My Family. Image shows from L to R: Michael Harper (Gabriel Thomson), Susan Harper (Zoë Wanamaker), Ben Harper (Robert Lindsay), Janey Harper (Daniela Denby-Ashe).

My Family

BBC One sitcom about a family. 120 episodes (11 series), 2000 - 2011. Stars Robert Lindsay, Zoƫ Wanamaker, Daniela Denby-Ashe, Gabriel Thomson and others.

Series 8

1. The Parent Trap

First broadcast: Friday 11th April 2008

Ben takes delivery of a neighbour's plasma screen television and falls in love with it, but it seems that Michael's current love interest may be expecting a delivery of something smaller but more problematic.


2. Let's Not Be Heisty

First broadcast: Friday 18th April 2008

Ben's attempt to pay money into his bank coincides unhappily with someone else's decision to take some out - with the aid of sawn-off shotguns. When Ben decides to act as the negotiator things look bleak for the hostages.


3. Cards On The Table

First broadcast: Friday 25th April 2008

Ben's poker school is costing him a fortune, whilst Susan's visit to the fortune teller reveals that something far more deadly is on the cards.


4. The Wax Job

First broadcast: Friday 2nd May 2008

Ben decides to sell his dental practice and take up a hobby which he finds even more boring, while Susan's move up the art gallery ladder leads to more than one fall.


5. Neighbour Wars

First broadcast: Friday 9th May 2008

Having run over Mr Casey's dog some years ago, Ben now compounds the misdemeanour by running over Mr Casey himself. Casey plays the sympathy card for all its worth - and, according to his insurance claim, it seems that it may be worth quite a lot!


6. Can't Get No Satisfaction

First broadcast: Friday 16th May 2008

Michael and Alfie's internet dating does not go quite according to plan. Kenzo's piano playing may leave a lot to be desired, but will Ben's attempt to get his old band back together prove a bigger hit?


7. The Abi Habit

First broadcast: Friday 23rd May 2008

According to Susan, abstinence makes the heart grow fonder. While Janey looks like having it thrust upon her, for Abi it seems like being a longer term commitment.


My Family. Image shows from L to R: Susan Harper (Zoë Wanamaker), Ben Harper (Robert Lindsay). Copyright: DLT Entertainment Ltd. / Rude Boy Productions.

Christmas Special: Have An Unhappy Christmas

First broadcast: Wednesday 24th December 2008

A festive edition of the family sitcom sees Ben's efforts to buy Susan's Christmas present getting him into trouble, while Susan's letter from The Palace means a change of holiday plans for everyone.


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