Dad's Army. Image shows from L to R: Private Godfrey (Arnold Ridley), Lance Corporal Jones (Clive Dunn), Private Walker (James Beck), Captain Mainwaring (Arthur Lowe), Private Frazer (John Laurie), Sergeant Wilson (John Le Mesurier), Private Pike (Ian Lavender).

Dad's Army

BBC One sitcom about a home guard unit. 80 episodes (9 series), 1968 - 1977. Stars Arthur Lowe, John Le Mesurier, Clive Dunn, John Laurie and others.

Series 9, Episode 2 is repeated on Gold today at 8pm.

Series 9

1. Wake-Up Walmington

First broadcast: Sunday 2nd October 1977

Morale is at rock bottom as no-one is taking the Home Guard seriously. Hodges is being similarly ridiculed, so he and Mainwaring decide to join forces and shake Walmington-on-Sea out of its complacency.


2. The Making Of Private Pike

First broadcast: Sunday 9th October 1977

Hodges's niece, Sylvia is visiting Walmington and takes a shine to Pike. Arranging to go to the cinema in Eastbourne, she co-erces him into liberating Mainwaring's brand new staff car.


3. Knights Of Madness

First broadcast: Sunday 16th October 1977

It is "Wings for Victory" week in Walmington and the final event is to be shared by the Home Guard and the ARP. Mainwaring has decided to act out the fight between St. George and the Dragon - with him as St. George, of course.


4. The Miser's Hoard

First broadcast: Sunday 23rd October 1977

It is discovered that Frazer has been hiding hundreds of gold sovereigns. Mainwaring believes that the best thing is for him to buy an annuity (not that his commission has anything to do with it), but the Scotsman has other ideas.


5. Number Engaged

First broadcast: Sunday 6th November 1977

Guarding a vital telephone link, the platoon are horrified to wake up the morning after an air raid to discover a bomb tangled in the wires right outside their hut.


6. Never Too Old

First broadcast: Sunday 13th November 1977

Jones has done it - after years of on-off courting, he's asked Mrs. Fox to marry him and is absolutely delighted when she accepts. But on the wedding day, there's an invasion alert.


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