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The Comedian's Comedian Podcast with Stuart Goldsmith

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Stuart Goldsmith talks to fellow stand-up comedians about how they create funny stuff and manage their career. These in-depth interviews are interesting and frequently revealing. There are now well over 200 episodes.

Previous episodes

Greg Proops.

Episode 50 - Greg Proops (Live)

18th September 2013.   62 minutes.

'The Smartest Man In The World' speaks frankly about life, lyricism and the pursuit of laughter. There's talk about the evolution of Greg's linguistic style, and how he borrows from...


Brendon Burns.

Episode 47 - Brendon Burns (Live)

9th August 2013.   60 minutes.

Edinburgh comedy award winner Brendon Burns speaks candidly about 'the most self-absorbed art-form there is', and savages what he sees as the covert bigotry and condescension in the UK. We...


Richard Herring.

Episode 46a - Richard Herring

18th July 2013.   57 minutes.

Part two of the interview which sees Richard Herring talking about his stand-up. He explores his status and persona onstage, admits which subjects he finds difficult to include in his...


Richard Herring.

Episode 46 - Richard Herring

10th July 2013.   77 minutes.

Richard Herring is a prolific comedian, blogger and podcaster, comprehensively mining his every experience for comic potential. As well as exploring the unique resource of his daily blog, his online...


Milo McCabe.

Episode 44 - Milo McCabe

12th June 2013.   80 minutes.

Milo McCabe is a superb character act with an unusual origin. We discuss growing up in the shadow of a comedian father, and the use of NLP and other psychological...


Benny Boot.

Episode 43 - Benny Boot (Live)

5th June 2013.   70 minutes.

It's the second Live special, and London-based Australian gagsmith Benny Boot lets us in on his effervescent cartoon-like imagination. We talk about the unusual techniques he employs to create a...


Ian D Montfort Is: Unbelievable. Ian D. Montfort (Tom Binns). Copyright: BBC.

Episode 42 - Tom Binns

29th May 2013.   82 minutes.

The creator of barnstorming character acts such as hospital radio DJ Ivan Brackenbury and 'spirit comedium' Ian D Montfort, comedian Tom Binns now faces a unique challenge. As well as...


Tom Gleeson.

Episode 41 - Tom Gleeson

22nd May 2013.   81 minutes.

A study in confidence, Australian Tom Gleeson trades in lean, punchy material that batters an audience into submission. We discuss how "comedy's Lex Luthor" changed from being a competent but...


Felicity Ward.

Episode 39 - Felicity Ward

8th May 2013.   80 minutes.

Felicity Ward hilariously combines expert physical characterisation with heartfelt storytelling. Speaking just after the recording of her first DVD in Melbourne, she describes her creative process, her experiences in pilot...


The Correspondent. Tom (Tom Allen). Copyright: BBC.

Episode 38 - Tom Allen

5th May 2013.   73 minutes.

The quintessential comic raconteur, Tom Allen's work sizzles with wit, candour and warmth. We discuss his rhythm, musicality and sociable methods of generating material, as well as investigating the self-criticism...


David Quirk.

Episode 36 - David Quirk

16th April 2013.   59 minutes.

Known for his hyper-personal material about death, infidelity and suicide, David Quirk is happy to be an outsider, to the comedy community as well as his audience. We discuss the...


Asher Treleaven.

Episode 35 - Asher Treleaven

10th April 2013.   66 minutes.

Rubber-legged comedy mantis Asher Treleaven has been nominated for the most prestigious awards in the UK and Australia. He talks here about his transition from art-house darling to club-fit road...


Clarke MacFarlane.

Episode 34 - Clarke MacFarlane

2nd April 2013.   74 minutes.

Variety superstar Clarke MacFarlane blends elements of stand-up, clowning and skills to create the show-stopping, crowd-surfing Mario, Queen of the Circus. Touring with La Clique and La Soiree has allowed...


Lindsay Webb.

Episode 33 - Lindsay Webb

23rd March 2013.   59 minutes.

Lindsay Webb is comedy's Mr Queensland. A hard-working positive-thinker, he once held a Guinness World Record for the longest stand-up show, and manages to make waves in the industry without...


Carl Donnelly.

Episode 32 - Carl Donnelly

12th March 2013.   76 minutes.

Suede-hooved waffler Carl Donnelly makes comic storytelling look easy. His turn of phrase and relaxed narrative style has influenced a wave of newer acts, but his eye for a genuinely...


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