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Comic chat show presented by Graham Norton. The biggest names in showbiz join the host on his sofa.

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Series 14 - Monty Python, Anchorman 2, Joan and Jackie Collins, Frank Skinner, Michael Bublé

Will Ferrell and his co-stars chat about Anchorman 2, The Pythons talk about reuniting, Joan and Jackie Collins say they see each other all the time, Michael Bublé tells how he laughed his way through his son's birth and Frank Skinner says he likes a good argument.

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In an hour-long New Year's Eve special, Graham Norton brings 2013 to a close with a star-studded night of showbiz reunions.

The packed sofa features stars of Anchorman 2 - Will Ferrell, Steve Carell, Christina Applegate, Paul Rudd and David Koechner; the first ever chat show appearance by both sisters Joan Collins and Jackie Collins; a historic gathering of Monty Python's John Cleese, Michael Palin, Eric Idle, Terry Jones and Terry Gilliam, plus comedian Frank Skinner and super-crooner Michael Bublé, who rounds off the show with a live performance in the studio.

Michael Palin, talking about Monty Python Live, their reunion show and jokingly referring to it as 'One Down, Five to Go', says, "It might be 'Two Down and Four to Go' in a few months time, just look around. Who's going to survive until July?"

Asked who called who about reuniting, Michael says, "Graham (Chapman) suggested it and died shortly after!" John Cleese adds "Actually, we had a disastrous court case with £800k in legal fees and we started laughing a lot. God knows why. And we suddenly thought it would be fun to do it again. Much more fun than talking about a lawsuit." Michael, who believed a reunion was always on the cards, adds, "We enjoy getting together to make each other laugh."

Talking about the content of the show, John jokes "We've come up with a few new ideas but people want to see the old stuff no matter how bored we are with it! And we can remember the words which helps." Discussing a recent read through, Michael says, "It was funny in the old way which was rather reassuring, as though we were reading it for the first time. It didn't feel like 70 year olds straining to read the script."

On who will struggle most with the performance at their age, John says, "The dance routines will be hard with an artificial knee and a new hip!"

Christina Applegate denying the rumours that she didn't look forward to the kissing scenes with Will Ferrell says, "Are you kidding me? I didn't say that. I think I've been misquoted, but he did have a really bristly moustache. It poked me a little bit - like having acupuncture! Those scenes were actually great. I love the sexual tension between Veronica and Ron."

On the many products, including ice cream, underwear and scotch, that have been named after his character, Will says, "There is a bunch of stuff and Ron Burgundy finally put his autobiography out," and to Graham's disbelief, adds, "It premiered at number six in the Times bestseller list. It's not a joke!"

Asked if there might ever be an Anchorman musical, Will says, "It has been pitched but it is just too ambitious for our abilities!"

In the final reunion of the evening, Joan and Jackie Collins join Graham on the sofa with crooner Michael Bublé and Frank Skinner.

Asked why they have never been on a chat show together before, Joan says, "We have been asked many times but we're not a double act."

On the myth that they can't bear each other, Jackie says, "It's crazy, we don't know where that came from." Joan adds, "There was a period when I was going out or was married when we didn't see each other much but now we see each other all the time."

Talking about their younger days, Joan says, "I remember the night Marlon Brando cast his eyes on Jackie. She was a sweet young thing wearing shorts. They locked eyes and I went out for a cigarette and the next thing I know they have disappeared and I was meant to be looking after her!" Jackie adds, "I arrived in Hollywood aged 15 and she said, 'Here are the keys to my apartment, learn to drive, I'm off on location.' She had to go and I had a fabulous time! It was so great and I've been writing about it ever since."

Revealing that in her third memoir, Reform School or Hollywood, Joan says, "I dish the dirt on a series of terrible husbands. They took advantage." And on husband number 4, Joan says, "It was a total act of lunacy. It was menopausal madness."

Jackie, reveals how she first met Michael Bublé in Vancouver years ago, "He was a wedding singer and completely fantastic and I said to him, 'You are going to be a big star.'" Jokingly Michael asks Jackie, "All these years later may I ask if I was the inspiration for The Stud?"

Michael, talking about his three-month-old son Noah, jokes, "His first word was 'scintillating' - he is a genius!" And on attending the birth, he says, "It was the greatest night of my life. I had the most fun because my wife had laughing gas and I hogged the thing. I was wasted!"

Talking about touring now he is a father, he says, "Women used to throw panties at me and now they throw onesies!"

Revealing he often Googles himself Michael says, "I look at 'I hate Michael Bublé', I know it's weird but it gives me a good perspective."

Frank Skinner, talking about his relationship with his girlfriend, says, "I have encouraged her to argue. I'm very keen on it, I've done it for a long time and I'm good at it. When we first got together she was a sulker, there were long silence and I think it good to voice grudges out loud. We've had some great arguments!"

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Tuesday 31st December 2013
60 minutes


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Thursday 2nd January 2014 12:20am BBC1

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Terry Jones Guest
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