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The Comedian's Comedian Podcast with Stuart Goldsmith

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Stuart Goldsmith talks to fellow stand-up comedians about how they create funny stuff and manage their career. These very in-depth interviews are interesting and revealing. There's over 100 episodes here:

Previous Episodes

Nick Helm. Copyright: Alan Peebles / BBC.

Episode 65 - Nick Helm (Live)

20th February 2014.   75 minutes.

Nick Helm grunts and sweats his way through a hilarious hurricane of jokes, songs, poetry and swearing, all the while undergoing a total emotional breakdown on stage. In this podcast,...


Tony Law.

Episode 64 - Tony Law (Live)

12th February 2014.   57 minutes.

Tony Law's regeneration from acquired-taste surrealist to must-see force of nature has been borne of depression and crippling debt. He exists now in a dynamic between ecstatic madness and total...


Bo Burnham.

Episode 61 - Bo Burnham (Live)

22nd January 2014.   60 minutes.

Bo Burnham is a frighteningly talented YouTube-wielding wunderkind, with a gag-filled show that defies you to write him off as precocious. We explore the inherent amorality of comedy, the responsibilities...


Susan Calman.

Episode 60 - Susan Calman (Live)

15th January 2014.   59 minutes.

Susan Calman is fierce and fiercely funny, unleashing her personal demons to devastating comic effect in her work and here in conversation. As well as exploring how not to approach...


Rob Delaney.

Episode 59 - Rob Delaney (Live)

8th January 2014.   61 minutes.

According to his mother, Rob Delaney is 'a monster who does good things'. We talk about the differences between his stand-up persona and his voice on Twitter, as well as...


Comedy Rocks With Jason Manford. Jason Manford. Copyright: ITV Studios.

Episode 57 - Jason Manford (Live)

16th December 2013.   61 minutes.

Effortlessly charming observationalist Jason Manford is arguably comedy's Mr Accessibility. With a touring schedule designed to cover the entire country, we investigate the motives and consequences of his workaholic approach...


Andrew Maxwell.

Episode 56 - Andrew Maxwell (Live)

11th December 2013.   59 minutes.

Consistently better-informed than the motor-mouthed 'funny fucker' he appears, Andrew Maxwell explains how he turns his opinions into comedy without the use of a writing desk. What he does instead...


Dave's One Night Stand. Milton Jones. Copyright: Amigo Television / Phil McIntyre Entertainment.

Episode 55 - Milton Jones (Live)

27th November 2013.   58 minutes.

One of the greatest joke-smiths in the world, Milton Jones is a consistently funny powerhouse of verbal cartoons, wordplay and clowning. We explore his process, his persona, and the advantages...


David Baddiel.

Episode 54 - David Baddiel (Live)

12th November 2013.   60 minutes.

From Wembley sell-out star to complex comic philosopher, David Baddiel returned to this year's Edinburgh Fringe with a stand-up lecture about fame. We discuss his rigorous self-analysis and how appealing...


Al Murray's Judgment Day. Al Murray.

Episode 53 - Al Murray (Live)

29th October 2013.   60 minutes.

For nearly twenty years, Al Murray has been at the forefront of British character comedy. We talk about the genesis of the Pub Landlord and really dig into the methods...


Image shows from L to R: Mark Chavez, Shenoah Allen.

Episode 52 - The Pajama Men (Live)

17th October 2013.   63 minutes.

Virtuoso sketch comedians The Pajama Men combine rich characterisation and zinging one-liners, to the extent that one of their recent shows was the single best-reviewed work at an entire Edinburgh...


Phil Nichol.

Episode 51 - Phil Nichol (Live)

1st October 2013.   60 minutes.

Although they are both of the highest quality, Phil Nichol keeps his two performance styles very separate. He gives us some very specific insight into the unusual dynamic between his...


Greg Proops.

Episode 50 - Greg Proops (Live)

18th September 2013.   62 minutes.

'The Smartest Man In The World' speaks frankly about life, lyricism and the pursuit of laughter. There's talk about the evolution of Greg's linguistic style, and how he borrows from...


Brendon Burns.

Episode 47 - Brendon Burns (Live)

9th August 2013.   60 minutes.

Edinburgh comedy award winner Brendon Burns speaks candidly about 'the most self-absorbed art-form there is', and savages what he sees as the covert bigotry and condescension in the UK. We...


Richard Herring.

Episode 46a - Richard Herring

18th July 2013.   57 minutes.

Part two of the interview which sees Richard Herring talking about his stand-up. He explores his status and persona onstage, admits which subjects he finds difficult to include in his...


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