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Series 11, Episode 7 - Cameron Diaz, Kathy Burke, David Attenborough

Cameron Diaz and Sir David Attenborough flirt about wildlife, Kathy Burke talks about her break from acting and Scissor Sisters perform live in the studio.

Further details

Expressing her huge pleasure at being on Graham's sofa with David Attenborough, Cameron Diaz says, "I am so excited to meet you, because I wanted to be a zoologist. I thought I would be one for my entire life and I did end up studying animals, but human animals. As an actor that's what I do, but I find so many surprises when I watch your shows." Playfully flirting, David responds, "I could teach you all sorts of things. You should see the outtakes," to which Cameron responds, "Perhaps we could have a private viewing."

Describing her new movie What to Expect When You're Expecting, as "poignant and uplifting," Cameron talks about the fake breasts and bump she sports in the film, "The breasts got bigger and bigger, there was probably 15 of those weird silicon cutlet things in there. They were amazing and I was like, 'wow these are awesome!' So I had to show them off to everyone shouting 'look at these.' They looked very real.

"We were shooting in Atlanta and it was very hot and it got very swampy here (indicating her breasts) and by the end of filming these beautiful breasts were literally hanging down to my waist. I was so upset but thought, 'well that's nature, that's what's going to happen anyhow.'"

Talking about the strong female character she plays in the movie, and asked if she is an alpha female Cameron says, "It depends, but I do like an alpha man around to out-alpha me."

On still going strong after 60 phenomenally successful years of broadcasting, David Attenborough says, "I'm not sure about 'strong' but I am still going." Asked if going to the North and South poles for his last series was physically demanding, he says, "Only if you do it in 36 hours, otherwise it's okay," and on being stuck at the North Pole, he says, "You have to get the weather right but I have to tell you, I didn't walk. There was a helicopter and while you wait for it you live in warm comfortable tents. I do the bits to camera very quickly. It's a doddle - if you get the right gear there's no problem and if you do things right, it's a cake walk."

Talking about the level of violence in nature, David says, "People say we show too much, but if viewers saw what we left on the cutting room floor, they would be appalled. When a lion catches a Wildebeest it eats it alive and we don't show that. But you have to be careful because if you cut it too much, you are telling an untruth, you're telling fairy stories."

Kathy Burke, talking about returning to the screen after an 11-year absence, says, "I came back for Tinker Tailor. It was a nice posh part." And, on falling out of love with acting, she says, "It was a bit weird and a strange really and it all became a bit too much. I was getting offered a lot of work, which is a wonderful position to be in as an actor, but it was a lot of the wrong work. It didn't feel right and I lost the kick you get from it. I felt as though I was on autopilot and that people could see I wasn't enjoying so I thought I had better stop and make way for actresses that absolutely love it."

Describing her childhood as 'bleak' Kathy says her latest project Walking and Talking is based on her life growing up in London, "It was a very 60s and 70s upbringing, I had a really rough time but I remember everything with fondness. It shows a more innocent time, everything revolved around a phonebox."

On being recognised, she says, "If I'm wearing my Northface jacket, it's as Perry, but, the other day a cab driver uttered those beautiful words, 'don't take this the wrong way, but you really look like Kathy Burke.' Lovely, isn't it?"

The Scissor Sisters perform Baby Come Home live in the studio before Jake Shears and Ana Matronic join Graham for a chat.

Surprised to hear her name is being associated with The Voice as a possible replacement judge, Ana says, "Really"? It's news to me but I would love to do it."

Broadcast details

Friday 25th May 2012
45 minutes

Cast & crew

Regular cast
Graham Norton Host / Presenter
Guest cast
Cameron Diaz Guest
Kathy Burke Guest
David Attenborough (as Sir David Attenborough) Guest


David Attenborough narrates a tortoise video

Graham Norton gets David Attenborough to do a live voiceover for a clip of a tortoise having sex with a shoe.

Featuring: Graham Norton, Sir David Attenborough.


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