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The Comedian's Comedian Podcast with Stuart Goldsmith

The Comedian's Comedian Podcast with Stuart Goldsmith

Stuart Goldsmith talks to fellow stand-up comedians about how they create funny stuff and manage their career. These very in-depth interviews are interesting and revealing. There's over 100 episodes here:

Episode 174 - Wendy Wason

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Published: 19th July 2016.   Length: 77 mins.   Size: 34.9mb

Wendy Wason gigs hard and acts in movies - but still juggles her comedy career with raising three children. We discuss her solid work ethic and achieving the "discipline of happiness", and find out how she became the most hated woman on a movie set. We also talk about turning your audience on, fetishising honesty, and there's also some slightly weird stuff about crystals...

Previous Episodes

Jinkx Monsoon.

Episode 173 - Jinkx Monsoon

12th July 2016.   109 minutes.

Superbly funny and very skilled Jinkx Monsoon won RuPaul's Drag Race IV, and with long-term collaborator Major Scales is continuing to weave that very public success into an established comedy...


Funmbi Omotayo.

Episode 172 - Funmbi Omotayo

5th July 2016.   95 minutes.

Brilliant British-Nigerian comic Funmbi shares a fascinating take on his transition from the urban circuit to the mainstream, and his reasoning behind the move. We also explore the dynamic between...


Shappi Khorsandi.

Episode 171 - Shappi Khorsandi

24th June 2016.   93 minutes.

As you might expect from the impish British-Iranian comic who wears her heart on her sleeve, this conversation gets pretty deep pretty fast! We talk about shifting status, manufacturing common...


Liam Williams.

Episode 169 - Liam Williams

4th June 2016.   88 minutes.

Rigorously intellectual and brilliantly poetic, Liam Williams approaches comedy like writing a novel, but does he even enjoy stand-up? We talk about his experience of Cambridge Footlights, and examine a...


Joe Lycett. Copyright: Matt Crockett.

Episode 168 - Joe Lycett (Live)

23rd May 2016.   77 minutes.

Urbane, charming and totally in touch with what makes him funny, Joe Lycett is the figurehead for a new generation of British comics. We talk technique in detail, digging into...


Seymour Mace.

Episode 167 - Seymour Mace

17th May 2016.   93 minutes.

Darkly silly stand-up and clown Seymour Mace channels his anger and bitterness through a lens of pure sunshine. He talks candidly about the challenges of living with depression in comedy;...


Romesh Ranganathan.

Episode 165 - Romesh Ranganathan

21st April 2016.   77 minutes.

Accelerating through the comedy industry with dizzying speed, BAFTA-nominated Romesh Ranganathan nonetheless has a quiet authority reminiscent of your favourite teacher. We explore his fearlessness, the support of his family,...


Jimmy Carr.

Episode 164, Part 2 - Jimmy Carr

11th April 2016.   70 minutes.

In part two, Jimmy Carr explores the application of Neuro-Linguistic Programming to his personal life and work, and we learn the most common mistake he sees newer comedians make on...


Jimmy Carr.

Episode 164 - Jimmy Carr

4th April 2016.   68 minutes.

In this first part of a two hour interview with one of the UK's most respected comedians, Jimmy Carr reveals the inner mechanism of his bulletproof stage act. We focus...


Mike Wilmot.

Episode 163 - Mike Wilmot

26th March 2016.   92 minutes.

'Uncle Mike' tells it like it is. A veteran stand-up possessed of an extraordinarily empathic relationship with his crowd, Mike loves enrapturing and abusing his audience with dirty gags your...


Tania Edwards.

Episode 162 - Tania Edwards

19th March 2016.   85 minutes.

With a cut-glass accent that reflects her precision-tooled comedy, Tania Edwards inflicts maximum damage with faint praise. We talk about her process, her practice and her peeves - and learn...


Dave Gorman.

Episode 161 - Dave Gorman (Live)

11th March 2016.   84 minutes.

One of the most inventive comics in Britain, documentary pioneer Dave Gorman gives us a genuinely thorough and methodical analysis of the four (or more) phases of his career. We...


Gein's Family Giftshop.

Episode 160 - Gein's Family Giftshop

7th March 2016.   110 minutes.

Bird-flipping, bumhole-shouting Gein's Family Giftshop are horror-obsessed, wildly inventive and deeply funny. We dig into the internal dynamics of the group, find out why they don't wear wigs, and examine...


Hari Kondabolu.

Episode 158 - Hari Kondabolu

19th February 2016.   94 minutes.

With appearances on Conan, Letterman and Totally Biased, comic firebrand Hari Kondabolu has a lot to say, and the research to back it up. We discuss the New Yorker's politicisation...


Matt Kirshen.

Episode 156 - Matt Kirshen

4th February 2016.   94 minutes.

Wise beyond his years, the innocent-seeming Matt Kirshen has an extraordinary breadth of experience in UK comedy, even before Last Comic Standing introduced him to an American audience. As well...


Jena Friedman.

Episode 155 - Jena Friedman (Live)

22nd January 2016.   70 minutes.

Wickedly spiky and dry as sand, controversy-courting stand-up Jena Friedman has writing credits for Letterman and The Daily Show under her belt. We discover her unusual origin, as her thesis...


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