The Comedian's Comedian Podcast with Stuart Goldsmith

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Stuart Goldsmith talks to fellow stand-up comedians about how they create funny stuff and manage their career. These in-depth interviews are interesting and frequently revealing. There are now well over 200 episodes.

Previous episodes

Jim Jefferies.

Episode 30 - Jim Jefferies (Live)

28th February 2013.   55 minutes.

The only man who can say 'cunt' in America, Jim Jefferies uses his brutal comic instinct to tell somehow heart-warming stories. He discusses here the self-deprecation that makes dirty comedy...


Rhod Gilbert.

Episode 29 - Rhod Gilbert (Live)

21st February 2013.   62 minutes.

How close is Rhod Gilbert's furious persona to his real self? In this revealing interview, the workaholic wizard discusses truth and fiction, lonely walks on Welsh cliff paths, and going...


James Acaster's Findings. James Acaster. Copyright: BBC.

Episode 28 - James Acaster (Live)

12th February 2013.   82 minutes.

He might look like he's just won a Duke of Edinburgh Award, but he's got a mean streak a mile wide... In this special episode recorded live after a 30...


Rob Rouse.

Episode 27 - Rob Rouse

5th February 2013.   74 minutes.

One of the nicest men in comedy, with an effervescent wit and fantastic jokes, Rob Rouse is also better placed than most to observe the ups and downs of a...


Stephen Grant.

Episode 26 - Stephen Grant

28th January 2013.   66 minutes.

Stephen Grant is one of the hardest-working comedians in Britain, with an unshakeable belief in the meritocracy of comedy. We go into depth on how we writes for himself and...


Dr. Brown. Phil Burgers. Copyright: Eyeworks UK.

Episode 23 - Dr Brown (Phil Burgers)

17th December 2012.   69 minutes.

Are stand-up comedians simply repressed clowns? That's the question posed by Phil Burgers, iconoclastic creator of the deliriously funny Dr Brown. He passionately explores the importance of receiving an audience...


Rob Broderick.

Episode 22 - Abandoman (Live)

11th December 2012.   64 minutes.

Rapper and comedian Rob Broderick aka Abandoman is a force of nature, whose invincible positivity is matched only by his breathtaking performance skill. He talks in depth about his origins...


Mike Gunn.

Episode 21 - Mike Gunn

4th December 2012.   72 minutes.

Mike Gunn survived a serious drug addiction to become a circuit favourite, loved for the warmth in his dark humour, and for his exceptional joke-writing. As well as including some...


Mark Maier.

Episode 17 - Mark Maier

6th November 2012.   72 minutes.

Mark Maier has 25 years' experience of tickling ribs and strangers, in the US and the UK. He discusses writing in a workshop format, and the relationship between script and...


Celia Pacquola.

Episode 14 - Celia Pacquola

16th October 2012.   71 minutes.

Failed waitress Celia Pacquola likes to imagine dying in the arms of people she's only just met. A gifted storyteller with an effervescent charm, she discusses how to mine different...


Noel Britten.

Episode 12 - Noel Britten

3rd October 2012.   72 minutes.

Noel Britten is retiring from comedy, after more than 15 years as a highly sought-after one-liner and prop comic. Straddling the worlds of stand-up, magic and street-performing, he offers a...