Alex Kealy.

Alex Kealy

Alex Kealy is a stand-up comedian.


Year Production Role
2020 Glasgow International Comedy Festival Self
2020 The Now Show - Series 56 Writer (Additional Material)
2020 Alex Kealy: Rationale Self
2020 Vault Festival (London) Self
2020 The News Quiz - Series 101 Writer (Additional Material)
2019 The Now Show - Series 55 Writer (Additional Material)
2019 Content
  1. E6 - Brand Deal
  2. E5 - Charity
2019 HowTheLightGetsIn (London) Self
2019 The News Quiz - Series 100 Writer (Additional Material)
2019 Dan vs Food Self
2019 Alex Kealy: Rationale Self
2018 Alex Kealy: A Kealy's Heel Self
2018 I Love...
  1. E7 - Board Games (by Alex Kealy)
2017 Harassment, Actually Passerby
2017 Alex Kealy: The Art Of The Keal Self
2017 Mime Utopia Ensemble Actor
2016 The Girl Who Has Never Laughed Passer-by
2016 Alex Kealy is an Idea Whose Time Has Come Self
2015 Alex Kealy and Friends Self
2014 Alex Kealy Self
2013 Alex Kealy and Friends Self
2012 Three For Free Self
2011 So You Think You're Funny? Self
Ludlow Fringe Festival Self
Comedy Chest Fest Self

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