The Comedian's Comedian Podcast with Stuart Goldsmith

The Comedian's Comedian Podcast with Stuart Goldsmith

Stuart Goldsmith talks to fellow stand-up comedians about how they create funny stuff and manage their career. These in-depth interviews are interesting and frequently revealing. There are now well over 300 episodes.

Episode 359 - Aunty Donna (return)

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Published: 24th December 2020.   Length: 62 mins.

Zach, Mark and Broden return to the podcast on one of the last stops of the campaign trail for their new Netflix special Aunty Donna's Big Ol' House Of Fun. It's an extraordinary achievement, as they bring exactly what's brilliant about their live work to the TV, and it will have you breathless with laughter. Purveyors of, in the words of one ComCom fan, 'Dubstep Python', they reveal all about the first edit of the show where no one laughed, choosing authenticity over perfection, why none of the context matters, and how they managed to make a TV show without compromising on anything.

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There's going viral, and then there's Uncle Roger. His MSG-loving, rice-reviewing, phone-case wearing archetypical Asian uncle character has seen Nigel Ng jump from 20, 000 to 2.8M YouTube subscribers during...


Athena Kugblenu.

Episode 357 - Athena Kugblenu

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James Acaster.

Episode 356 - James Acaster (again Part 2)

4th December 2020.   62 minutes.

In this second part, we talk about how James experiences his fame, why approval doesn't satisfy him, and why he doesn't usually admit to desiring a comic legacy. We also...


Martin Mor.

Episode 354 - Martin Mor

19th November 2020.   96 minutes.

Wild man of the woods or naughty Viking uncle, Martin Mor typifies the "adventure comic", constantly challenging and reinventing himself, with an unshakeable confidence that the world will look after...


Alasdair Beckett-King.

Episode 352 - Alasdair Beckett-King

30th October 2020.   84 minutes.

The inter-dimensional ABK is a brilliantly original comic with a penchant for wordy intelligent material that leaves no-one behind. He's also the creator of the most absurdly wonderful animated trailer...


Laurie Kilmartin.

Episode 351 - Laurie Kilmartin

16th October 2020.   68 minutes.

Laurie Kilmartin can make anything funny; from her superb album 45 Jokes About My Dead Dad, a bulletproof club-fresh comedy special which doesn't tarry with emotion, to live-tweeting the recent...


Live From The BBC. Mat Ewins. Copyright: Phil McIntyre Entertainment / Ellis O'Brien.

Episode 350 - Mat Ewins

9th October 2020.   83 minutes.

The most successful open spot in the industry, Mat Ewins frequently leaves Stu crying with laughter, despite claiming to only have one joke...


Kim Noble.

Episode 349 - Kim Noble

2nd October 2020.   93 minutes.

Artist, comedian, provocateur and cleaner, Kim Noble is far more concerned with pursuing his artistic instinct than the trappings of success. From sneaking into B&Q dressed as staff (engaging with...


Erin Foley.

Episode 348 - Erin Foley

24th September 2020.   78 minutes.

Heavy-hitter Erin Foley is a sensational comic with a way of making even the gentlest observations into flint-hard punchlines. We discuss her "terrifying but wonderful" start in stand-up, and how...


Gary Gulman.

Episode 346 - Gary Gulman

11th September 2020.   90 minutes.

"Hello babies, welcome to Gary Gulman..." A comedian's comedian in the truest sense, we discuss the making of Gary's stand-up special/documentary The Great Depresh, charting a mental health journey via...


Larry Dean.

Episode 345 - Larry Dean

4th September 2020.   86 minutes.

Larry Dean is a phenomenal comic who doesn't coast on his brilliant physicality, but writes hard and really gets to the kernel of what's funny about his life. We talk...


Archie Maddocks. Copyright: Tom Leishman.

Episode 344 - Archie Maddocks

18th June 2020.   72 minutes.

Stand-up comic and award-nominated playwright Archie Maddocks loves stitching together routines about kebab shops and his "rough-arse" schooling, with pathos and evocative prose. We talk about writing for the comedy...


Romesh Presents.... Nigel Ng.

Episode 343 - Nigel Ng

12th June 2020.   75 minutes.

Lean as hell and twice as productive, Nigel Ng is coming to shame your work ethic with his radical efficiency! This hilarious UK-based Malaysian comic lets us in on how...


Pope Lonergan.

Episode 340 - Pope Lonergan

22nd May 2020.   79 minutes.

An intriguing and invigorating NonComPod this week with comedian, care home assistant and indeed care home comedian Pope Lonergan. Impressively erudite, Pope has been addicted to drugs as well as...


Hoff The Record. Danny Jones (Brett Goldstein).

Episode 339 - Brett Goldstein

14th May 2020.   81 minutes.

At last! Brett Goldstein (movie star, comedian, writer, super-fan of ComCom and perpetual invite-swerver) drops by for a 'NonComPod' that won't expose at all how crackers he is. Sadly Stu...