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The Comedian's Comedian Podcast with Stuart Goldsmith: Episode 284 - Kathy Griffin (Live)

Grammy and double-Emmy winner Kathy Griffin holds the Guinness world record for most comedy specials: 23 shows packed with her trademark scathing wit and merciless celebrity takedowns. But in May 2017 a provocative promo image of her holding the severed 'head' of President Donald Trump changed her life forever. We talk about how she survived having the machinery of state directed towards bullying her, when a Department of Justice investigation into "conspiracy to assassinate the President" led to her entire working life being cancelled. As you'll hear, the President's admitted attempt to "decimate her life" has only strengthened the resolve of this astonishingly powerful woman... We also talk about sexism, marketing, seizing the means of production, and banging Tarantino!

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Published: 18th March 2019.   Length: 87 minutes.

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