My Family. Image shows from L to R: Michael Harper (Gabriel Thomson), Susan Harper (Zoë Wanamaker), Ben Harper (Robert Lindsay), Janey Harper (Daniela Denby-Ashe).

My Family

BBC One sitcom about a family. 120 episodes (11 series), 2000 - 2011. Stars Robert Lindsay, Zoƫ Wanamaker, Gabriel Thomson, Daniela Denby-Ashe and others.

Series 2, Episode 6 is repeated on Tuesday at 8:30pm.

Series 3

1. Absent Vixen, Cheeky Monkey

First broadcast: Friday 6th September 2002

Janey's off to University... and Ben couldn't be happier... just think what he can do with her room! Although Susan isn't so happy to see Janey go, she too has her own plans for her old room. Meanwhile Nick causes trouble in his latest job, working at the local supermarket.


2. Shrink Rap

First broadcast: Friday 13th September 2002

Susan finds a letter on Michael's desk inviting her and Ben to a school auction - Michael hasn't shown it to them though because he doesn't want them to go as they are too embarrassing. At the auction Susan bids for nearly everything including a therapy session for couples. Also, Ben finds himself bidding for his own gift when a patient with very bad breath bids for his free dental treatment!


3. Desperately Squeaking Susan

First broadcast: Friday 20th September 2002

Susan, still missing Janey, decides that she needs some female company and so invites Abi, the daughter of a hated cousin of Ben's, to dinner. Ben, as usual, is against her idea. Abi turns out to be the most accident-prone, clumsy person you could meet... qualities that make her someone who Ben would like to never see again. He'll just have to get used to her though because Susan invites her to come and live with them!


4. Of Mice And Ben

First broadcast: Friday 27th September 2002

In this, the 25th episode, Abi has to make a video project about family life. She decides to film the Harpers, but Ben and Susan ruin the film!


5. Imperfect Strangers

First broadcast: Thursday 3rd October 2002

After being ushered away from the university by Janey and her two male friends, Susan and Ben decide to book into a local hotel under fake names and pretend to meet each other again as strangers. As you'd expect, it all goes wrong when Ben enters the wrong room!


6. The Second Greatest Story Ever Told

First broadcast: Thursday 10th October 2002

The Harpers experience internal competition regarding a nativity play when both Nick and Susan audition for parts. Who will get a leading part and who will be a shepherd?! Meanwhile Ben is suffering from a severe toothache but is reluctant to put his trust in any other dentist.


7. Waiting To Inhale

First broadcast: Thursday 17th October 2002

Michael's date arrives with another boy so he decides to take Janey's advice... he tries to make Bex jealous! He pretends he's going out with Abi and it seems to work... but is it Bex who Michael really wants?


8. Misery

First broadcast: Thursday 24th October 2002

Susan comes to visit Janey at University (despite her daughter's protests). Ben plans a golfing weeekend. Things unsurprisingly don't go to plan to Ben.


9. Auto Erotica

First broadcast: Thursday 7th November 2002

When Nick wins an old car in a poker game, he wants to use it for parts but Ben tries his best to restore it to it's former glory... sadly with little success. Will he and Susan ever get to Dorset for their anniversary weekend away? Meanwhile, Abi finds Michael in her room and has some fun teasing him.


10. Handful Of Dust

First broadcast: Thursday 21st November 2002

Ben is annoyed when he discovers that his family have forgotten his birthday, but has slightly more to worry about when Janey arrives with her 'lesbian girlfriend' Katie! Is Janey really gay or has she got an ulterior motive? Nick's new job involves dressing up as a gorilla and Michael seemed a little bit too interested in Katie's lifestyle!


11. The Lost Weekend

First broadcast: Thursday 28th November 2002

When the kids go away for the weekend, Ben and Susan finally have some time to themselves... Unfortunately, it's been so long since they last had time to themselves they have absolutely no idea how to spend it!


12. Ghosts

First broadcast: Thursday 5th December 2002

A name from the past comes back to haunt Susan, who is determined to dampen the old flame - but not before Ben gets singed.


13. One Flew Out Of The Cuckoo's Nest

First broadcast: Thursday 12th December 2002

Nick decides to get his own flat but makes sure he gets some support (and money!) from his parents in the process.


Christmas Special: Ding Dong Merrily...

First broadcast: Wednesday 25th December 2002

Janey returns to the Harper household for Christmas, but with some shocking news... she's pregnant! Also Nick begins his new Christmas Tree business, but because the trees he's bought are all for next year Ben is overjoyed to find his living room turned into a forest.


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