The Comedian's Comedian Podcast with Stuart Goldsmith

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Stuart Goldsmith talks to fellow stand-up comedians about how they create funny stuff and manage their career. These in-depth interviews are interesting and frequently revealing. There are now well over 200 episodes.

Previous episodes

Bec Hill. Copyright: Steve Ullathorne.

Episode 291 - Bec Hill

7th May 2019.   76 minutes.

Beloved of her fans, and radiating a genuine adoration for people, Bec Hill fizzes with comic creativity. We talk about how she lost and refound her sense of play, and...


Roy Wood Jr.

Episode 285 - Roy Wood Jr (Live)

26th March 2019.   72 minutes.

Daily Show correspondent Roy Wood Jr is a socio-political powerhouse of a comedian, taking huge topics about race and community and making them hilarious and relatable. We go into detail...


Kathy Griffin.

Episode 284 - Kathy Griffin (Live)

18th March 2019.   87 minutes.

Grammy and double-Emmy winner Kathy Griffin holds the Guinness world record for most comedy specials: 23 shows packed with her trademark scathing wit and merciless celebrity takedowns. But in May...


Toby Hadoke.

Episode 282 - Toby Hadoke

4th March 2019.   84 minutes.

Toby is a quintessential English gent; bumbling, noble and Dr Who obsessed. He's also a very deft writer whose work keeps making Stu cry, as well as a respected compere...


Jake Johannsen.

Episode 281 - Jake Johannsen

25th February 2019.   88 minutes.

A quintessential stand-up, with over three decades' experience and forty-five Letterman appearances, Jake Johannsen is an infinitely warm and funny man. We talk about how his decisions have defined him,...


Jeff Innocent.

Episode 280 - Jeff Innocent

18th February 2019.   88 minutes.

A diamond-hard joke writer and phenomenally deft performer, there is no aspect of Jeff Innocent's act that hasn't been honed to perfection. A purist about several aspects of comedy, some...


Police Cops In Space.

Episode 279 - Police Cops (Live)

11th February 2019.   67 minutes.

If I told you Police Cops met at drama school, mucked about to make their fellow students laugh and now tour an action movie spoof comedy show, you might turn...


The Unexplainers. John Rutledge. Copyright: Zipline Creative.

Episode 278 - Eggsy

4th February 2019.   99 minutes.

One of the co-founders of Newport's finest musical export Goldie Lookin Chain, John 'Eggsy' Rutledge is an irrepressibly joyful soul who raps but isn't a rapper. We talk about the...


Jessica Fostekew.

Episode 277 - Jessica Fostekew

28th January 2019.   77 minutes.

Character-filled comedian and actress, Jessica Fostekew is also the presenter of her own podcast Hoovering, and guest co-host of The Guilty Feminist. We talk about how noticing her own faked...


Edward Aczel.

Episode 276 - Ed Aczel

21st January 2019.   76 minutes.

"Britain's greatest living anti-comedian" (Guardian), Ed Aczel is an oddball among oddballs. We analyse his "instinctive adventure" within comedy, and discover how to create and burst tension in unexpected ways;...


Live From The BBC. Ben Bailey Smith. Copyright: Phil McIntyre Entertainment.

Episode 275 - Doc Brown

14th January 2019.   99 minutes.

Ben Bailey Smith AKA Doc Brown is a prodigious talent, with clean-cut stand-up and roof-raising comedy rap, as well as a parallel career as an influential and respected rapper. But...


Laura Davis. Copyright: James Penlidis.

Episode 273 - Laura Davis

17th December 2018.   74 minutes.

Incredibly insightful and darkly funny, Laura Davis is a truly gifted artist who holds aspects of herself up to the light and says 'you too?' We discuss the iron resolve...


John Robertson. Copyright: Chris Schmidt.

Episode 272 - John Robertson

10th December 2018.   65 minutes.

Creator of The Dark Room, one of the most exciting, imaginative, maddening and hilariously cruel live experiences Stu has ever been a part of, John Robertson is also a stand-up,...