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Comic chat show presented by Graham Norton. The biggest names in showbiz join the host on his sofa.

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Series 11, Episode 4 - Jessie J, Julie Walters, Simon Amstell, Didier Drogba

Jessie J says she is too nice on The Voice,
Julie Walters talks about fame, Didier Drogba says he wants to stay at Chelsea, while Simon Amsell reveals he could have been Billy Elliott.

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Talking about The Voice, Jessie J says, "I don't watch it back. I get to see enough on Twitter and people send me photos and tell me what I was wearing like it wasn't me!"

She won't be drawn on who might be leaving the competition this week, "I don't do favourites. Every single person is different." But on the possibility of saying goodbye to some of the performers, she says, "I have said to my artists, and I hang out with them loads, 'this is a massive thing, don't be sad.' I don't want crying and 'This is the end of my life.' It's not, it's the beginning of an amazing career."

On her judging style, she says, "I am going to be a bit meaner this week, 100%. I think I have been too nice."

Admitting she thinks she is judged on her speaking voice she says, "That's why I can't watch the show. I am so aware of how I speak. Like, who calls Tom Jones 'Bruv?' Me! I didn't even realise I did it."

Revealing she was recently refused entry to one of her old nightclub haunts in Essex, Jessie says, "They said it was because I didn't have a gold card but I am sure it was because I wasn't orange enough!"

Talking about fame and being recognised by people in the street, Julie Andrews says: "I was in Marks & Spencer buying underwear and I overheard two women talking and looking at me. One said, 'is that her, I think it is,' and the other replied, 'No, not dressed like that!"

And on premature reports of her retirement in the press when she turned 60, she says, "A young reporter who looked about 12 knocked at my back door and mistook my cleaner for me and asked, 'Is it true you are retiring?' unaware he was looking for me, she said, 'It is hard on the knees but I'm not thinking of giving it up yet.' That has been my motto ever since!"

Simon Amstell reveals he is a fan of Billy Elliott, in which Julie starred, "I cried through the film, a lot because I thought I was Billy Elliott. I wanted to be a dancer, it was my dream, but my mum thought it would be better if I did impressions instead so wouldn't buy me more tap shoes. And I learnt to juggle. So I felt something in Billy Elliott - I was like a boy running down the street juggling to A Town Called Malice."

Talking about his sitcom, Grandma's House, Simon reveals his screen mother bears an uncanny resemblance to his own mother, "My mother recognises herself." Asked if she minds, he says, "She really likes me being on TV and if that involves the entire deconstructing her personality, that's fine. She is pushy like the mother in the sitcom."

"When I told her I was coming on this show and that I was nervous she said, 'you have to perform.' When I said I thought I would just be myself, she said, 'No, you need to be Russell Brand.'"

Didier Drogba joins Graham for a chat. Asked if he is about to leave Chelsea, he says, "I love this club. It has been eight of the best years of my career - of my whole life. I am very happy in London," adding, "Money doesn't make you happy. I have my family around me, people that love me, and my fans. I am happy."

Asked if he is superstitious, he reveals, "I always play a game with my baby's plastic hospital identity bracelet and I used to have lucky boxers but I played so many matches I can't wear them any more because they are full of holes."

Modestly talking about the part he played in ending the civil war in Ivory Coast, he says, "In Africa, football is like a religion and people listen. We went there and asked them to put down their guns and have elections. There is now no war and everyone is happy."

Didier gives Graham some tuition in Drogbacité, a dance routine inspired by Didiers football moves.

Jessie J performs LaserLight live in the studio.

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Friday 4th May 2012
45 minutes


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Monday 7th May 2012 11:25pm BBC1

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Mike Altman Producer
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Alan Thorpe Producer
Graham Stuart Executive Producer
Perry Widdowson Editor
Chris Webster Production Designer
Jonathan Whitehead (as Trellis) Composer


Julie Walters gets fed up with Graham Norton

Graham Norton chats with Didier Drogba about him not living the footballer clubbing life and the clubs that Jessie J and Simon Amstell used to visit in Essex. Then he tries to ask Julie Walters a question...

Featuring: Graham Norton, Simon Amstell, Jessie J, Didier Drogba & Julie Walters.

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