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The Comedian's Comedian Podcast with Stuart Goldsmith

The Comedian's Comedian Podcast with Stuart Goldsmith

Stuart Goldsmith talks to fellow stand-up comedians about how they create funny stuff and manage their career. These in-depth interviews are interesting and frequently revealing. There are now well over 200 episodes.

Episode 238 - Maeve Higgins

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Published: 19th March 2018.   Length: 77 mins.   Size: 71.8mb

Marvellous Maeve Higgins has an apparently meandering style that conceals some seismic punchlines. Now resident in the US, she reveals how running a comedy workshop in Iraq and podcasting with different immigrants has led her to a more global consciousness. She shares some brilliant writing 'cheats' for silencing your inner critic, and we explore in detail the close relationships she has cultivated with the editors of her novels and column...

Previous episodes

Olawale Gbaja Biamila.

Episode 237 - Ola The Comedian

14th March 2018.   111 minutes.

Provocative, disarmingly frank and very funny, Ola is an emphatic voice in British comedy. As well as getting into the nitty-gritty of his creativity, we discuss Ola's faith as the...


Julio Torres.

Episode 236 - Julio Torres

8th March 2018.   88 minutes.

An astonishingly original and creative approach to comedy finds El Salvadoran American 'space prince' and SNL writer Julio Torres describing his favourite shapes to an audience, at some length. One...


Anna Mann. Colin Hoult. Copyright: Ed Moore.

Episode 235 - Colin Hoult

26th February 2018.   119 minutes.

Colin's sublime creation Anna Mann is a faded actress (little ripple of recognition?) on a mission to fight the fascists! But she is only the tip of phenomenally creative and...


Jess Robinson. Copyright: ITV.

Episode 231 - Jess Robinson

19th December 2017.   98 minutes.

Jess 'Mighty Voice' Robinson is a phenomenal vocalist and impressionist, who has her audiences in tears of bliss as well as laughter. We talk about her experience on Britain's Got...


Dane Baptiste.

Episode 230 - Dane Baptiste

12th December 2017.   114 minutes.

Dane Baptiste is raising the bar for articulate, socially-conscious stand-up, and pulls no intellectual punches in this conversation, which takes in chakras, Arthur Maslow's hierarchy of needs and transcendental perception......


Howard Read.

Episode 228 - Howard Read

28th November 2017.   101 minutes.

Uniquely funny and inventive stand-up Howard Read has recently been performing a double-act with an animated cartoon child version of himself. We discuss the madness behind his method, explore the...


Sarah Kendall.

Episode 227 - Sarah Kendall

13th November 2017.   85 minutes.

A superb comedian story-teller, Sarah Kendall's work is suffused with genuine meaning. She talks vividly here about controlling her anxiety and the aftermath of a nervous breakdown. We also delve...


Sean Patton.

Episode 226 - Sean Patton

30th October 2017.   84 minutes.

Infused with the lyrical virtuosity of his native New Orleans, comic and story-teller Sean Patton is adept at finding the meaningful in the profane. We talk about his OCD; his...


Reginald D. Hunter.

Episode 225 - Reginald D Hunter

23rd October 2017.   90 minutes.

Recorded at the close of the Edinburgh Festival, this toweringly-charismatic lay-preacher of comedy is astonishingly candid in his reflection on the past few years. We get deep into some very...


Tim McGarry.

Episode 224 - Tim McGarry (Live)

16th October 2017.   70 minutes.

One of the writers and stars of Northern Ireland's most successful sitcom Give My Head Peace, wonderful Tim McGarry is adept at walking the tightrope of offence. We talk about...


4 Extra Stands Up. . Copyright: BBC.

Episode 223 - Jo Caulfield

10th October 2017.   86 minutes.

Is there such a thing as warm malice? One of the UK's classiest comics, Jo Caulfield wields spite like a glittering scalpel, to hilarious effect. We talk about her evolving...


Joe DeRosa.

Episode 222 - Joe DeRosa

3rd October 2017.   95 minutes.

In this 'lost' episode recorded in Edinburgh in 2016, Joe DeRosa peels back the layers of his hilariously disgruntled stand-up about anxiety, therapy and suicide. He rails against comedy being...


Sasheer Zamata.

Episode 220 - Sasheer Zamata

18th September 2017.   75 minutes.

Former SNL cast-member Sasheer is a phenomenally accomplished stand-up and comic actor, as well as a celebrity ambassador for the ACLU. At Just For Laughs Montreal, we discuss the confidence...


Samir Khullar.

Episode 219 - Sugar Sammy

11th September 2017.   64 minutes.

Montreal's biggest comedy export, Sugar Sammy is a textbook example of a comic who made it happen all by himself. We discuss the cultural currents involved with his ability to...


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