4 O'Clock Club. Copyright: BBC.

4 O'Clock Club

CBBC sitcom about a school. 117 episodes (9 series), 2012 - 2020. Stars Simon Lowe, Dan Wright, Daniel Kerr, Lewis Brindley and others.

Series 1

1. Back To School

First broadcast: Friday 13th January 2012

Rap and comedy combine to tell a tale of sibling rivalry. Rookie teacher Nathan Carter starts his first day back at Elmsbury High School where he was once - well - not the best kid in the class.

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2. Assembly

First broadcast: Friday 20th January 2012

Having his brother Nathan as a teacher at his school is having a disastrous effect on Josh's ability to have fun, scheme schemes and scam scams.

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3. Maths

First broadcast: Friday 27th January 2012

To get out of maths homework Josh claims he has number blindness, and persuades novice supply teacher Janucek to let him off.

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4. Disco

First broadcast: Friday 3rd February 2012

The school disco means just one thing for the Carter brothers - girl trouble.

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5. Laptop

First broadcast: Friday 10th February 2012

When Nathan's laptop mysteriously breaks down in the middle of a project, Josh is the obvious suspect.

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6. Party

First broadcast: Friday 17th February 2012

Nathan takes advantage of Mrs Carter's weekend trip away to invite Miss Poppy round for a romantic evening.

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7. Football

First broadcast: Friday 24th February 2012

Josh, Ryan and Ash sign up for the school footie team to get out of lessons, but discover that even studying is preferable to PE teacher Thorne's strict disciplinary regime.


8. Quiz

First broadcast: Friday 2nd March 2012

Nathan drags Josh onto the useless school quiz team to teach him how to stick at something. But Josh realises to his delight that him not knowing any answers will only make Nathan look bad.


9. Auction

First broadcast: Friday 9th March 2012

When the school's last remaining keyboard blows a fuse, Josh decides to help raise funds for new musical instruments by staging a charity auction. But without any valuables to give to the cause, Josh opts to donate Nathan's stuff instead.


10. School Council

First broadcast: Friday 16th March 2012

Nathan gets lumbered with running the School Council - and drags Josh in to teach him about responsibility. But instead, Josh uses his new powers to try to change the rules to his own advantage.


11. Sweets

First broadcast: Friday 23rd March 2012

Since Jamie Oliver's push for healthy school meals, sweets have been banned at Elmsbury High. But someone's running an unofficial tuck shop selling crisps and chocolate - and Nathan is given the job of finding out who's behind it.


12. Fight

First broadcast: Friday 30th March 2012

When Nathan decides to put Darius, the star of Elmsbury's basketball team, in detention, Darius decides to get his own back - on Josh.


13. End Of Term

First broadcast: Friday 30th March 2012

It's the end of term and Nathan is due to be assessed by Head Master Mr Byron. His future hangs in the balance. So when Josh messes up, and it looks like Nathan's career as a teacher is over, it's down to the rest of the 4 O'Clock Club to save his skin.