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Series 24, Episode 12 - Emily Blunt, Lin-Manuel Miranda, Ben Whishaw, Emily Mortimer, Boy George & Culture Club

Emily Blunt says she was terrified to be Mary Poppins; Lin-Manuel Miranda impresses with his Hamilton monologue; Emily Mortimer talks about her phobias; Ben Whishaw admits a deep love of Mary Poppins; and Boy George & Culture Club perform live in the studio.

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Emily Blunt, talking about being cast as Mary Poppins, one of the most loved characters of all time, says, "I was really shocked. The director called me and there was so much charged energy and preamble in the call that I thought he was about to propose! I was stunned and don't quite remember quite what I said, but I was 100% 'yes'." Adding, "Getting the role was the last thing I expected. I was terrified and scared. It was my first entrance in the film that I thought, 'Wow, this is really happening.'"

Revealing her husband (John Krasinski) wasn't quite in the same mental place as her during filming, she says, "He was writing A Quiet Place at the time and I would come home full of joy having danced with penguins and he would emerge from his writer's den, or 'cave of horror,' and be like, 'I've just killed a kid on page three!'"

Asked about the cast of the original film, she says: "Dick Van Dyke is so lithe nobody could believe that it is him actually dancing. We all sat around him like kids wanting to know all about the original. He is so instantly magical, positive and so full of life, it was very moving having him around. It was very special."

Talking about Julie Andrews not being in the film, she says, "It was always the plan. I think early on she very graciously said that she wanted it to be my show. That was very nice."

And, on Meryl Streep appearing in the film - the third with Emily, she says, "She's like my stalker! Actually, I love her and she is amazing and I just want to breathe the same air as her. Long may she stalk me!"

Lin-Manuel Miranda, talking about the film and his character's English accent, he says, "I was very aware of Dick's accent and he is 93, so I knew that whatever I did, it would be talked about for the rest of my life!"

Asked about his other work, most notably Hamilton, he says, "I spend most of my life being asked for tickets!" Talking about Harry and Meghan attending a performance, he says, "They are real fans and I am really glad he didn't take the storyline about George III personally!" Asked if he needs to rehearse or can he just rock up when he goes back into the musical, he says, "I was scared when I watched with the Duke and Duchess because Meghan knew the lyrics slightly better than I did! I couldn't get it all so I've been studying and I think I can do it now."

Demonstrating he has nothing to fear, Lin impresses with his Hamilton rap.

Emily Mortimer, talking about being in the new Mary Poppins, says, "It combined my two biggest fears - singing and I'm very scared of heights. They are real phobias and I had to sing while suspended of a small rope above London. I did a lot of acting pretending I was overcome by joy!"

She also reveals the original film completely traumatised her, "It was the nannies being blown away in the wind at the beginning. It was so surreal and absolutely terrifying!"

Ben Whishaw, talking about his childhood love of Mary, says, "She was very popular with me. I watched the film endlessly. I wanted to be her!"

Asked if he will be back in the new Bond film, he says, "I'm told so, but it is so secretive and weird that I can't tell you."

Boy George & Culture Club perform Life live in the studio, before joining Graham for a chat. Asked about getting back together, Mikey says, "It's a bit like a family getting together for Christmas dinner. You know which buttons not to press."

Talking about their tour, George says, "You have to slip the new songs in. Never say, 'This is a new song,' it's like the kiss of death!" And on their biggest hit, Karma Chameleon, Roy says, "I hated it. It wasn't my favourite." George quickly interjects, "He hates it, but it's paid for his house!"

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Friday 21st December 2018
50 minutes


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