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The Comedian's Comedian Podcast with Stuart Goldsmith

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Stuart Goldsmith talks to fellow stand-up comedians about how they create funny stuff and manage their career. These in-depth interviews are interesting and frequently revealing. There are now well over 200 episodes.

Previous episodes

Sam Simmons.

Episode 88 - Sam Simmons

14th August 2014.   70 minutes.

Sam Simmons is not a 'surreal' comic, despite his propensity to turn into a horse whilst windsurfing. He's responsible for some of the funniest, most imaginative comedy in the world,...


John Hastings.

Episode 87 - John Hastings

30th July 2014.   80 minutes.

John Hastings has the soul of an alt comic, hiding between the power-chords of a bullet-headed club-jockey. He describes in detail how the Canadian circuit differs to the UK, and...


Noel James.

Episode 86 - Noel James

24th July 2014.   74 minutes.

A master of off-the-wall wordplay, Noel James is disarmingly honest about his struggles with comedy and real life. We analyse his use of metaphor and analogy as well as delving...


Kyle Kinane.

Episode 85 - Kyle Kinane

17th July 2014.   59 minutes.

A self-confessed 'sad, bearded white dude', Kyle Kinane has more empathy than the next road warrior, and more bite than the next peddler of whimsy. He talks here about eschewing...


Nick Doody.

Episode 84 - Nick Doody

10th July 2014.   80 minutes.

Nick Doody is a textbook 'unsung hero' of comedy: fiercely analytical, and with an approach to jokes that is both cerebral and instinctive. He talks here in fascinating detail about...


Aamer Rahman.

Episode 83 - Aamer Rahman

1st July 2014.   64 minutes.

Aamer Rahman was on the verge of giving up his career in overtly-political comedy when his YouTube standup clip on 'reverse racism' went life-changingly viral. We talk about anger, activism,...


Andy Zaltzman's History Of The Third Millennium. Andy Zaltzman. Copyright: Avalon Television.

Episode 82 - Andy Zaltzman

24th June 2014.   86 minutes.

The grand high sultan of Bullshit-istan, Andy Zaltzman is one half of the incredible Bugle Podcast, and combines densely-written satirical nonsense with improvised flights of fancy. He goes into detail...


Luke Heggie.

Episode 79 - Luke Heggie

5th June 2014.   55 minutes.

Although still new, Sydney-based Luke Heggie is a breath of dry, dusty air to a circuit stuffed with comic book-readers and 'star-fuckers'. A blue-collar Aussie bloke who won RAW on...


Michele A'Court.

Episode 78 - Michele A'Court

28th May 2014.   60 minutes.

Autobiographical and observational New Zealand comedian, blogger and feminist, Michele A'Court speaks passionately about authenticity, insecurity and the right to challenge. We discuss her refusal to apologise, the disappearance from...


Ben Hurley.

Episode 76 - Ben Hurley

20th May 2014.   82 minutes.

Laidback observationalist Ben Hurley made a foray to the UK some years ago, and returned to his native New Zealand to become a TV hero. We get stuck into the...


Carey Marx.

Episode 75 - Carey Marx (Live)

30th April 2014.   65 minutes.

Carey Marx is a silver-tongued charmer who delights in navigating boundaries of logic, language and taste. With a unique take on verbal dexterity and misdirection, informed in part by his...


Max & Ivan are Con Artists. Image shows from L to R: Max Olesker, Ivan Gonzalez.

Episode 73 - Max and Ivan (Live)

17th April 2014.   62 minutes.

To call Max & Ivan a comedy double-act with a narrative doesn't really do justice to this pair of rubber-faced, multi-voiced storytellers, who have a penchant for sneaking actual theatre...


Kerry Godliman.

Episode 71 - Kerry Godliman

3rd April 2014.   81 minutes.

A recipe for a happy life as a comic? Kerry Godliman is a superb observationalist, and a tremendous comic actor. She shares her philosophy on writing, gigging and how to...


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