Only Fools And Horses. Image shows from L to R: Rodney (Nicholas Lyndhurst), Del (David Jason), Grandad (Lennard Pearce). Copyright: BBC
Only Fools And Horses

Only Fools And Horses

  • TV sitcom
  • BBC One
  • 1981 - 2003
  • 64 episodes (7 series)

Sitcom about two market traders, Del Boy and his brother Rodney. Stars David Jason, Nicholas Lyndhurst, Buster Merryfield, Lennard Pearce, Roger Lloyd Pack and more.

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The Final Specials - If They Could See Us Now.....!

The Trotters now live the high life but with the American Stock Market about to crash, how will they keep their money? Having lost all and having to live back in their Peckham flat Del decides to enter a new TV Game Show "The Goldrush" to try and win some money back.

Further details

The Trotters lose their riches in a bad investment in the Central American Markets, and are declared bankrupt. They return to Peckham, and their Mandela House flat.

Cassandra and Rodney are finding their love life is a little flat, so they spice it up by role playing their fantasies. Cassie becomes Rodney's police woman, and Rodney doesn't quite look right as Gladiator.

Del appears on the game show 'Goldrush' in a last ditch attempt to win their fortune back.

Despite a phone call saying Del won a badly written final question, Del tells Mickey Pearce to stick his so-called 'fifty grand'.

Broadcast details

Tuesday 25th December 2001
71 minutes


Show past repeats

Date Time Channel
Monday 21st December 2009 1:45pm BBC1
Saturday 4th June 2011 5:55pm Gold
Sunday 5th June 2011 4:55pm Gold
Saturday 30th July 2011 6:00pm Gold
Monday 29th August 2011 10:30am Gold
Monday 29th August 2011 4:50pm Gold
Monday 26th September 2011 10:00pm Gold
Tuesday 27th September 2011 7:00pm Gold
Sunday 1st January 2012 5:30pm Gold
Monday 2nd January 2012 12:15pm Gold
Tuesday 27th March 2012 10:00pm Gold
Wednesday 28th March 2012 8:00pm Gold
Monday 4th June 2012 1:00pm Gold
Friday 10th August 2012 12:00pm Gold
Friday 10th August 2012 6:05pm Gold
Sunday 18th November 2012 11:10am Gold
Sunday 18th November 2012 5:45pm Gold
Wednesday 26th December 2012 9:00am Gold
Monday 6th May 2013 9:00am Gold
Saturday 13th July 2013 6:40pm Gold
Sunday 14th July 2013 4:10pm Gold
Saturday 31st August 2013 10:00am Gold
Saturday 28th December 2013 6:20pm Gold
Sunday 29th December 2013 12:00pm Gold
Friday 21st March 2014 9:00pm Gold
Saturday 22nd March 2014 5:15pm Gold
Thursday 17th April 2014 10:00pm Gold
Friday 18th April 2014 6:40pm Gold
Saturday 31st May 2014 11:00am Gold
Sunday 7th September 2014 1:00pm Gold
Sunday 7th September 2014 7:20pm Gold
Tuesday 30th December 2014 7:20pm Gold
Wednesday 31st December 2014 1:05pm Gold
Sunday 3rd May 2015 5:00pm Gold
Monday 4th May 2015 1:00pm Gold
Saturday 18th July 2015 9:25pm Gold
Sunday 19th July 2015 12:40pm Gold
Saturday 21st November 2015 11:55am Gold
Saturday 2nd January 2016 6:30pm Gold
Sunday 3rd January 2016 11:00am Gold
Saturday 13th February 2016 11:20am Gold
Friday 25th March 2016 2:20pm Gold
Saturday 26th March 2016 7:00am Gold
Wednesday 27th April 2016 8:00pm Gold
Thursday 28th April 2016 1:00pm Gold
Sunday 29th May 2016 4:15pm Gold
Monday 30th May 2016 2:15pm Gold
Monday 4th July 2016 6:45pm Gold
Monday 4th July 2016 10:20pm Gold
Sunday 21st August 2016 1:35pm Gold
Sunday 21st August 2016 6:25pm Gold
Saturday 3rd September 2016 1:15pm Gold
Sunday 4th September 2016 10:50am Gold
Saturday 17th September 2016 4:05pm Gold
Tuesday 11th October 2016 10:15pm Gold
Saturday 5th November 2016 12:35pm Gold
Saturday 5th November 2016 5:00pm Gold
Tuesday 6th December 2016 7:00pm Gold
Wednesday 7th December 2016 1:25pm Gold
Saturday 24th December 2016 3:55pm Gold
Sunday 25th December 2016 7:35am Gold
Sunday 26th February 2017 2:20pm Gold
Friday 17th March 2017 7:50pm Gold
Saturday 18th March 2017 9:15am Gold
Saturday 15th April 2017 4:00pm Gold
Friday 12th May 2017 7:20pm Gold
Saturday 13th May 2017 11:40am Gold
Saturday 20th May 2017 6:15pm Gold
Sunday 21st May 2017 3:20pm Gold
Thursday 17th August 2017 1:40pm Gold
Thursday 17th August 2017 7:25pm Gold
Sunday 3rd September 2017 12:35pm Gold
Sunday 3rd September 2017 8:40pm Gold
Sunday 17th September 2017 10:40am Gold
Sunday 17th September 2017 11:20pm Gold
Saturday 7th October 2017 10:35pm Gold
Friday 22nd December 2017 9:10pm Gold
Saturday 23rd December 2017 6:15pm Gold
Friday 29th December 2017 8:00pm Gold
Saturday 30th December 2017 11:45am Gold
Saturday 17th February 2018 7:25pm Gold
Sunday 18th February 2018 2:05pm Gold
Monday 12th March 2018 9:20pm Gold
Tuesday 13th March 2018 2:25pm Gold
Sunday 25th March 2018 9:25am Gold
Sunday 25th March 2018 6:00pm Gold
Saturday 12th May 2018 6:25pm Gold
Sunday 13th May 2018 3:20pm Gold
Friday 22nd June 2018 9:10pm Gold
Saturday 23rd June 2018 7:10pm Gold
Saturday 6th October 2018 5:40pm Gold
Sunday 7th October 2018 4:20pm Gold
Saturday 22nd December 2018 7:00pm Gold
Sunday 23rd December 2018 5:25pm Gold
Saturday 28th September 2019 2:20pm Gold
Saturday 28th September 2019 7:20pm Gold
Sunday 6th October 2019 3:00pm Gold
Sunday 6th October 2019 6:45pm Gold
Saturday 21st December 2019 6:45pm Gold
Sunday 22nd December 2019 5:00pm Gold
Saturday 4th January 2020 5:25pm Gold
Sunday 5th January 2020 1:00pm Gold
Saturday 8th February 2020 7:20pm Gold
Sunday 9th February 2020 3:45pm Gold
Friday 13th March 2020 9:00pm Gold
Saturday 14th March 2020 10:00am Gold
Sunday 20th December 2020 7:20pm Gold
Monday 21st December 2020 12:55am Gold
Monday 21st December 2020 5:40pm Gold
Sunday 3rd January 2021 7:10pm Gold
Monday 4th January 2021 4:10pm Gold
Sunday 14th March 2021 4:45pm Gold
Monday 15th March 2021 1:00am Gold
Saturday 10th April 2021 2:20pm Gold
Sunday 11th April 2021 8:45am Gold
Sunday 9th May 2021 8:35am Gold
Sunday 9th May 2021 5:00pm Gold
Saturday 3rd July 2021 9:15am Gold
Saturday 3rd July 2021 4:25pm Gold
Saturday 21st August 2021 11:20am Gold
Sunday 22nd August 2021 10:00am Gold
Sunday 19th September 2021 10:05am Gold
Sunday 19th September 2021 4:15pm Gold
Sunday 26th September 2021 6:00pm Gold
Monday 27th September 2021 12:00pm Gold
Sunday 17th October 2021 12:40pm Gold
Sunday 17th October 2021 6:00pm Gold
Saturday 18th December 2021 5:10pm Gold
Sunday 19th December 2021 1:40pm Gold
Friday 31st December 2021 4:05pm Gold
Saturday 1st January 2022 11:45am Gold
Wednesday 26th January 2022 8:40pm Gold
Thursday 27th January 2022 1:00pm Gold
Saturday 26th February 2022 12:20pm Gold
Sunday 27th February 2022 11:40am Gold
Saturday 12th March 2022 4:40pm Gold
Sunday 13th March 2022 11:45am Gold
Saturday 23rd April 2022 1:25pm Gold
Sunday 24th April 2022 12:35pm Gold

Cast & crew

David Jason Del
Nicholas Lyndhurst Rodney
Roger Lloyd Pack Trigger
Patrick Murray Mickey Pearce
Paul Barber Denzil
John Challis Boycie
Sue Holderness Marlene
Tessa Peake-Jones Raquel
Guest cast
Roy Heather Sid
Benjamin Smith Damien
Kim Wall Actor
Colum Convey Actor
Joan Hodges Actor
Paul Strike Actor
Jessica Willcocks Actor
Conrad Nelson Actor
Richard Braine Actor
Jonathan Ross Self
Writing team
John Sullivan Writer
Production team
Tony Dow Director
Gareth Gwenlan Producer
John Sullivan Executive Producer
Gail Evans Associate Producer
Chris Wadsworth Editor
John Sullivan Composer
David Hitchcock Production Designer
Tracey Gillham Casting Director
Jacky Levy Costume Designer
Pam Maddox Costume Designer
John Rhodes Director of Photography
Deanne Turner Make-up Designer
Leri Misselbrook Make-up Designer
Martin Kempton Lighting Designer
Graham Jarvis Composer
Marcus Catlin 1st Assistant Director

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