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The Comedian's Comedian Podcast with Stuart Goldsmith

The Comedian's Comedian Podcast with Stuart Goldsmith

Stuart Goldsmith talks to fellow stand-up comedians about how they create funny stuff and manage their career. These very in-depth interviews are interesting and revealing. There's over 100 episodes here:

Episode 167 - Seymour Mace

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Published: 17th May 2016.   Length: 93 mins.   Size: 42.4mb

Darkly silly stand-up and clown Seymour Mace channels his anger and bitterness through a lens of pure sunshine. He talks candidly about the challenges of living with depression in comedy; hating people who you know to be nice, the fear of returning to counselling, and letting yourself be happy. We also blow the lid off Cake Club...

Previous Episodes

Romesh Ranganathan.

Episode 165 - Romesh Ranganathan

21st April 2016.   77 minutes.

Accelerating through the comedy industry with dizzying speed, BAFTA-nominated Romesh Ranganathan nonetheless has a quiet authority reminiscent of your favourite teacher. We explore his fearlessness, the support of his family,...


Jimmy Carr.

Episode 164, Part 2 - Jimmy Carr

11th April 2016.   70 minutes.

In part two, Jimmy Carr explores the application of Neuro-Linguistic Programming to his personal life and work, and we learn the most common mistake he sees newer comedians make on...


Jimmy Carr.

Episode 164 - Jimmy Carr

4th April 2016.   68 minutes.

In this first part of a two hour interview with one of the UK's most respected comedians, Jimmy Carr reveals the inner mechanism of his bulletproof stage act. We focus...


Mike Wilmot.

Episode 163 - Mike Wilmot

26th March 2016.   92 minutes.

'Uncle Mike' tells it like it is. A veteran stand-up possessed of an extraordinarily empathic relationship with his crowd, Mike loves enrapturing and abusing his audience with dirty gags your...


Tania Edwards.

Episode 162 - Tania Edwards

19th March 2016.   85 minutes.

With a cut-glass accent that reflects her precision-tooled comedy, Tania Edwards inflicts maximum damage with faint praise. We talk about her process, her practice and her peeves - and learn...


Dave Gorman.

Episode 161 - Dave Gorman (Live)

11th March 2016.   84 minutes.

One of the most inventive comics in Britain, documentary pioneer Dave Gorman gives us a genuinely thorough and methodical analysis of the four (or more) phases of his career. We...


Gein's Family Giftshop.

Episode 160 - Gein's Family Giftshop

7th March 2016.   110 minutes.

Bird-flipping, bumhole-shouting Gein's Family Giftshop are horror-obsessed, wildly inventive and deeply funny. We dig into the internal dynamics of the group, find out why they don't wear wigs, and examine...


Hari Kondabolu.

Episode 158 - Hari Kondabolu

19th February 2016.   94 minutes.

With appearances on Conan, Letterman and Totally Biased, comic firebrand Hari Kondabolu has a lot to say, and the research to back it up. We discuss the New Yorker's politicisation...


Matt Kirshen.

Episode 156 - Matt Kirshen

4th February 2016.   94 minutes.

Wise beyond his years, the innocent-seeming Matt Kirshen has an extraordinary breadth of experience in UK comedy, even before Last Comic Standing introduced him to an American audience. As well...


Jena Friedman.

Episode 155 - Jena Friedman (Live)

22nd January 2016.   70 minutes.

Wickedly spiky and dry as sand, controversy-courting stand-up Jena Friedman has writing credits for Letterman and The Daily Show under her belt. We discover her unusual origin, as her thesis...


Mark Steel.

Episode 154 - Mark Steel (Live)

16th January 2016.   77 minutes.

In at the beginning of alternative comedy, and now a 'venerated lefty' and Columnist Of The Year 2015, punchy pundit Mark Steel has lost none of his passion. We discuss...


Will Durst.

Episode 149 - Will Durst (Live)

21st November 2015.   65 minutes.

An extraordinary education in stand-up from someone who's been doing it since the seventies! San Francisco-based Will Durst mixes observations about life in one's sixties, as well as political fire-brandery...


Aisling Bea.

Episode 148 - Aisling Bea (Live)

15th November 2015.   59 minutes.

An irrepressibly charming personality, Aisling Bea's stand-up bubbles over with unusual perspectives and ludicrous family stories; few acts have climbed as high as fast. She talks here about finding a...


Dave Anthony.

Episode 146 - Dave Anthony

23rd October 2015.   76 minutes.

Known for years as being the guy whose unchecked anger screwed up his career, Dave Anthony has resolved his issues and enjoys a career which straddles stand-up, podcasting, and being...


Jimmy Pardo.

Episode 145 - Jimmy Pardo (Part 2)

20th October 2015.   52 minutes.

In the second part of our conversation, Jimmy Pardo discusses his incredibly successful Never Not Funny podcast, the super fans who regularly go to great lengths to see the show,...


Jimmy Pardo.

Episode 145 - Jimmy Pardo (Part 1)

16th October 2015.   57 minutes.

Sick of being told he was the funniest guy off-stage, something had to change for lightning-fast wise-cracker Jimmy Pardo. Fortunately it did, and he became the "self-deprecating blowhard" America knows...


Jackie Kashian.

Episode 143 - Jackie Kashian

7th October 2015.   101 minutes.

Charismatic, stubborn and powerful, Jackie Kashian might have started off life as a "spooky reading girl", but is now the rallying champion of nerd comedy. Head Ranger of The Dork...


Mae Martin.

Episode 140 - Mae Martin (Live)

18th September 2015.   57 minutes.

Canadian comic Mae Martin combines sparkling punchlines and disarming candour in her deeply personal stand-up. We talk about her startling origin as an audience volunteer, gender politics, and we investigate...


Tommy Tiernan.

Episode 139 - Tommy Tiernan (Live)

13th September 2015.   64 minutes.

Comedy speaks through Tommy Tiernan like an elemental force. One of Ireland's most respected comic exports, his latest challenge is to improvise an hour without repeating anything he's ever said...


Andy Kindler.

Episode 134 - Andy Kindler

1st August 2015.   68 minutes.

Perhaps the nearest the USA has to a true "comedian's comedian", Andy Kindler has been railing at audiences (and his own supposed lack of performance ability) for nearly 30 years....


Moshe Kasher.

Episode 132 - Moshe Kasher

29th July 2015.   70 minutes.

Ready for some in-depth comedy theory? Brainiac stand-up and one half of The Champs podcast, Moshe Kasher talks us through an exploded diagram of his approach to the art and...


Jen Kirkman.

Episode 131 - Jen Kirkman

28th July 2015.   81 minutes.

From the Just For Laughs Comedy Festival in Montreal, Jen Kirkman breaks down the elements of her personality that create such a thrilling dynamic in her stage and screen performance....


George Egg.

Episode 130 - George Egg

27th July 2015.   86 minutes.

'Anarchist Cook' George Egg brings his ludicrous visual comedy to the Edinburgh Fringe for the first time this summer. George bakes his own bread, builds his own props, and survives...


Adam Buxton.

Episode 129 - Adam Buxton (Live)

17th July 2015.   77 minutes.

Podcast pioneer, arch-noodler, jingle-master and YouTube cosmonaut, Adam Buxton invented loads of your favourite stuff before it was famous. We talk about the creative urge; exploiting one's family for material;...


Gavin Webster.

Episode 127 - Gavin Webster (Live)

3rd July 2015.   68 minutes.

Second-ever winner of the voted-for-only-by-comics Comedians Comedian award (no relation), Gavin Webster is one of the most frequently requested guests on this podcast. A true circuit stalwart with a phenomenal...


Wil Anderson.

Episode 123 - Wil Anderson

5th June 2015.   81 minutes.

One of Australia's hottest comic properties, Wil Anderson is utterly charming as he analyses his career and the length of time it took him to find his voice. A self-confessed...


Zoe Lyons.

Episode 122 - Zoe Lyons

29th May 2015.   72 minutes.

One of those acts floating around at the very top of the circuit, completely ready to outgrow it, Zoe Lyons is an expert at wringing every drop of funny out...


Mark Watson.

Episode 120 - Mark Watson (Live)

15th May 2015.   82 minutes.

Comedy's marathon man Mark Watson is known for his feats of intellectual and performative endurance, and also for his phenomenal comic story-telling. We get our teeth into the anxieties he...


Nina Conti - A Ventriloquist's Story: Her Master's Voice. Nina Conti.

Episode 119 - Nina Conti (Live)

8th May 2015.   73 minutes.

The complex relationship between a ventriloquist and her puppets is brought to life in mind-expanding detail in this live episode, as comedian, clown and filmmaker Nina Conti lays her creative...


The Midnight Beast. Image shows from L to R: Stef (Stefan Abingdon), Dru (Andrew Wakely), Ash (Ashley Horne). Copyright: Warp Films / Cuba Comedy.

Episode 118 - The Midnight Beast

1st May 2015.   90 minutes.

Teenbait rap comics The Midnight Beast have generated tens of millions of YouTube hits and two TV series by spoofing boybands, whilst secretly being basically a real one. They combine...


Nick Mohammed.

Episode 117 - Nick Mohammed

24th April 2015.   90 minutes.

A startlingly creative character comic, Nick Mohammed produces utterly silly work with a rigorous technical backbone. We talk about his most enduring creation Mr Swallow, and how he has cultivated...


Stand Up For China. Des Bishop. Copyright: BBC.

Episode 116 - Des Bishop (Live)

17th April 2015.   78 minutes.

Burning with narrative intensity, Irish-American Des Bishop learnt to perform stand-up in Gaelic and now Mandarin, such is his commitment to following through on an idea. He gives us a...


Tim Key.

Episode 113 - Tim Key (Part 1)

13th March 2015.   67 minutes.

A lager-sodden 'not deliberately bad' poet, Tim Key is responsible for some of the most startlingly theatrical fringe comedy of the last ten years. From his outrageous origin as a...


Liz Miele.

Episode 112 - Liz Miele

6th March 2015.   76 minutes.

A smart cookie based in New York, Liz Miele combines punchline density with social media acumen. She runs, she dates, she cries, she talks about it all. But is she...


Lou Sanders.

Episode 110 - Lou Sanders

20th February 2015.   83 minutes.

Lou Sanders is off the rails. Her deliciously shameless stage persona is backed up by punchy writing, peppered with surreal flavours. From gurus to glitter, we discuss the technique behind...


Andrew O'Neill.

Episode 109 - Andrew O'Neill

13th February 2015.   56 minutes.

Occult comedian Andrew O'Neill describes jokes as 'spells to make people laugh'. We talk about the differences between magic and faith, getting information about the world through stand-up, nailing your...


Harley Breen.

Episode 108 - Harley Breen

6th February 2015.   75 minutes.

Cult-runaway, Harley Breen is a man mountain with a barnstorming club and festival act. Underneath his loudmouth lumbersexual persona is a deeply principled single father with a reflective nature and...


Urzila Carlson.

Episode 107 - Urzila Carlson

29th January 2015.   64 minutes.

South Africa-born Urzila Carlson is now one of New Zealand's favourite acts, winning Best Female Comic there an astonishing five years running. Irrepressibly cheerful, she combines her natural talent with...


Thom Tuck.

Episode 106 - Thom Tuck

24th January 2015.   74 minutes.

A wilfully preposterous boozehound in a pashmina, Thom Tuck is a superbly theatrical stand-up, one third of fringe-conquering sketch outfit The Penny Dreadfuls, and co-ringmaster of The Alternative Comedy Memorial...


Alfie Brown.

Episode 104 - Alfie Brown

8th January 2015.   94 minutes.

Alfie Brown is variously known as the future of British comedy, the enfant terrible of the comedy circuit, and/or a jumped-up posh kid rebelling against anything that'll have him. Frustratingly,...


Mickey Dwyer.

Episode 103 - Mickey D

19th December 2014.   70 minutes.

Mickey 'D' Dwyer is an outrageously charismatic comic, with an almost mutant ability to win over the toughest room, from the UK to his native Australia and back. Retaining the...


Nish Kumar.

Episode 101 - Nish Kumar

4th December 2014.   84 minutes.

Fiercely intelligent political and socio-political comic, friend of the show and self-confessed 'great laugh', Nish Kumar is at the height of his powers. We discuss the self and the presentational...


Phil Kay.

Episode 100 - Phil Kay (Live)

27th November 2014.   70 minutes.

It's episode 100 of the podcast and Stu's been saving this one up! If you've donated in the last few months you'll have heard this one as a sneaky pre-release...


Luisa Omielan's Party. Luisa Omielan. Copyright: BBC.

Episode 99 - Luisa Omielan

20th November 2014.   84 minutes.

Luisa Omielan has established herself as a comic force to be reckoned with, by-passing the usual club/progression route, and cultivating an audience all her own. We explore the dynamic between...


Ross Noble.

Episode 98 - Ross Noble (Part 2)

14th November 2014.   53 minutes.

In part two of this conversation with the free-wheeling comedy craftsman, Ross Noble argues that ideas with unusual logic are often mistaken for 'surreal' comedy, and explains his process of...


Ross Noble.

Episode 98 - Ross Noble (Part 1)

6th November 2014.   73 minutes.

Ross Noble makes apparently casual improvisation into an artform, breathing life into nonsense for hours at a time and provoking gales of laughter. In the first part of this conversation...


Show Me The Funny. Prince Abdi. Copyright: Big Talk Productions.

Episode 97 - Prince Abdi

31st October 2014.   80 minutes.

Prince Abdi is a sublimely daft story-teller, whose material spills out of a life where he can't help saying 'yes'. We talk about his upbringing and his reluctant involvement in...


David Cross.

Episode 96 - David Cross (Part 2)

24th October 2014.   66 minutes.

In the second part of our conversation, stand-up and comic actor David Cross explores offence, outrage and sensitivity. We also talk about his work on Arrested Development and Mr Show,...


Trygve Wakenshaw.

Episode 95 - Trygve Wakenshaw

10th October 2014.   83 minutes.

Bloody lovely Trygve is a superb physical improviser, and more of a "weird lanky white brittle idiot" than a clown. We dissect the hilarious savagery of his imaginary worlds, and...


Tom Stade.

Episode 94 - Tom Stade (Live)

2nd October 2014.   75 minutes.

Although he's frequently referred to as a 'philosophical' or 'stoner' comic, Tom Stade is actually a Level Twenty Comedian. He waxes lyrical about striving for wisdom in his writing, rather...


Eleanor Tiernan.

Episode 93 - Eleanor Tiernan

25th September 2014.   63 minutes.

Eleanor Tiernan makes tremendously articulate comedy, often out of morally murky ideas and subjects. She talks here about the comedy scene in her native Ireland, how to find the bits...


Josie Long.

Episode 92 - Josie Long (Live)

17th September 2014.   66 minutes.

Irrepressibly positive, and relentless in her pursuit of betterment, deliriously funny Josie Long is much more than a figurehead for 'whimsy'. We talk here about how her humour has developed...


Steen Raskopoulos.

Episode 91 - Steen Raskopoulos

15th September 2014.   64 minutes.

Impro aficionado Steen Raskopoulos has mastered a style of audience interaction that lets his volunteers contribute to the show, rather than simply supplying a punchline. Nominated for Edinburgh Best Newcomer...


Sam Simmons.

Episode 88 - Sam Simmons

14th August 2014.   70 minutes.

Sam Simmons is not a 'surreal' comic, despite his propensity to turn into a horse whilst windsurfing. He's responsible for some of the funniest, most imaginative comedy in the world,...


John Hastings.

Episode 87 - John Hastings

30th July 2014.   80 minutes.

John Hastings has the soul of an alt comic, hiding between the power-chords of a bullet-headed club-jockey. He describes in detail how the Canadian circuit differs to the UK, and...


Noel James.

Episode 86 - Noel James

24th July 2014.   74 minutes.

A master of off-the-wall wordplay, Noel James is disarmingly honest about his struggles with comedy and real life. We analyse his use of metaphor and analogy as well as delving...


Kyle Kinane.

Episode 85 - Kyle Kinane

17th July 2014.   59 minutes.

A self-confessed 'sad, bearded white dude', Kyle Kinane has more empathy than the next road warrior, and more bite than the next peddler of whimsy. He talks here about eschewing...


Nick Doody.

Episode 84 - Nick Doody

10th July 2014.   80 minutes.

Nick Doody is a textbook 'unsung hero' of comedy: fiercely analytical, and with an approach to jokes that is both cerebral and instinctive. He talks here in fascinating detail about...


Aamer Rahman.

Episode 83 - Aamer Rahman

1st July 2014.   64 minutes.

Aamer Rahman was on the verge of giving up his career in overtly-political comedy when his YouTube standup clip on 'reverse racism' went life-changingly viral. We talk about anger, activism,...


Andy Zaltzman's History Of The Third Millennium. Andy Zaltzman. Copyright: Avalon Television.

Episode 82 - Andy Zaltzman

24th June 2014.   86 minutes.

The grand high sultan of Bullshit-istan, Andy Zaltzman is one half of the incredible Bugle Podcast, and combines densely-written satirical nonsense with improvised flights of fancy. He goes into detail...


Luke Heggie.

Episode 79 - Luke Heggie

5th June 2014.   55 minutes.

Although still new, Sydney-based Luke Heggie is a breath of dry, dusty air to a circuit stuffed with comic book-readers and 'star-fuckers'. A blue-collar Aussie bloke who won RAW on...


Michele A'Court.

Episode 78 - Michele A'Court

28th May 2014.   60 minutes.

Autobiographical and observational New Zealand comedian, blogger and feminist, Michele A'Court speaks passionately about authenticity, insecurity and the right to challenge. We discuss her refusal to apologise, the disappearance from...


Ben Hurley.

Episode 76 - Ben Hurley

20th May 2014.   82 minutes.

Laidback observationalist Ben Hurley made a foray to the UK some years ago, and returned to his native New Zealand to become a TV hero. We get stuck into the...


Carey Marx.

Episode 75 - Carey Marx (Live)

30th April 2014.   65 minutes.

Carey Marx is a silver-tongued charmer who delights in navigating boundaries of logic, language and taste. With a unique take on verbal dexterity and misdirection, informed in part by his...


Max & Ivan are Con Artists. Image shows from L to R: Max Olesker, Ivan Gonzalez.

Episode 73 - Max and Ivan (Live)

17th April 2014.   62 minutes.

To call Max & Ivan a comedy double-act with a narrative doesn't really do justice to this pair of rubber-faced, multi-voiced storytellers, who have a penchant for sneaking actual theatre...


Kerry Godliman.

Episode 71 - Kerry Godliman

3rd April 2014.   81 minutes.

A recipe for a happy life as a comic? Kerry Godliman is a superb observationalist, and a tremendous comic actor. She shares her philosophy on writing, gigging and how to...


Dave's One Night Stand. Tim Vine. Copyright: Amigo Television / Phil McIntyre Entertainment.

Episode 70 - Tim Vine (Live)

31st March 2014.   58 minutes.

Alongside his famously prodigious output of punnery, Tim Vine is a wonderfully imaginative comedy creator. As well as talking us through his writing techniques, he describes how he structures an...


Ed Byrne.

Episode 69 - Ed Byrne (Live)

19th March 2014.   62 minutes.

Ed Byrne is a charming, argumentative sod - with a fantastically natural comic ability. We discuss whether it's funnier to take time finding the truth of a subject, or to...


Sean Hughes. Copyright: Alan Peebles / BBC.

Episode 68 - Sean Hughes (Live)

13th March 2014.   58 minutes.

Sean Hughes is a thoughtful, reflective performer, with a passion for self-expressive and profound comedy. A pioneer of the themed, narrative stand-up show, after the 90s he quit the fishbowl...


Gary Delaney.

Episode 67 - Gary Delaney (Live)

5th March 2014.   89 minutes.

Punchline virtuoso Gary Delaney knows one-liners inside and out, and in this crackling live episode recorded in Wolverhampton he treats us to a comprehensive technical analysis of his art. Taking...


Will Franken.

Episode 66 - Will Franken (Live)

27th February 2014.   55 minutes.

Will Franken is a one-man sketch explosion who creates multi-layered and mind-bending comedy with the exuberance of a bedroom DJ. From writing a new 90 minute show monthly to be...


Nick Helm. Copyright: Alan Peebles / BBC.

Episode 65 - Nick Helm (Live)

20th February 2014.   75 minutes.

Nick Helm grunts and sweats his way through a hilarious hurricane of jokes, songs, poetry and swearing, all the while undergoing a total emotional breakdown on stage. In this podcast,...


Tony Law.

Episode 64 - Tony Law (Live)

12th February 2014.   57 minutes.

Tony Law's regeneration from acquired-taste surrealist to must-see force of nature has been borne of depression and crippling debt. He exists now in a dynamic between ecstatic madness and total...


Bo Burnham.

Episode 61 - Bo Burnham (Live)

22nd January 2014.   60 minutes.

Bo Burnham is a frighteningly talented YouTube-wielding wunderkind, with a gag-filled show that defies you to write him off as precocious. We explore the inherent amorality of comedy, the responsibilities...


Susan Calman.

Episode 60 - Susan Calman (Live)

15th January 2014.   59 minutes.

Susan Calman is fierce and fiercely funny, unleashing her personal demons to devastating comic effect in her work and here in conversation. As well as exploring how not to approach...


Rob Delaney.

Episode 59 - Rob Delaney (Live)

8th January 2014.   61 minutes.

According to his mother, Rob Delaney is 'a monster who does good things'. We talk about the differences between his stand-up persona and his voice on Twitter, as well as...


Comedy Rocks With Jason Manford. Jason Manford. Copyright: ITV Studios.

Episode 57 - Jason Manford (Live)

16th December 2013.   61 minutes.

Effortlessly charming observationalist Jason Manford is arguably comedy's Mr Accessibility. With a touring schedule designed to cover the entire country, we investigate the motives and consequences of his workaholic approach...


Andrew Maxwell.

Episode 56 - Andrew Maxwell (Live)

11th December 2013.   59 minutes.

Consistently better-informed than the motor-mouthed 'funny fucker' he appears, Andrew Maxwell explains how he turns his opinions into comedy without the use of a writing desk. What he does instead...


Dave's One Night Stand. Milton Jones. Copyright: Amigo Television / Phil McIntyre Entertainment.

Episode 55 - Milton Jones (Live)

27th November 2013.   58 minutes.

One of the greatest joke-smiths in the world, Milton Jones is a consistently funny powerhouse of verbal cartoons, wordplay and clowning. We explore his process, his persona, and the advantages...


David Baddiel.

Episode 54 - David Baddiel (Live)

12th November 2013.   60 minutes.

From Wembley sell-out star to complex comic philosopher, David Baddiel returned to this year's Edinburgh Fringe with a stand-up lecture about fame. We discuss his rigorous self-analysis and how appealing...


Al Murray's Judgment Day. Al Murray.

Episode 53 - Al Murray (Live)

29th October 2013.   60 minutes.

For nearly twenty years, Al Murray has been at the forefront of British character comedy. We talk about the genesis of the Pub Landlord and really dig into the methods...


Image shows from L to R: Mark Chavez, Shenoah Allen.

Episode 52 - The Pajama Men (Live)

17th October 2013.   63 minutes.

Virtuoso sketch comedians The Pajama Men combine rich characterisation and zinging one-liners, to the extent that one of their recent shows was the single best-reviewed work at an entire Edinburgh...


Phil Nichol.

Episode 51 - Phil Nichol (Live)

1st October 2013.   60 minutes.

Although they are both of the highest quality, Phil Nichol keeps his two performance styles very separate. He gives us some very specific insight into the unusual dynamic between his...


Greg Proops.

Episode 50 - Greg Proops (Live)

18th September 2013.   62 minutes.

'The Smartest Man In The World' speaks frankly about life, lyricism and the pursuit of laughter. There's talk about the evolution of Greg's linguistic style, and how he borrows from...


Brendon Burns.

Episode 47 - Brendon Burns (Live)

9th August 2013.   60 minutes.

Edinburgh comedy award winner Brendon Burns speaks candidly about 'the most self-absorbed art-form there is', and savages what he sees as the covert bigotry and condescension in the UK. We...


Richard Herring.

Episode 46a - Richard Herring

18th July 2013.   57 minutes.

Part two of the interview which sees Richard Herring talking about his stand-up. He explores his status and persona onstage, admits which subjects he finds difficult to include in his...


Richard Herring.

Episode 46 - Richard Herring

10th July 2013.   77 minutes.

Richard Herring is a prolific comedian, blogger and podcaster, comprehensively mining his every experience for comic potential. As well as exploring the unique resource of his daily blog, his online...


Milo McCabe.

Episode 44 - Milo McCabe

12th June 2013.   80 minutes.

Milo McCabe is a superb character act with an unusual origin. We discuss growing up in the shadow of a comedian father, and the use of NLP and other psychological...


Benny Boot.

Episode 43 - Benny Boot (Live)

5th June 2013.   70 minutes.

It's the second Live special, and London-based Australian gagsmith Benny Boot lets us in on his effervescent cartoon-like imagination. We talk about the unusual techniques he employs to create a...


Ian D Montfort Is: Unbelievable. Ian D. Montfort (Tom Binns). Copyright: BBC.

Episode 42 - Tom Binns

29th May 2013.   82 minutes.

The creator of barnstorming character acts such as hospital radio DJ Ivan Brackenbury and 'spirit comedium' Ian D Montfort, comedian Tom Binns now faces a unique challenge. As well as...


Tom Gleeson.

Episode 41 - Tom Gleeson

22nd May 2013.   81 minutes.

A study in confidence, Australian Tom Gleeson trades in lean, punchy material that batters an audience into submission. We discuss how "comedy's Lex Luthor" changed from being a competent but...


Felicity Ward.

Episode 39 - Felicity Ward

8th May 2013.   80 minutes.

Felicity Ward hilariously combines expert physical characterisation with heartfelt storytelling. Speaking just after the recording of her first DVD in Melbourne, she describes her creative process, her experiences in pilot...


The Correspondent. Tom (Tom Allen). Copyright: BBC.

Episode 38 - Tom Allen

5th May 2013.   73 minutes.

The quintessential comic raconteur, Tom Allen's work sizzles with wit, candour and warmth. We discuss his rhythm, musicality and sociable methods of generating material, as well as investigating the self-criticism...


David Quirk.

Episode 36 - David Quirk

16th April 2013.   59 minutes.

Known for his hyper-personal material about death, infidelity and suicide, David Quirk is happy to be an outsider, to the comedy community as well as his audience. We discuss the...


Asher Treleaven.

Episode 35 - Asher Treleaven

10th April 2013.   66 minutes.

Rubber-legged comedy mantis Asher Treleaven has been nominated for the most prestigious awards in the UK and Australia. He talks here about his transition from art-house darling to club-fit road...


Clarke MacFarlane.

Episode 34 - Clarke MacFarlane

2nd April 2013.   74 minutes.

Variety superstar Clarke MacFarlane blends elements of stand-up, clowning and skills to create the show-stopping, crowd-surfing Mario, Queen of the Circus. Touring with La Clique and La Soiree has allowed...


Lindsay Webb.

Episode 33 - Lindsay Webb

23rd March 2013.   59 minutes.

Lindsay Webb is comedy's Mr Queensland. A hard-working positive-thinker, he once held a Guinness World Record for the longest stand-up show, and manages to make waves in the industry without...


Carl Donnelly.

Episode 32 - Carl Donnelly

12th March 2013.   76 minutes.

Suede-hooved waffler Carl Donnelly makes comic storytelling look easy. His turn of phrase and relaxed narrative style has influenced a wave of newer acts, but his eye for a genuinely...


Jim Jefferies.

Episode 30 - Jim Jefferies (Live)

28th February 2013.   55 minutes.

The only man who can say 'cunt' in America, Jim Jefferies uses his brutal comic instinct to tell somehow heart-warming stories. He discusses here the self-deprecation that makes dirty comedy...


Rhod Gilbert.

Episode 29 - Rhod Gilbert (Live)

21st February 2013.   62 minutes.

How close is Rhod Gilbert's furious persona to his real self? In this revealing interview, the workaholic wizard discusses truth and fiction, lonely walks on Welsh cliff paths, and going...


James Acaster's Findings. James Acaster. Copyright: BBC.

Episode 28 - James Acaster (Live)

12th February 2013.   82 minutes.

He might look like he's just won a Duke of Edinburgh Award, but he's got a mean streak a mile wide... In this special episode recorded live after a 30...


Rob Rouse.

Episode 27 - Rob Rouse

5th February 2013.   74 minutes.

One of the nicest men in comedy, with an effervescent wit and fantastic jokes, Rob Rouse is also better placed than most to observe the ups and downs of a...


Stephen Grant.

Episode 26 - Stephen Grant

28th January 2013.   66 minutes.

Stephen Grant is one of the hardest-working comedians in Britain, with an unshakeable belief in the meritocracy of comedy. We go into depth on how we writes for himself and...


Pappy's. Image shows from L to R: Tom Parry, Ben Clark, Matthew Crosby.

Episode 24 - Pappy's (Live)

7th January 2013.   62 minutes.

Big-hearted gangshow Pappy's are the sweatiest, loveliest bunch of dickheads you could ever hope to see pretending to be in their twenties on BBC Three. In this live show they...


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