The Comedian's Comedian Podcast with Stuart Goldsmith

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Stuart Goldsmith talks to fellow stand-up comedians about how they create funny stuff and manage their career. These in-depth interviews are interesting and frequently revealing. There are now well over 200 episodes.

Previous episodes

Elis James. Copyright: Idil Sukan.

Episode 192 - Elis James

9th January 2017.   83 minutes.

Like a reverse superhero, Elis James is a warm and charismatic story-teller, able to summon a hilarious, tiny-fisted, ranting neurotic from a parallel universe. We discuss how his persona changes...


Pappy's. Image shows from L to R: Tom Parry, Matthew Crosby, Ben Clark.

Episode 191 - Pappy's return

19th December 2016.   91 minutes.

Pappy's return to the show after four years to discuss BBC3's Badults, live shows, their future together, and whether they'll ever go back to Edinburgh. Laughter, tears and dickheads in...


Fern Brady.

Episode 190 - Fern Brady

12th December 2016.   110 minutes.

Fern Brady is a fiercely funny and provocative comic, with an invigorating ability to combine eloquence and bluntness. A Guardian columnist and accidental spokesperson, she talks here about managing her...


Chris Gethard.

Episode 189 - Chris Gethard

5th December 2016.   80 minutes.

Softly spoken and absolutely committed to the truth, Chris Gethard took Edinburgh by storm with a searingly honest and blackly funny show about depression and attempted suicide. We talk about...


Andy Askins. Copyright: Andy Hollingworth.

Episode 188 - Andy Askins

28th November 2016.   87 minutes.

One of comedy's happiest and most humble men, Andy Askins reduces audiences to tears with his beautifully subtle and innocent-seeming punchlines. We discover the extraordinary backstory to his career, and...


Carmen Lynch.

Episode 187 - Carmen Lynch

21st November 2016.   74 minutes.

Carmen Lynch combines deft writing, rhythm and performative poise, to deadly effect. We talk about stopping and re-starting comedy, and how it feels to escape from the day-job a second...


Tony Law.

Episode 186 - Tony Law returns

15th November 2016.   101 minutes.

A lot has changed since Old Tone's last appearance on the podcast. He's clean, sober and re-launching, but no less of a uniquely hilarious act. We talk about how he's...


Barry Crimmins.

Episode 184 - Barry Crimmins

31st October 2016.   71 minutes.

Legendary comic Barry Crimmins kickstarted Boston's comedy scene in the 1980s, testified to the Senate against profiteering from child pornography, and is to this day both a political firebrand...


Paul Currie.

Episode 183 - Paul Currie

24th October 2016.   92 minutes.

Sweaty, bearded turbo-clown Paul Currie's shows are stuffed with unforgettable images, feelings and smells. Beloved of comedy's intelligentsia, this award-winning performer doesn't let go of your heart until the last...


Cameron Esposito.

Episode 182 - Cameron Esposito

17th October 2016.   76 minutes.

A small-town girl who realised pretty late she was a giant lesbian, Cameron Esposito has evolved into a hilarious alpha-female hero comic. We talk about body-shaming, power-stances and side-mullets, and...


RH: Live. Image shows from L to R: Conor Jatter, Luke Spillane, Tom Webster.

Episode 181 - John Robins

10th October 2016.   81 minutes.

Erudite stand-up, amazingly elastic improviser, and Goldsmith facial-resembler, John Robins is hitting his stride. We talk about the difficulties of changing gear mid-career, treating writing shows like writing essays, and...


Tim Minchin.

Episode 180 - Tim Minchin (Live)

3rd October 2016.   104 minutes.

Live at the Los Angeles Podcast Festival. Multiple Tony and Olivier Award-winner, and Emmy-nominee Tim Minchin went from gigging keyboardist, to Royal Albert Hall smash hit, to Dreamworks director. We...


Loyiso Gola.

Episode 179 - Loyiso Gola

26th September 2016.   65 minutes.

Why is Emmy-nominated South-African satirist and comedian Loyiso Gola treated like a rock-star by his nation's politicians? We explore the ability of SA comics to be outsiders to both UK...


Lewis Black.

Episode 178 - Lewis Black (Live)

18th September 2016.   81 minutes.

Is Lewis Black the angriest man in America? We discuss Lewis' origins in theatre, his turnover of topical material, particularly in an election cycle, and the trigger points from which...


Bill Burr.

Episode 176 - Bill Burr

15th August 2016.   101 minutes.

At the top of his game, stand-up Bill Burr is conquering the planet with an extraordinary creative ferocity. He delights in unsettling audiences by saying the un-sayable, before justifying his...


Todd Barry.

Episode 175 - Todd Barry

1st August 2016.   71 minutes.

There's dry, and then there's Todd Barry. On his Crowdwork tour, Todd's skill in low-energy one-liners allows him to spin unexpected angles into truly original audience interaction. We discuss writing...


Wendy Wason. Copyright: Steve Ullathorne.

Episode 174 - Wendy Wason

19th July 2016.   77 minutes.

Wendy Wason gigs hard and acts in movies - but still juggles her comedy career with raising three children. We discuss her solid work ethic and achieving the "discipline of...


Jinkx Monsoon.

Episode 173 - Jinkx Monsoon

12th July 2016.   109 minutes.

Superbly funny and very skilled Jinkx Monsoon won RuPaul's Drag Race IV, and with long-term collaborator Major Scales is continuing to weave that very public success into an established comedy...