The Comedian's Comedian Podcast with Stuart Goldsmith

The Comedian's Comedian Podcast with Stuart Goldsmith

Stuart Goldsmith talks to fellow stand-up comedians about how they create funny stuff and manage their career. These in-depth interviews are interesting and frequently revealing. There are now well over 200 episodes.

Episode 254 - Paul Foot

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Published: 9th July 2018.   Length: 91 mins.   Size: 84.7mb

Paul Foot has one of the most refreshingly original comic voices in the world. We delve deep into the 13 years he spent being brilliant but unreliable, and the psychological toll imposed by the heroic deaths necessary to achieve genuine excellence. We talk about his writing partnership, his "guild of connoisseurs", and the Australian run of shows that changed everything...

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Raymond & Mr Timpkins.

Episode 253 - The Raymond and Mr Timpkins Revue

3rd July 2018.   68 minutes.

Vaudeville musical prop-based comedy dickheads, the Raymond and Mr Timpkins Review have been winning standing ovations all over Britain for decades. We talk about their origins filling in during the...


John-Luke Roberts.

Episode 252 - John-Luke Roberts

25th June 2018.   90 minutes.

Splicing together physical absurdity with beautifully cerebral joke-writing, John-Luke Roberts is responsible for some genuinely ground-breaking comedy. We discuss how he was vice-president of Cambridge Footlights while not feeling part...


Robin Ince. Copyright: Timothy Ginn.

Episode 251 - Robin Ince

19th June 2018.   85 minutes.

Comedian, broadcaster, science-afficionado and author of forthcoming psychological memoir I'm A Joke And So Are You, Robin Ince's ideas flow through him like neutrinos. We discuss his constant state of...


Simon Evans.

Episode 250 - Simon Evans

11th June 2018.   87 minutes.

A fitting guest for the Sestercentennial of the show, Simon 'The Patrician' Evans was once Guest Zero - without him the podcast might not exist at all. A touring and...


Anuvab Pal.

Episode 249 - Anuvab Pal

4th June 2018.   88 minutes.

Anuvab Pal is one of a new generation, exploding out of India's relatively recent "comedy Big Bang". This disarming, witty act reveals how hard he finds it to embrace the...


Sophie Willan. Copyright: Steve Ullathorne.

Episode 248 - Sophie Willan

28th May 2018.   86 minutes.

Sophie is a hurricane of comedy in action. Possessed of a singular voice, she focuses her wit on genuinely important subject matter, including the cuts to social and mental health...


Ben Target.

Episode 247 - Ben Target

21st May 2018.   83 minutes.

Considering oneself 'an artist who works in the field of comedy' is the starting point for a fascinating re-framing of the whole goddamn thing, in this conversation with the wonderfully...


Anne Edmonds.

Episode 246 - Anne Edmonds

14th May 2018.   64 minutes.

Recorded in 2017, this episode refers to Anne's previous Barry nomination and not her most recent one, which might hint at the kind of quality of comic we've got here......


Ron White.

Episode 245 - Ron White (Live)

30th April 2018.   60 minutes.

One of the most recognisable faces of the Blue Collar Comedy Tour, Ron 'Tater Salad' White is adored by fans of his caustic wit and everyday calls-it-like-he-sees-it Texan charm. We...


Tez Ilyas.

Episode 244 - Tez Ilyas

23rd April 2018.   80 minutes.

Very funny, amazingly watchable, and offering genuine insight into his personal and social politics, Tez Ilyas is a Northern, working-class, muslim comic capable of going all the way. Exceptionally frank...


Beth Stelling.

Episode 243 - Beth Stelling

16th April 2018.   66 minutes.

Her laid-back style masking a sly wit that rewards your full attention, Beth Stelling is an indomitable comic force. Live at SXSW, we discuss risk and reward with regard to...


Jeremy Dyson.

Episode 241 - Jeremy Dyson

3rd April 2018.   48 minutes.

Celebrating the release of hilarious and terrifying new movie Ghost Stories, Jeremy Dyson talk to Stu about the myriad connections between comedy and horror... Best known as the invisible fourth...


Campus. Jonty de Wolfe (Andy Nyman). Copyright: Monicker Pictures.

Episode 240 - Andy Nyman

2nd April 2018.   57 minutes.

Celebrating the release of hilarious and terrifying new movie Ghost Stories, co-creator Andy Nyman talks to Stu about the myriad connections between comedy and horror... Now known primarily for his...


James Davis.

Episode 239 - James Davis

26th March 2018.   81 minutes.

James Davis' star is in the ascendant. In this live special episode from South By South West in Austin Texas, we discuss how the 'Hood Adjacent' comic keeps his material...


Maeve Higgins.

Episode 238 - Maeve Higgins

19th March 2018.   77 minutes.

Marvellous Maeve Higgins has an apparently meandering style that conceals some seismic punchlines. Now resident in the US, she reveals how running a comedy workshop in Iraq and podcasting with...



Episode 237 - Ola The Comedian

14th March 2018.   111 minutes.

Provocative, disarmingly frank and very funny, Ola is an emphatic voice in British comedy. As well as getting into the nitty-gritty of his creativity, we discuss Ola's faith as the...


Julio Torres.

Episode 236 - Julio Torres

8th March 2018.   88 minutes.

An astonishingly original and creative approach to comedy finds El Salvadoran American 'space prince' and SNL writer Julio Torres describing his favourite shapes to an audience, at some length. One...


Anna Mann. Colin Hoult. Copyright: Ed Moore.

Episode 235 - Colin Hoult

26th February 2018.   119 minutes.

Colin's sublime creation Anna Mann is a faded actress (little ripple of recognition?) on a mission to fight the fascists! But she is only the tip of phenomenally creative and...