4 O'Clock Club. Copyright: BBC.

4 O'Clock Club

CBBC sitcom about a school. 117 episodes (9 series), 2012 - 2020. Stars Simon Lowe, Dan Wright, Daniel Kerr, Lewis Brindley and others.

Series 4

1. Ghost

First broadcast: Wednesday 28th January 2015

Nero goes hunting for the school ghost - but will he have more trouble from new girl Clem?


2. Toads

First broadcast: Wednesday 4th February 2015

When Nero accidentally lets the school toads escape he sets off a chain of events that gets Dexter into serious trouble. Is this the end for the 4 O'Clock Club?


3. Theatre

First broadcast: Wednesday 11th February 2015

Clem and Nero are both suspiciously keen to go on the school theatre trip - but why?


4. Bike

First broadcast: Wednesday 18th February 2015

Nero's new bike proves to be a disaster - not just for him but for Clem and Dexter too. Someone will have to pay.


5. Poem

First broadcast: Wednesday 25th February 2015

Nero discovers a book of angry poems written by Clem. But how angry will Clem get when she discovers the book is missing?


6. Sick

First broadcast: Wednesday 4th March 2015

Nero pulls a sickie to get off school - but will a suspicious Dexter find out?


7. Time Capsule

First broadcast: Wednesday 11th March 2015

Nero and the gang decide to sabotage parents' evening - while Josh and Isaac find out the truth about Josh's missing dad.


8. Netball

First broadcast: Wednesday 18th March 2015

Nero and the gang find themselves playing netball against a team of girls.


9. Mobile

First broadcast: Wednesday 25th March 2015

Nero needs his confiscated phone urgently - but how can he get it back without Miss Andress finding out?


10. Party

First broadcast: Wednesday 1st April 2015

Nero gets invited to the coolest party of the year. Meanwhile, there is a surprise winner of the school presidential election.


11. Science

First broadcast: Wednesday 8th April 2015

Lizzie's lunchtime science club has disastrous consequences when Eli and Owen decide to join.


12. Health And Safety

First broadcast: Wednesday 15th April 2015

Nero fakes an injury to get out of cross country but discovers that playing the victim doesn't give him the easy ride he was hoping for.


13. Runaway

First broadcast: Wednesday 22nd April 2015

When the school play looks like being cancelled Nero gets angry and runs away from home. Clem is forced to go with him and they are confronted by some very awkward truths.