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The Museum Of Curiosity

The Museum Of Curiosity

  • Radio panel show
  • BBC Radio 4
  • 2007 - 2021
  • 100 episodes (16 series)

Radio panel show in which John Lloyd and his curators try to fill up their museum with curious objects. Also features Bill Bailey, Sean Lock, Jon Richardson, Dave Gorman, Jimmy Carr and more.

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Gallery 10, Episode 1 - Meeting Fifty-Six

John Lloyd and his new curator Jo Brand are joined by Festival of the Spoken Nerd's Helen Arney, "goat-man" Thomas Thwaites, and captain of The Queen Elizabeth Aseem Hashmi.

Further details

Helen Arney, member of the Festival of the Spoken Nerd, physicist, musician, star of Domestic Science and maker of classic music programmes on BBC Radio 3 for seven years, donates the latest four chemical elements to be confirmed: oganesson, tennessine, moscovium and nihonium. Only 15 atoms of tennessine have ever been discovered.

Thomas Thwaites, "a designer of a more speculative sort", who has built himself a toaster from the ground up which included collecting raw materials from around the world, and winner of the Ig Nobel Prize for living as a goat in the Alps for six days, offers the museum a history book that won't be published until 2222 AD. Thwaites is especially interested to know if the book contains details on alien life, but he can't read the book as it is in foreign language.

Captain Aseem Hashmi, an ex-British Airways pilot who became the youngest captain in Cunard's entire history, and is now the captain of the company's newest liner The Queen Elizabeth (total cost: £350 million), provides the museum with a simple ship's anchor. The anchor is the ship's emergency break, when lowered it is the only time the ship is contact with the ground intentionally, and Hashmi claims it acts as a reality check.

Broadcast details

Monday 9th January 2017
BBC Radio 4
30 minutes


Show past repeats

Date Time Channel
Monday 16th January 2017 7:30am Radio 4 Extra
Monday 16th January 2017 5:30pm Radio 4 Extra
Monday 16th January 2017 10:00pm Radio 4 Extra
Tuesday 17th January 2017 5:30am Radio 4 Extra
Tuesday 15th June 2021 4:00pm Radio 4 Extra
Wednesday 16th June 2021 4:00am Radio 4 Extra

Cast & crew

John Lloyd Host / Presenter
Jo Brand Host / Presenter
Guest cast
Helen Arney Guest
Thomas Thwaites Guest
Aseem Hashmi Guest
Production team
Richard Turner Producer
James Harkin Producer
Anne Miller Researcher
Mike Turner Researcher

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