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Series 17, Episode 10 - Mark Wahlberg, Seth MacFarlane, Cyndi Lauper, Dara O Briain

Mark Wahlberg reveals he went back to school for his kids, Seth MacFarlane shows off his many voices, Cyndi Lauper says Kinky Boots gave her the freedom to do what she wanted and Dara O Briain says Stephen Hawking is cool.

Further details

Mark Wahlberg, talking about being mistaken for Matt Damon by fans, says "It happens quite often and every time Matt and I see each other we laugh about it. People come up to me and say, 'I loved you in Bourne Identity' and I say, 'Wait for the next one.'" Asked why he thought the two actors were mistaken for each other, he says, "People don't pay that much attention."

Cyndi Lauper, in her distinctive and very strong New York accent, interjects "It happens to me once and a while. I just sign 'Madonna'. I don't care and as long as I don't talk I get away with it!"

Talking about Ted 2, Mark reveals that a list of 57 movie names - reminiscent of the 57 girls names he had to say at high speed in the first film - was cut from the movie, "I still wake up in the morning saying the names. He [Seth] made me study this thing for four months and then lost it from the film!" Mark impresses the audience with a very fast delivery of the movie names.

Having done a lot of UK promotional activity recently, Mark observes, "Every show here has the word 'breakfast' in it. Why not say 'Morning?' It makes no sense. They don't have any food, you don't get any breakfast!"

Asked if his movie Entourage wraps up the story, he says, "A lot of people said the TV show ended too soon and they wanted more, so hopefully we've given them what they were asking for and introduced a whole new set of fans to the show."

Revealing he mistakenly introduced Family Guy to his young children, he says, "I thought, 'It's a cartoon,' I didn't know! I'd met Seth and I thought I had better see some of his work as we were probably going to make this movie [Ted] together and they sent me the 150-anniversary episode. I start watching it with my kids and we are laughing so hard that my wife comes in saying, 'What's so funny, I want to be part of it,' then she saw what we were watching and was like, 'Oh my god,' and turned off the TV. I was in trouble for two weeks."

Proving his parenting skills aren't all bad, Mark says, "I got my high school diploma recently to teach my kids that they need to buckle down and so they can't say, 'You didn't graduate high school and you are successful so why do I have to go to school?'."

At Graham's request, Seth MacFarlane sings three of Cyndi's song each in different Family Guy accent. His hilarious renditions are Time After Time as Stewie, True Colours as Peter Griffin, and Girls Just Wanna Have Fun as Quagmire.

Talking about his love of old fashioned science fiction, he says, "I grew up with Star Trek: The Next Generation. Now everything is about a dystopian societies and there is nothing to inspire anyone to become a scientist."

Asked if it is true he owns the D'Lorean car featured in Back To The Future, he says, "I drove it twice, realised it was a death trap and it's sat in my garage for a year!"

Cyndi, talking about her award winning music for Kinky Boots, says "I was always told what I could and couldn't do as Cyndi Lauper, but with this musical I could do what I wanted, there were no rules and I saw the opportunities. At the time no one believed in me as a songwriter. A song is like a dress - it needs to be tailored and I wanted to do a good job."

Dara O Briain, talking about his new documentary in which he meets Stephen Hawking, says "He is cool and very funny. I'd met him before and I'd even been out with him - we went out drinking, me, him and Benedict Cumberbatch. We were like the weirdest crime-solving trio. It was a fabulous night and Stephen is very gregarious in his own way. When I first met him there was that awkward thing of Stephen's delayed answers so there is a tendency to chatter - I had to learn to shut up!"

Before Cyndi performs Not My Father's Son live in the studio, Mark and Seth reprise the Thunder Buddy Song from Ted.

Broadcast details

Friday 12th June 2015
60 minutes

Cast & crew

Regular cast
Graham Norton Host / Presenter
Guest cast
Mark Wahlberg Guest
Dara O Briain Guest
Seth MacFarlane Guest
Cyndi Lauper Guest
Writing team
Rob Colley Writer
Dan Gaster Writer
Production team
Steve Smith Director
Jon Magnusson Series Producer
Rina Dayalji Producer
Pete Snell Producer
Graham Stuart Executive Producer
Perry Widdowson Editor
Chris Webster Production Designer
Jonathan Whitehead (as Trellis) Composer


Mark Wahlberg preforms cut 57 movie names scene

Mark Wahlberg reels off 57 movie names that he memorised for Ted 2 but didn't make the cut.

Featuring: Graham Norton, Mark Wahlberg, Seth MacFarlane.

Seth MacFarlane sings Family Guy karaoke

Seth MacFarlane plays a game of 'Cyndioke' and sings Cyndi Lauper songs in Family Guy voices.

Featuring: Graham Norton, Seth MacFarlane, Cyndi Lauper.


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