in which Greg Davies and Alex Horne set a group of comedians various outlandish challenges. Also features Romesh Ranganathan, Frank Skinner, Roisin Conaty, Josh Widdicombe, Tim Key and more.

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Series 13, Episode 9 - It Might Be Wind

Taskmaster. Image shows from L to R: Ardal O'Hanlon, Bridget Christie
As the series nears its end, it remains to be seen whether Taskmaster Greg is impressed by Bridget's research into Welsh royalty or Judi poking a shoe from under a curtain.

Prize task: Best object with a handle.

- Ardal O'Hanlon: A queen chess piece which has taped a cup handle to. - 5
- Judi Love: A small bike. - 4
- Sophie Duker: A wheel of fortune, on which you can put things on each section, spin the wheel and make a random choice. - 3
- Bridget Christie: A door. - 2
- Chris Ramsey: A kettle. - 1

Task 1: Get the most surprising thing delivered to the Taskmaster house. You have six hours. Your times starts now. [Each contestant is given a £50 note to spend on their thing.]

- Chris: A baby. - 5
- Bridget: A man dressed in a way that gives facts about Greg Davies. - 4
- Judi: A box of fish heads on a skateboard. - 4
- Ardal: A wobbly-headed scarecrow owl. - 2
- Sophie: Live worms. - 2

Task 2: Make the longest cup snake and lie down next to it outside this building. You may only leave the building twice. You have ten minutes. Your time starts now.

- Judi: 11.21m - 5
- Chris: 9.66m - 4
- Sophie: 8.77m - 3
- Ardal: 8.56m - 2
- Bridget: 5m - 1

Task 3: Poke a part of your body out of the shower curtain and waggle it about for ten seconds. The Taskmaster will guess what part of the body it is. The biggest part of the body that the Taskmaster incorrectly indentifies wins. You must poke your body part out of the shower curtain and waggle it about within the next 15 minutes. Your time starts now.

- Chris: A foot and part of his shin that Greg wrongly guesses is a hand and part of the arm. - 5
- Sophie: Her hair which Greg wrongly guesses is a foot and part of her shin. - 5
- Judi: A hand that Greg wrongly guesses is a foot. - 4
- Ardal: A hand and part of the arm with pen on it, which Greg correctly identifies. - 0
- Bridget: Her whole body covered in a sheet, which Greg correctly identifies. - 0

Prize task: Write down how many tin cans you think can fit in your bag. The highest predicted number fitted in a zipped-up bag within one minute wins. If you don't zip up your bag or fit your predicted number of tin cans in your bag, you will be disqualified. After Alex blows his whistle, you will have ten seconds to write down your number.

- Ardal: 35, correctly fitted. - 5
- Chris: 30, correctly fitted. - 4
- Bridget: 54, bag not zipped up. - 0
- Judi: 30, but bag contains 32. - 0
- Sophie: 29, but bag contains 28. - 0

Final scores

- Chris - 19
- Judi - 17
- Ardal - 14
- Sophie - 13
- Bridget - 7

Broadcast details

Thursday 9th June 2022
Channel 4
60 minutes


Show past repeats

Date Time Channel
Friday 10th June 2022 12:25am 4seven
Saturday 11th June 2022 1:15am 4seven
Sunday 12th June 2022 1:15am 4seven
Monday 13th June 2022 3:50am 4seven
Wednesday 15th June 2022 1:00am C4
Thursday 16th June 2022 2:15am 4seven


Cast & crew

Greg Davies Host / Presenter
Alex Horne Host / Presenter
Ardal O'Hanlon Self
Bridget Christie Self
Chris Ramsey Self
Judi Love Self
Sophie Duker Self
Writing team
Alex Horne Writer
Tim Key Task Consultant
Production team
Andy Devonshire Series Director
Andy Cartwright Series Producer
Richard Allen-Turner Executive Producer
James Taylor Executive Producer
Jon Thoday Executive Producer
Rob Aslett Executive Producer
Andy Devonshire Executive Producer
Alex Horne Executive Producer
Vicky Winter Line Producer
Roberta Grady Edit Producer
Amy Tuckwell Edit Producer
Andrew Dames Edit Producer
Mark Sangster Editor
Andi Meek Editor
Rebecca Bowker Editor
Harfun Li VT Editor
Adam Marangos VT Editor
James Dillon Production Designer
Sam Montague Director of Photography
Christina Baker (as Chrissie Baker) Make-up Designer
John Ford Lighting Designer
Dru Masters Composer
Tom Howe Composer
Martin Rosten Graphics
Jane Burstow Make-up Designer
Philippa Hall Make-up Designer
Gabby Tomlinson Researcher


Ardal O'Hanlon behind a shower curtain

Ardal has a bit of a breakdown in the shower waggling task.

Featuring: Greg Davies, Alex Horne, Ardal O'Hanlon & Bridget Christie.

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