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Series 11, Episode 5 - Kristen Stewart, Chris Rock, Engelbert Humperdinck, Stephen Mangan

Kristen Stewart talks about raunchy Twilight scenes; Chris Rock reveals he is a friend of Barack Obama; while Engelbert Humperdinck says how proud he is of Eurovison; and Stephen Mangan talks about Matt LeBlanc and Postman Pat.

Further details

Asked whether she is pestered by her fans, or 'Twi-hards', Kristen Stewart says, "I don't have to deal with as much as you might think. People don't scream at me on the street. That really doesn't happen. I am getting better at spotting them. Their characteristics give them away. I really like them."

On her rivalry with Lily Collins, who also appears in another adaptation of Snow White, she says, "I'm actually really, really good friends with Lily and we found out we were in the movies around the same time and I promise we didn't want to kill each other, it really wasn't a big deal. People try and pit us against each other but I really like her - she is funny."

And on injuring Chris Hemsworth in the movie, Kristen says, "He's a huge sex symbol so he needed a bit of roughing up! It wasn't too bad, I left a mark but he was able to keep working. I punched him right out of his close up. It's funny now but when it happened I thought, 'I have just ruined the movie and I love this thing and we are going to have to stop filming.'"

On the raunchy scenes in Twilight and her young fan base, Kristen says, "It is a bit full on but it's edited. I see scenes and I think why is music playing over that, I was definitely making sounds and it could be so sexy and it's not. The ratings' board breaks it down so technically and apparently, thrusting is a huge problem for the children."

Chris Rock talks about being cast as the romantic lead in the new movie 2 Days in New York, "I don't get offered a lot of romantic leads, usually I get cast as the quick talking mail room guy, the cop or zebras! She (co-star Julie Deply) says she wrote the part for me but I think it was originally written for Queen Latifah. She passed and I was next on the list!"

Talking about scenes in the movie where he speaks to a life size cardboard cut out of Barack Obama, he says, "I talk to him and ask him his advice." Revealing he knows Obama, he says, "I sort of know him, a little bit. I would say the same things to him that I say to him in the movie, I wouldn't say them to him in the White House but I would say them to him at a basketball game."

Asked whether he thinks the President's recent endorsement of gay marriage is controversial, Chris says, "I think when you have kids you can't lie to them and he recently said his kids have friends who have same sex parents and he couldn't sit there as the most powerful man in the world and say these people deserve to discriminated against to his little girls. Thank the children. His kids made him honest."

Revealing his own children are still waiting for their invite to the White House, he says, "My daughters want me to arrange a play date with Malia and Sasha Obama. They aim real high - if we go to Disneyland they want Mickey to eat with us!"

Stephen Mangan, asked if he is becoming famous in the US on the back Matt LeBlanc's fame and the success of the BBC series Episodes, says, "Matt is an attention magnet so I don't hang out with him because it's too annoying!" adding, "He is lovely, boringly, he's a really nice guy."

Revealing he was wary of meeting Matt for the first time he says, "He is a really famous, rich guy and you don't know what they are going to be like because fame is hard to handle. The first time I met him he said, 'I'm going to give you some advice - 'don't suck.' Clearly I didn't as I got the part."

Talking about about his latest role of Postman Pat in a new 3-D animation, Stephen says, "He is the least sexy character ever written. I have played him and Adrian Mole and my wife says, 'who have I married?'"

A slim line Engelbert Humperdinck joins Graham to talk about Eurovision, "I have lost a few pounds worrying about Eurovision. I am representing the country so it is a little bit of a weight." Describing taking part in the competition as, "an honour", Englebert says, "I love it and I am praying I win." Revealing he doesn't know much about his competition, he says, "I haven't heard any of them yet."

In the first TV outing for the song, Engelbert Humperdinck performs his Eurovision entry Love Will Set You Free live in the studio.

Broadcast details

Friday 11th May 2012
45 minutes

Cast & crew

Regular cast
Graham Norton Host / Presenter
Guest cast
Chris Rock Guest
Kristen Stewart Guest
Engelbert Humperdinck Guest
Stephen Mangan Guest
Writing team
Rob Colley Writer
Dan Gaster Writer
Jez Stevenson Writer
Production team
Steve Smith Director
Jon Magnusson Series Producer
Mike Altman Producer
Pete Snell Producer
Alan Thorpe Producer
Graham Stuart Executive Producer
Perry Widdowson Editor
Chris Webster Production Designer
Jonathan Whitehead (as Trellis) Composer

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