The Comedian's Comedian Podcast with Stuart Goldsmith

The Comedian's Comedian Podcast with Stuart Goldsmith

Stuart Goldsmith talks to fellow stand-up comedians about how they create funny stuff and manage their career. These in-depth interviews are interesting and frequently revealing. There are now well over 300 episodes.

Episode 380 - CK (Caimh) McDonnell

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Published: 24th July 2021.   Length: 82 mins.

Crime fiction powerhouse and former circuit comedian, CK McDonnell is on the cusp of levelling further up, with a TV adaptation of his half a million selling Dublin Trilogy in the works. We talk about how to write fast, being calibrated for tough criticism, solving problems in the shower, and how to let characters evolve - especially Bunny McGarry who went from villain to his best loved creation.

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Fin Taylor. Copyright: Zak Kaczmarek.

Episode 379 - Fin Taylor

16th July 2021.   94 minutes.

In an industry awash with 'edgelord' comedians, Fin Taylor is the real deal. Erudite, thunderously funny, and provocative having done the reading first, he manages to annoy absolutely everybody. We...


Stevie Martin. Copyright: Tash Pszenicki.

Episode 378 - Stevie Martin

9th July 2021.   78 minutes.

Stevie Martin has been generating excellent material for years, and is now starting to break through due to her jaw-droppingly funny online videos, packed with punchlines and with a genuinely...


Tonight At The London Palladium. Paul Zerdin. Copyright: ITV Studios.

Episode 377 - Paul Zerdin

1st July 2021.   79 minutes.

Irrepressibly optimistic, utterly in love with his craft and very mentally robust, Paul Zerdin is the British ventriloquist who won America's Got Talent. We talk about his lengthy career working...


Josh Johnson.

Episode 376 - Josh Johnson

24th June 2021.   73 minutes.

Josh Johnson doesn't put a foot wrong. This masterful young US comic never stops working and is reaping the benefits with a place in The Daily Show writers' room, and...


Jessie Cave.

Episode 375 - Jessie Cave

18th June 2021.   77 minutes.

"A drill-sergeant not a perfectionist", Jessie Cave enjoys simultaneous careers as an actress, comic, artist, and performance artist, all of which marry an extraordinary pragmatism with an attitude of artistic...


Greg Jenner. Copyright: James Gifford-Meed.

Episode 373 - Greg Jenner

27th May 2021.   88 minutes.

If you thought wrestlers shared some of the tropes of comedians' lives, wait til you hear about historians! Comedy-adjacent public historian, writer of Dead Famous and other superb books, and...


Rosie Jones. Copyright: Channel 4 Television Corporation.

Episode 372 - Rosie Jones

20th May 2021.   64 minutes.

"Not a cute ragdoll, but a disgusting sex robot", Rosie Jones is a triple-threat in ways of which you couldn't dream if you hadn't seen her act. Leveraging hugely punchy...


Ian Moore.

Episode 371 - Ian Moore

14th May 2021.   76 minutes.

Laser-guided comic, writer and corporate host, the "modnifique" Ian Moore is every inch the Comedy Store headliner, but in the early part of his career his battle with stage fright...


Stuart Laws.

Episode 370 - Stuart Laws

7th May 2021.   81 minutes.

Is Stuart Laws an absurdist rambler who froths up a load of increasingly hilarious nonsense whilst honking in a gilet? Or is he an astute and quite private man who...


Sooz Kempner.

Episode 367 - Sooz Kempner

26th March 2021.   89 minutes.

"Come for the musical theatre, stay for the trauma!" That was the manifesto of the "Asda Kate Bush" Sooz Kempner, on her debut hour, an extraordinary verbatim performance of the...


Loyiso Gola.

Episode 366 - Loyiso Gola

19th March 2021.   63 minutes.

On the eve of his first solo Netflix special, one of South Africa's finest comedy exports returns to the show to discuss the challenges of filming a show in Covid...


Ramon Rivas.

Episode 365 - Ramon Rivas

11th March 2021.   72 minutes.

Comedian and go-getter Ramon Rivas lives in abundance as an artist, despite his lack of financial privilege. Interviewed in his hometown of Lorain, Ohio, we talk about his realisation that...


Olga Koch.

Episode 364 - Olga Koch

5th March 2021.   86 minutes.

Russian-born and raised in Surrey at an American school, Olga Koch is a fiercely funny act with unique perspectives that aren't simply confined to her unusual backstory. We talk about...


Bethany Black.

Episode 363 - Bethany Black

26th February 2021.   101 minutes.

Bethany Black makes a powerfully funny connection with her fanbase, and has been wielding it to great effect over the course of her heavily-shielded pandemic experience. We explore the effect...


Russell Kane.

Episode 362 - Russell Kane

19th February 2021.   71 minutes.

Energetic, elastic and totally committed to being "the toughest kid on the estate" when it comes to his ability to get laughs, Russell Kane has firm ideas about his precise...


Jordan Brookes.

Episode 360 - Jordan Brookes

6th February 2021.   79 minutes.

Winner and still holder of the 2019 Edinburgh Comedy Award, Jordan Brookes' marriage of stand-up and clowning is an absolutely extraordinary experience. He deftly walks a tightrope between frankness and...