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The Comedian's Comedian Podcast with Stuart Goldsmith

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Stuart Goldsmith talks to fellow stand-up comedians about how they create funny stuff and manage their career. These in-depth interviews are interesting and frequently revealing. There are now well over 200 episodes.

Previous episodes

Harley Breen.

Episode 108 - Harley Breen

6th February 2015.   75 minutes.

Cult-runaway, Harley Breen is a man mountain with a barnstorming club and festival act. Underneath his loudmouth lumbersexual persona is a deeply principled single father with a reflective nature and...


Urzila Carlson.

Episode 107 - Urzila Carlson

29th January 2015.   64 minutes.

South Africa-born Urzila Carlson is now one of New Zealand's favourite acts, winning Best Female Comic there an astonishing five years running. Irrepressibly cheerful, she combines her natural talent with...


Thom Tuck.

Episode 106 - Thom Tuck

24th January 2015.   74 minutes.

A wilfully preposterous boozehound in a pashmina, Thom Tuck is a superbly theatrical stand-up, one third of fringe-conquering sketch outfit The Penny Dreadfuls, and co-ringmaster of The Alternative Comedy Memorial...


Alfie Brown.

Episode 104 - Alfie Brown

8th January 2015.   94 minutes.

Alfie Brown is variously known as the future of British comedy, the enfant terrible of the comedy circuit, and/or a jumped-up posh kid rebelling against anything that'll have him. Frustratingly,...


Mickey Dwyer.

Episode 103 - Mickey D

19th December 2014.   70 minutes.

Mickey 'D' Dwyer is an outrageously charismatic comic, with an almost mutant ability to win over the toughest room, from the UK to his native Australia and back. Retaining the...


Nish Kumar.

Episode 101 - Nish Kumar

4th December 2014.   84 minutes.

Fiercely intelligent political and socio-political comic, friend of the show and self-confessed 'great laugh', Nish Kumar is at the height of his powers. We discuss the self and the presentational...


Phil Kay.

Episode 100 - Phil Kay (Live)

27th November 2014.   70 minutes.

It's episode 100 of the podcast and Stu's been saving this one up! If you've donated in the last few months you'll have heard this one as a sneaky pre-release...


Luisa Omielan's Party. Luisa Omielan. Copyright: BBC.

Episode 99 - Luisa Omielan

20th November 2014.   84 minutes.

Luisa Omielan has established herself as a comic force to be reckoned with, by-passing the usual club/progression route, and cultivating an audience all her own. We explore the dynamic between...


Ross Noble.

Episode 98 - Ross Noble (Part 2)

14th November 2014.   53 minutes.

In part two of this conversation with the free-wheeling comedy craftsman, Ross Noble argues that ideas with unusual logic are often mistaken for 'surreal' comedy, and explains his process of...


Ross Noble.

Episode 98 - Ross Noble (Part 1)

6th November 2014.   73 minutes.

Ross Noble makes apparently casual improvisation into an artform, breathing life into nonsense for hours at a time and provoking gales of laughter. In the first part of this conversation...


Show Me The Funny. Prince Abdi. Copyright: Big Talk Productions.

Episode 97 - Prince Abdi

31st October 2014.   80 minutes.

Prince Abdi is a sublimely daft story-teller, whose material spills out of a life where he can't help saying 'yes'. We talk about his upbringing and his reluctant involvement in...


David Cross.

Episode 96 - David Cross (Part 2)

24th October 2014.   66 minutes.

In the second part of our conversation, stand-up and comic actor David Cross explores offence, outrage and sensitivity. We also talk about his work on Arrested Development and Mr Show,...


Trygve Wakenshaw.

Episode 95 - Trygve Wakenshaw

10th October 2014.   83 minutes.

Bloody lovely Trygve is a superb physical improviser, and more of a "weird lanky white brittle idiot" than a clown. We dissect the hilarious savagery of his imaginary worlds, and...


Tom Stade.

Episode 94 - Tom Stade (Live)

2nd October 2014.   75 minutes.

Although he's frequently referred to as a 'philosophical' or 'stoner' comic, Tom Stade is actually a Level Twenty Comedian. He waxes lyrical about striving for wisdom in his writing, rather...


Eleanor Tiernan.

Episode 93 - Eleanor Tiernan

25th September 2014.   63 minutes.

Eleanor Tiernan makes tremendously articulate comedy, often out of morally murky ideas and subjects. She talks here about the comedy scene in her native Ireland, how to find the bits...


Josie Long.

Episode 92 - Josie Long (Live)

17th September 2014.   66 minutes.

Irrepressibly positive, and relentless in her pursuit of betterment, deliriously funny Josie Long is much more than a figurehead for 'whimsy'. We talk here about how her humour has developed...


Steen Raskopoulos.

Episode 91 - Steen Raskopoulos

15th September 2014.   64 minutes.

Impro aficionado Steen Raskopoulos has mastered a style of audience interaction that lets his volunteers contribute to the show, rather than simply supplying a punchline. Nominated for Edinburgh Best Newcomer...


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