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Comic chat show presented by Graham Norton. The biggest names in showbiz join the host on his sofa.

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Series 16, Episode 12 - Ben Stiller, Ricky Gervais, Rebel Wilson, Jamie Foxx, Cameron Diaz, Danny Dyer, Usher

Ben Stiller pays tribute to Robin Williams; Ricky Gervais says he likes being annoying; Rebel Wilson reveals she channeled Matt Lucas to perfect her British accent; Jamie Foxx reveals P Diddy was his inspiration for Annie; Cameron Diaz says she loves singing; Usher sings live in the studio and Danny Dyer says he would like to stay in EastEnders.

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Ben Stiller, talking about Christmas reveals the show may have spoilt his surprise present, "I was told I am getting a vintage skateboard by someone back stage. I'm not sure how you found out because it was meant to be a surprise from my wife. I saw an old vintage one online and mentioned it to her a while back. I have no idea how you found out. You guys are really good!"

Ricky Gervais reveals this isn't his favourite time of year, "I hate Christmas shopping. It's the only thing other than animal cruelty that makes me want to kill! I hated it before I was famous, before I could afford anything and now people look at me funny when I am buying something. I don't like it." Adding jokingly, "I'm so bad that one year I'd left it really late so I got all my nieces and nephews scratch cards. Some won and some lost and one 10 year old was crying and another won and was hooked. It's a life lesson!"

Rebel Wilson says she is going home to Australia for the festivities, "It's summer there and hopefully my mum's place doesn't have fleas again. There are lots of dogs, about 10 beagles and that comes with fleas and I'm like, "Mum, you knew I was coming why didn't you flea bomb the house?"

Talking about their new film Night at the Museum: Secrets of the Tomb, the trio pay tribute to Robin Williams, whose last performance was in the film. Ricky says, "Everyone I have ever met who knew him, absolutely loved him. I've never heard a bad word about him. He was lovely all the time and never forgot to be the nicest person. If he had a second between takes he would be entertaining the crew. He was an amazing, lovely man."

Agreeing that Robin's appearance in the film is poignant, Ben says "On set we felt it was going to be the last Night at the Museum so there was that awareness of it, but obviously we had no clue what was going to happen [to Robin]."

Asked if it's true that the ending of the film was changed to make it less sad, he says, "It wasn't necessarily changed to do that, movies are always changing until the final cut but there is a moment at the end where there is the possibility that everything can come back."

Rebel Wilson, talking about her British accent for the film says, "I live with Matt Lucas and I hear him going on all the time. I could have gone all Daniel Day Lewis and spent eight years in a museum but instead I decided to just rock up and channel Matt. I love doing Vicky Pollard so tried to give it a bit of that."

Talking about sharing her trailer with the monkey star of the film, and to the bemusement of Ben and Ricky, Rebel says, "I thought I would get a picture with Crystal but the bodyguard said, "No, she is preparing for her upcoming scene!" adding, "I am allergic to animals and I came out with a rash. I'll negotiate better for the next movie!"

Asked if working with Ricky is annoying, Ben says, "It's so much fun to work with Ricky because he cracks up a lot. We'd start to improvise and he'd start to laugh and I thought he was laughing at something I did, but usually he was laughing at something funny he did. And sometimes we'd start the scene and nobody had said anything and he was laughing and I realised he was laughing at something he thought of!" Ricky adds, "It's not annoying for me, I like it. I like being annoying. 80% of our scenes are on the DVD extras, they didn't even make it into the film."

On the unscripted kiss between Rebel's character Tilly and La the Neanderthal (played by Ben), Rebel says "I may have forced it into the script. The first time we went in to do the kiss Ben was like, 'Whoa! Whoa!' And actually pushed me away and I thought 'Is there something dodgy about my breath?' but Ben didn't know it was a take and didn't want me to ruin his prosthetic lips with a passionate kiss!"

Ricky, talking about his Golden Globe-nominated series, Derek, says "Like The Office and Extras there will only be two series and a special. For now, it's the end. It just feels right." On the Christmas special, he says, "It's fun, uplifting and most the complete episode and no one dies."

Demonstrating her rapping skills, Rebel performs Push It while dancing around the stage barefoot, before Jamie Foxx, Cameron Diaz, Usher and Danny Dyer join Graham for a chat.

Jamie, talking about his first meeting with Usher in a club, says, "I knew you were more famous than me because I automatically became your bodyguard, keeping the girls away. It was crazy!"

And on his love of Christmas, he says, "I am the King of Christmas! For 18 years I've been throwing the best party and my house looks like Disneyland. The lights take about a month to put up and the first guy that did it charged me 40 thousand dollars. I almost tore everything down when I heard about the bill!"

Talking about his new contemporary version of Annie, Jamie says, "It has a new touch. We brushed off the old songs a little bit and Jay-Z always makes a song hot. I based my character on P Diddy and thought, 'what would he do if he was running for mayor in New York? There would be parties every day and it would be crazy.' But then I have seen Diddy with his kids as a father, a part people don't get to see, so I used that DNA for my character."

Complimenting his young Golden Globe-nominated co-star Quvenzhané Wallis, he says, "She was perfect. She killed it. It's amazing and she's only been on the planet for 11 years."

Asked about not making any concessions to working with children, Cameron says with tongue in cheek, "Look, they are in an adult situation and if they don't like my language, then don't f**king show up! And second, these kids learn early. They run a scam and get all the adults scared and they are like, 'You can't swear in front of me and if you do, you have to put money in the jar because I'm a kid,' and they walk away with hundreds of dollars! You can't even whisper a swear word without them saying, 'You owe me a dollar.' They have a pile of cash when they leave and I am like, 'No, no, no, I don't play that.'"

Jamie, revealing his daughter was somewhat confused by the filming of Annie, says "My daughter comes to all my sets but she had never been on a set of a movie that kids could go and see. She was on the set of Django and she would watch people get blown away and would see them make up the blood, so when she was on Annie she didn't understand and asked, 'When does Annie take a gun and go kill the people that took her away from her parents?'"

Cameron, talking singing in her role as Miss Hannigan in Annie, says, "I love singing but I hate how bad a singer I am, but I try. I would have liked a couple of years to prepare for the role, which is what it required! But, I was surrounded by the best professionals and teachers and they rallied around me and gave me a voice that was usable." Reminded of her terrible singing in My Best Friend's Wedding, she says, "You have to be able to sing a little to sound that bad!"

Talking to Jamie and Cameron, Usher says "I'd like to thank you guys for the movie. It has become the soundtrack to our house. My son Naviyd auditioned for something and sang an Annie song. The key of the songs is accommodating for him and he wants to be a singer."

On his upcoming UK tour he says, "It's pretty much the same show as in the US but it might be a bit difficult throwing money into the audience because you have £1 coins and you can't really throw coins!"

Danny Dyer joins Graham for a chat. Talking about EastEnders, he says, "It feels like I've been in it forever. It's been a nutty year and I'm loving it. It's hard work, but I love it. To be fair, it could have been a car crash for me but it's worked out beautifully. I've been an actor for 25 years and never won anything and now I've won two awards."

Asked about the current storyline, he says, "It's the Christmas from hell. It all lovely and then about nine o'clock it gets so dark with an hour of the Carter family unfolding and me having a complete breakdown. I loved it!"

On whether he might stay in the show, he says, "I'd like a long run."

Usher performs his Grammy-nominated Good Kisser live in the studio.

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Friday 19th December 2014
50 minutes


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