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The Comedian's Comedian Podcast with Stuart Goldsmith

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Stuart Goldsmith talks to fellow stand-up comedians about how they create funny stuff and manage their career. These in-depth interviews are interesting and frequently revealing. There are now well over 200 episodes.

Previous episodes

Tim McGarry.

Episode 224 - Tim McGarry (Live)

16th October 2017.   70 minutes.

One of the writers and stars of Northern Ireland's most successful sitcom Give My Head Peace, wonderful Tim McGarry is adept at walking the tightrope of offence. We talk about...


4 Extra Stands Up. . Copyright: BBC.

Episode 223 - Jo Caulfield

10th October 2017.   86 minutes.

Is there such a thing as warm malice? One of the UK's classiest comics, Jo Caulfield wields spite like a glittering scalpel, to hilarious effect. We talk about her evolving...


Joe DeRosa.

Episode 222 - Joe DeRosa

3rd October 2017.   95 minutes.

In this 'lost' episode recorded in Edinburgh in 2016, Joe DeRosa peels back the layers of his hilariously disgruntled stand-up about anxiety, therapy and suicide. He rails against comedy being...


Sasheer Zamata.

Episode 220 - Sasheer Zamata

18th September 2017.   75 minutes.

Former SNL cast-member Sasheer is a phenomenally accomplished stand-up and comic actor, as well as a celebrity ambassador for the ACLU. At Just For Laughs Montreal, we discuss the confidence...


Samir Khullar.

Episode 219 - Sugar Sammy

11th September 2017.   64 minutes.

Montreal's biggest comedy export, Sugar Sammy is a textbook example of a comic who made it happen all by himself. We discuss the cultural currents involved with his ability to...


Liza Treyger.

Episode 218 - Liza Treyger

4th September 2017.   72 minutes.

Possessed of an inordinate self-belief, Liza Treyger is one of the sharpest, funniest comics ever to not give a shit what you think of her. Named one of Variety's Ten...


W Kamau Bell.

Episode 217 - W Kamau Bell (Live)

27th August 2017.   67 minutes.

Comedy powerhouse Kamau finds time in-between podcasting, writing, and hosting the Emmy Award nominated United Shades of America on CNN, to produce deliriously funny sociopolitical stand-up. We talk about swerving...


Andy Daly.

Episode 216 - Andy Daly

7th August 2017.   79 minutes.

A phenomenally accomplished comic improviser and character comedian, Andy Daly revels in revealing the blackly comic internal lives of his creations. We talk about his show Review With Forrest McNeil,...


Ivan Aristeguieta.

Episode 215 - Ivan Aristeguieta

31st July 2017.   68 minutes.

Venezuelan Ivan is a comic powerhouse, with an intensely scientific approach underpinning his sensual performance. Self-taught by translating classic routines into Spanish, he's achieved a genuine mastery of the ingredients...


Nick Cody.

Episode 214 - Nick Cody

26th July 2017.   89 minutes.

A globe-trotting man-bear with a fiery beard and a heart of gold, Nick Cody becomes the audience's best friend on sight, but doesn't skimp on big-hitting routines. We talk about...


Simon Munnery.

Episode 213 - Simon Munnery

17th July 2017.   80 minutes.

Responsible for some of the funniest and most intelligent one-liners in the world, Simon Munnery has a brain like none other. Rarely will you find another comic so enthralled by...


Orlando Baxter.

Episode 212 - Orlando Baxter

10th July 2017.   87 minutes.

A bright young thing of the Boston comedy scene, Orlando Baxter conceals a sharp wit beneath a laidback persona. We talk about college gigs, Set-List, and why Americans ostentatiously carry...


Pippa Evans.

Episode 210 - Pippa Evans

27th June 2017.   114 minutes.

Inbetween appearing in Olivier Award-winning improvised musical Showstopper! and co-founding the 'radically inclusive global movement' Sunday Assembly, Pippa Evans is a poly-performative stand-up, singer and actress. We talk about what...


Ed Gamble.

Episode 209 - Ed Gamble (Live)

20th June 2017.   74 minutes.

Clean-cut to within an inch of his life, spunky Ed Gamble is a deft young comic who attributes his burgeoning success to being in the right place at the right...


Jo Brand.

Episode 208 - Jo Brand (Live)

12th June 2017.   77 minutes.

Since the 1980s Jo Brand has been synonymous with the best of British comedy, rising to the top of the industry at a time when female comics were outnumbered sixteen...


Tom Ballard.

Episode 207 - Tom Ballard

5th June 2017.   90 minutes.

Multiple award-botherer Tom is well-read, politically-conscious and adept at turning argument into meaningful comedy. He's also really aggravatingly young and funny and successful. We discuss his politicisation, his approach to...


Rhys Nicholson.

Episode 205 - Rhys Nicholson

22nd May 2017.   85 minutes.

Immaculate in appearance, delivery and hit-rate, Rhys Nicholson is a perfectly-balanced cocktail of a comedian. We discuss the relationship between his face, his 'face' and the world of drag, and...


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