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Scream Street

Scream Street

  • TV sitcom
  • CBBC
  • 2015 - 2021
  • 77 episodes (2 series)

Stop motion animated comedy series based on the hit comic-horror novels of the same name. It follows a teenage werewolf, vampire and mummy. Stars Tyger Drew-Honey, Rasmus Hardiker, Tala Gouveia, Claire Skinner, Debra Stephenson and more.

  • This series will continue at a later date

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Series 1, Episode 10 - The Creepy Creeper

Scream Street
Luke never thinks about others and forgets to get his mum a birthday present. Knowing she is into gardening, he digs up a beautiful flower from the woods. The strange plant grows rapidly and begins to overtake the garden, trapping the Watsons. Luke and his friends must think fast before the plant takes over the whole town.

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Tuesday 15th December 2015
15 minutes


Show past repeats

Date Time Channel
Thursday 31st December 2015 3:10pm CBBC
Saturday 23rd January 2016 12:35pm CBBC
Sunday 24th January 2016 8:15am CBBC
Sunday 1st May 2016 7:10am CBBC
Friday 5th August 2016 6:35pm CBBC
Sunday 16th October 2016 7:50am CBBC
Monday 21st November 2016 6:00pm CBBC
Sunday 5th February 2017 7:10am CBBC
Wednesday 12th April 2017 12:45pm CBBC
Friday 14th April 2017 6:20pm CBBC
Sunday 30th April 2017 7:15am CBBC
Sunday 30th April 2017 11:15am CBBC
Wednesday 7th June 2017 6:00pm CBBC
Wednesday 26th July 2017 6:25pm CBBC
Wednesday 2nd August 2017 1:55pm CBBC
Friday 22nd September 2017 6:50pm CBBC
Saturday 30th September 2017 7:15am CBBC
Tuesday 28th November 2017 6:50pm CBBC
Monday 8th January 2018 6:00pm CBBC
Tuesday 10th April 2018 6:50pm CBBC
Thursday 21st June 2018 6:50pm CBBC
Sunday 1st July 2018 7:45am CBBC
Thursday 30th August 2018 7:50am CBBC
Wednesday 14th November 2018 6:45pm CBBC
Thursday 14th February 2019 6:50pm CBBC
Sunday 16th June 2019 11:40am CBBC
Friday 20th September 2019 3:45pm CBBC
Friday 10th January 2020 3:50pm CBBC
Monday 10th February 2020 3:50pm CBBC
Wednesday 26th August 2020 3:25pm CBBC
Friday 15th January 2021 8:25am CBBC


Scream Street - Series 1 Episode 10 preview

Luke is always putting himself before others and, despite his promises, he forgets to find a birthday present for his mum.

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