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Series 14, Episode 5 - Lady Gaga, Jude Law, Greg Davies, June Brown

Lady Gaga and June Brown cosy up on the sofa, Jude Law talks about being Dom Hemingway and Greg Davies apologies to his mother.

Further details

Lady Gaga opens the show with a performance of Do What You Want in a stunning Marc Jacobs' outfit and a huge feather headdress.

Talking about her extraordinary ensembles, she says, "It's how I deal with my insanity. From when I was young I had voices in my head and for the longest time I was drinking and doing a lot of drugs and it was the clothing and the artistry that saved me. I get sheer joy out of creativity, it's like a psychedelic experience for me."

Asked about her childhood she says, "I was very respectful of my parents but I was like a grenade that pulls out its own pin. I just wanted to get hell out of there. I wanted to go out and play music and when I couldn't make music I went nuts and it made my parents nuts." On her mother's reaction to her nose piercing, she says, "Isn't that ridiculous, of all the things I did. I was like, 'Mom, really? I'm naked in every magazine!"

Talking about being Godmother to Elton John's sons, Lady Gaga says, "I bring them presents all the time. I spoil the hell out of them. They are the most beautiful kids and I've never seen such a loving family. They are absolutely the symbol of the future modern family."

On being injured last year, she says, "I broke my hip and who dances on a broken hip for three months and doesn't know? The thing is when you are on a tour for that long everything hurts and it's not a possibility to me to cancel. I can't say no and I can't stop." And on being forced to rest, she says, "I felt dead not performing."

June Brown joins Graham for a chat about her autobiography. Dressed suitably quirkily to meet Lady Gaga, June insists on showing her legs and says, "I had to out do her." Cosying up to the veteran actress and adjusting June's dress with pins from her own elaborate headdress, Lady Gaga says, "You look amazing."

Asked if she is familiar with EastEnders, and before she can answer, Lady Gaga is interrupted by June who says, "No, don't say yes darling. If you're not you're not and I don't blame you. It's alright." Lady Gaga says, "I am and actually I am a really big fan of yours. You are so fabulously dressed I am honoured to be sitting next to you." Helping herself to June's glass of wine, she adds, "I want to drink from your cup to see what those genes are."

Giving Lady Gaga some advice, June says, "As for Do What You Want With My Body, I don't advise you say that to everybody."

Talking about her book, she says, "I'm cringing. When I saw bits of it [syndicated] I couldn't bear it. I wrote it but I haven't read it. I started it in 2000 and then again in 2008. It's like doing a part - you leave it for years and then you go back and think, 'Have I got the character, can I do it again?' And I had to go back 82 years. I lost 20lbs writing this book and I am exhausted. I didn't realise how revealing it would be. It's horrific. It's like going through psychotherapy."

Asked if she will ever retire, she says, "No, I can't do that because I would be so bored and I'd get miserable. I think all the time and I want to think about something other than life." On missing out on a BAFTA for her solo EastEnders episode, she says, "I would have liked to have got that one."

Jude Law, talking about his new film Dom Hemingway, says, "Dom is an unabashed character, he's vulgar, abusive and he celebrates coarseness to the max but he is also very human and when I read it I fell in love with him.

On gaining weight for the role, he says, "I had a good summer letting myself go to seed - I had a lot of ice cream and late night bowls of pasta."

And on playing Henry V, he says, "I'm in the middle of rehearsal now and I'm really excited to be back on stage - it's a very good play and the writer is terrific!"

Greg Davies makes a formal apology to his mother, "I really messed up. I was on Have I Got News For You and swore at my mother as a joke. They said they would bleep it and they didn't. It took six months and a Marks and Spencer cardigan for her to forgive me."

Lady Gaga performs Venus live in the studio.


This episode was filmed earlier in the week than is normally the case.

Broadcast details

Friday 8th November 2013
50 minutes

Cast & crew

Regular cast
Graham Norton Host / Presenter
Guest cast
Greg Davies Guest
Lady Gaga Guest
Jude Law Guest
June Brown Guest
Writing team
Rob Colley Writer
Dan Gaster Writer
Production team
Steve Smith Director
Jon Magnusson Series Producer
Rina Dayalji Producer
Pete Snell Producer
Alan Thorpe Producer
Graham Stuart Executive Producer


Jude Law tries to avoid getting hit by Lady Gaga's hat

Jude Law tries to avoid getting hit by Lady Gaga's very large feathered hat.

Featuring: Graham Norton, Greg Davies, Lady Gaga, Jude Law.

Graham chats with a Lady Gaga fan

Graham has an internet chat with a Lady Gaga fan Mr Motormouth.

Featuring: Graham Norton, Greg Davies, Lady Gaga, Jude Law.

Lady Gaga meets June Brown

Lady Gaga and June Brown get on extremely well whilst chatting with Graham.

Featuring: Graham Norton, Greg Davies, Lady Gaga, Jude Law, June Brown.


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