Martin Jarvis

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TV, Radio & Film Credits

Year Production Role
Year Production Role
2017 Reluctant Persuaders - Series 2Charles Blackwell
2015 Michael Frayn's Matchbox TheatreVarious
2015 Michael Frayn's Matchbox TheatreDirector
2014 Memories Of A CadTerry-Thomas
2013 SkiosDirector
2010 Summer LightningDirector
2010 Summer LightningLord Emsworth
2010 Just WilliamNarrator
2009 Taking The FlakDavid Bradburn
2009 The Better HalfWriter (Adapted By)
2009 The Better HalfDirector
2009 Man Of The MomentDirector
2009 Something FreshDirector
2009 Something FreshEarl of Emsworth
2008 The BrightonomiconInspectre Sherringford Hovis
2008 The BrightonomiconColonel Mortimer
2008 Kicking The Habit - Series 2Producer
2008 Kicking The Habit - Series 2Father Michael
2007 Kicking The Habit - Series 1Producer
2007 Kicking The Habit - Series 1Father Michael
2001 MicawberLord Macefield
1992 Terry Pratchett's Guards! Guards!Narrator
1980 Rings On Their Fingers - Series 3Oliver Pryde
1979 Rings On Their Fingers - Series 2Oliver Pryde
1978 Rings On Their Fingers - Series 1Oliver Pryde
Election SpyBrian

Rows styled with emboldened text indicate a regular/leading role.