My Family. Image shows from L to R: Michael Harper (Gabriel Thomson), Susan Harper (Zoë Wanamaker), Ben Harper (Robert Lindsay), Janey Harper (Daniela Denby-Ashe)
My Family

My Family

  • TV sitcom
  • BBC One
  • 2000 - 2011
  • 120 episodes (11 series)

A long-running, high rating BBC One sitcom about an average middle class family. Stars Robert Lindsay and Zoe Wanamaker. Stars Robert Lindsay, Zoë Wanamaker, Gabriel Thomson, Daniela Denby-Ashe, Siobhan Hayes and more.

Key cast & crew credits

Robert Lindsay Ben Harper
Zoë Wanamaker Susan Harper
Gabriel Thomson Michael Harper
Daniela Denby-Ashe Janey Harper (Series 1-3 & 5-11)
Siobhan Hayes Abi Harper (Series 3-8)
Keiron Self Roger Bailey Jr. (Series 3-11)
Kris Marshall Nick Harper (Series 1-5)
Rhodri Meilir Alfie Butts (Series 6-9)
Daisy Donovan Brigitte McKay (Series 1)
Tayler Marshall Kenzo Harper (Series 6-11)
Writing team
Fred Barron Writer (Series 1-3)
Ian Brown Writer (Series 1-5)
James Hendrie Writer (Series 1-5)
Andrea Solomons Writer (Series 2-6)
Brian Leveson Writer (Series 6-10)
Paul Minett Writer (Series 6-10)
Ed Dyson Writer (Additional Material) (Series 9-11)
Amy Shindler Writer (Additional Material) (Series 9-11)
David Cantor Writer (Additional Material) (Series 10-11)
George Jeffrie Writer (Additional Material) (Series 10-11)
Production team
Dewi Humphreys Director (Series 2-7)
Baz Taylor Director (Series 1 & 8)
Nic Phillips Director (Series 8-9)
Ed Bye Director (Series 10-11)
John Bartlett Producer
Donald Taffner Jr. Executive Producer
Micheál Jacob Executive Producer (Series 6-11)
Geoffrey Perkins Executive Producer (Series 1-2)
Sophie Clarke-Jervoise Executive Producer (Series 3-5)
Tom Anderson Executive Producer (Series 7-11)
Fred Barron Executive Producer (Series 1-8)
Ian Brown Executive Producer (Series 4-5)
James Hendrie Executive Producer (Series 4-5)
Simon Lupton Executive Producer (Series 10-11)
Chris Wadsworth Editor
Phil Moss Editor (Series 1)
Ian Fisher Production Designer (Series 2-11)
Merle Downie Production Designer (Series 1-4)
Sandie Shepherd Production Designer (Series 6-11)
Roger Andrews Production Designer (Series 1)
Tony Roche Production Designer (Series 5)
Graham Jarvis Composer
Fred Barron Creator

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