Hoff The Record. Hoff (David Hasselhoff). Copyright: Me & You Productions
Hoff The Record

Hoff The Record

  • TV sitcom
  • Dave
  • 2015 - 2016
  • 12 episodes (2 series)

Fly on the wall comedy series in which David Hasselhoff plays a fictionalised version of himself. Also features Fergus Craig, Ella Smith, Asim Chaudhry, Brett Goldstein and Mark Quartley

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Series 1, Episode 1 - The Movie

Hoff The Record. Image shows from L to R: Josh Brooke-Webb (Craig Roberts), Max Coleman (Fergus Craig), Millie Wyatt (Miranda Hennessy), Harriet Fitzgerald (Ella Smith). Copyright: Me & You Productions
Hoff has arrived in the UK to star in an avant-garde biopic about his own life.

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The Hoff arrives in the UK to star in an avant-garde biopic about his own life.

Hoff feels defeated when the film's director puts someone else at the centre of the film. However, when he re-enacts his finest hour, singing on top of a studio set of the Berlin Wall, it reawakens his sense of self-worth, as he is fired from the project.

Hoff is reminded of the Berlin Wall once again when his son from a romantic encounter on that same night, arrives at the hotel, hoping to get to know the father he hasn't seen for 25 years.

Broadcast details

Thursday 18th June 2015
30 minutes


Show past repeats

Date Time Channel
Thursday 18th June 2015 11:40pm Dave
Friday 19th June 2015 10:00pm Dave
Sunday 21st June 2015 10:00pm Dave
Monday 2nd November 2015 2:20am Dave
Friday 4th March 2016 12:00am Dave
Tuesday 28th February 2017 3:30am Dave
Sunday 28th January 2018 2:45am Dave
Sunday 27th January 2019 2:45am Dave

Cast & crew

David Hasselhoff Hoff
Fergus Craig Max Coleman
Ella Smith Harriet Fitzgerald
Asim Chaudhry Terry Patel
Brett Goldstein Danny Jones
Mark Quartley Dieter Hasselhoff
Guest cast
Miranda Hennessy Millie Wyatt
John MacMillan Marcus Fuster
Craig Roberts Josh Brooke-Webb
Writing team
David Hasselhoff Writer
Richard Yee Writer
Chris Hale Writer
Josh Hyams Writer
Kate Leys Story
Mickey Down Writer
Konrad Kay Writer
Krishnendu Majumdar Writer
Misha Manson-Smith Writer
Joe Hullait Writer
Production team
Natalie Bailey Director
Krishnendu Majumdar Producer
Richard Yee Producer
David Hasselhoff Producer
Josh Hyams Producer
Eric Gardner Executive Producer
Iain Coyle Executive Producer
Richard Watsham Executive Producer
Mark Williams Editor
Sam Harley Production Designer
Vik Sharma Composer


First preview clip

David is shocked to find out he is not playing himself the whole time in a forthcoming film about himself.

Featuring: David Hasselhoff (Hoff) & Craig Roberts (Josh Brooke-Webb).

Don't Hassel the Hoff

David gets some life coaching from an overly personal trainer.

Featuring: David Hasselhoff (Hoff) & Brett Goldstein (Danny Jones).

Turbo Boost

David auditions for a role to play himself, via some Knight Rider improv.

Featuring: David Hasselhoff (Hoff), John MacMillan (Marcus Fuster) & Craig Roberts (Josh Brooke-Webb).


David Hasselhoff was probably always going to join the unending stream of daggy and/or washed-up celebs playing goofy versions of themselves in their own little sitcoms. So is this one any good? Well, it's better than Rob Schneider's execrable Real Rob (Netflix), but it doesn't have the morbid curiosity value of Andrew Dice Clay's (Stan) and it's not a patch on The Chris Isaak Show (which must be due for a rerun somewhere). It follows the bankrupt Hasselhoff as he moves to London, where he thinks his British manager, Max (Fergus Craig) has arranged for him to star in a biopic about himself. Turns out, though, that the movie is an arty kind of thing in which Hasselhoff is to be played by a bunch of different actors - and the man himself might not be among them. The characters surrounding Hasselhoff seem like one-note jokes, but it's still worth a look.

Brad Newsome, Sydney Morning Herald, 20th April 2016

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