Dan vs Food

Dan vs Food. Dan Cardwell.

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Comedy starring Sophie Duker, Ben Target, Andrew O'Neill, Adam Larter, Ali Brice, Thom Tuck, Dan Lees, Stuart Goldsmith, Spencer Jones, Will Seaward and 30 more performed on the following days in August 2019...

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33: Pleasance Courtyard
Room: The Grand

A man eats a meal on stage. This is the greatest cultural event of the year. For one lunchtime only, a man called Dan will eat a three-course meal live on stage in a 750 seat theatre. Such a feat has never been attempted before. Surrounded by a team of Fringe favourites and encouraged by super special guests, Dan will masticate furiously before us all. But will he complete his meal? Will anyone attempt to throw him off his stride? Who will win in the battle of Dan vs Food? Charity event in aid of FareShare.

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Person Role
Dan Cardwell Self
Alexander Bennett Self
Spencer Jones Self
Nick Helm Self
Ivo Graham Self
Phil Wang Self
Ed Gamble Self
Sophie Duker Self
Olga Koch Self
Ed Night Self
Darren Harriott Self
Ben Target Self
Glenn Moore Self
Thom Tuck Self
Andrew O'Neill Self
Stuart Goldsmith Self
Alice Fraser Self
Adam Larter Self
Alex Kealy Self
Joz Norris Self
Eshaan Akbar Self
Andy Barr Self
Michael Brunström Self
Colt Cabana Self
Will Seaward Self
Alexis Dubus Self
Katie Pritchard Self
Stephanie Laing Self
Paul Foxcroft Self
George Egg Self
Kathryn Bond Self
Jonny Donahoe Self
Paddy Gervers Self
Ali Brice Self
Maddie Campion Self
Nigel Ng Self
Dan Lees Self
Neil Foster Self
Mark Dean Quinn Self
Jay Bennett Self