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4 O'Clock Club

CBBC sitcom about a school. 117 episodes (9 series), 2012 - 2020. Stars Simon Lowe, Dan Wright, Daniel Kerr, Lewis Brindley and others.

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Series 7

1. Boxes

First broadcast: Wednesday 24th January 2018

Polly is singing a solo with the school choir live on radio. Unfortunately the newest member of the choir is Nero - and he has other plans.


2. Film

First broadcast: Wednesday 31st January 2018

Nero makes a film to celebrate the school - but his real plan is to make himself a star. Meanwhile, Polly's efforts to retake a geography test bring her into conflict with Mr Nunn.


3. America

First broadcast: Wednesday 7th February 2018

Dexter and Lizzie have the chance to move to America - but how will they break it to Nero? And how will Nero break the news to his friends?


4. Farewell

First broadcast: Wednesday 14th February 2018

Nero's finally leaving Elmsmere - but how is Polly going to take losing her best friend? And will Dexter have second thoughts about going when he's introduced to his replacement?


5. Mr Garland

First broadcast: Wednesday 21st February 2018

Owen loves wearing his granddad's coat - until his look means he's mistaken for a teacher. And Amber and Violet try to avoid the list of stupid celebrations for Darnesh's birthday.


6. Prank

First broadcast: Wednesday 28th February 2018

There's a phantom prankster on the loose in school but if it's not Eli then who can it be? And Amber is determined to win a scooter in a school competition - whatever it takes.


7. Tattoo

First broadcast: Wednesday 7th March 2018

Polly can't wash off a fake tattoo. Can she get through the day without Bell discovering? Plus Ingrid gives a remarkable performance in a battle of the bands competition.


8. Museum

First broadcast: Wednesday 14th March 2018

Bell agrees to take Maddie's son on a trip to the local museum - but loses him! And Amber tries to convince Ingrid that mummies really exist, using Darnesh and some toilet roll.


9. Space

First broadcast: Wednesday 21st March 2018

Polly launches a phone into space on a weather balloon. And Owen decides to earn his Scouts entertainment badge with the help of Dinsdale, a ventriloquist's dummy.


10. Rats

First broadcast: Wednesday 28th March 2018

Isaac tries to catch a mouse in school using Darnesh's cat... with disastrous consequences. And Polly tries to help Owen move on emotionally by getting Katie a new boyfriend.


11. Holiday

First broadcast: Wednesday 4th April 2018

CJ wins a family holiday and has to get Bell and Maddie to pretend they're married. Polly holds a raffle for cash to decorate the common room, but what will they use for a prize?


12. Nanina Murphy

First broadcast: Wednesday 11th April 2018

Fleur and Eleesha get out of a boring trip with Polly by inventing Fleur's fake nanna. But when Polly realises they're lying, she decides to take her revenge.


13. Talent

First broadcast: Wednesday 18th April 2018

Polly plans the end-of-year Talent Show - but could it mean the end of her school career? And Amber tries to impress Ingrid by inventing the craziest talent act of all time.