Dad's Army. Image shows from L to R: Private Godfrey (Arnold Ridley), Lance Corporal Jones (Clive Dunn), Private Walker (James Beck), Captain Mainwaring (Arthur Lowe), Private Frazer (John Laurie), Sergeant Wilson (John Le Mesurier), Private Pike (Ian Lavender).

Dad's Army

BBC One sitcom about a home guard unit. 80 episodes (9 series), 1968 - 1977. Stars Arthur Lowe, John Le Mesurier, Clive Dunn, John Laurie and others.

Series 3, Episode 6 is repeated on Gold today at 7:40pm.

Series 1

1. The Man And The Hour

First broadcast: Wednesday 31st July 1968

During World War Two, there is a call for ordinary civilians to form a new section of the army: the Local Defence Volunteers. One man plans to lead them - but is the local bank manager right for the job?


2. Museum Piece

First broadcast: Wednesday 7th August 1968

The LDV are short of weapons, so Captain Mainwaring marches on the Museum of Historic Army Weapons, recently closed for the duration. There is an obstacle however; the museum's elderly caretaker, who just happens to be Jones's father.


3. Command Decision

First broadcast: Wednesday 14th August 1968

With still no sign of real weapons, morale in the platoon has hit rock bottom. A proposal from a local landowner offers some hope, but will Mainwaring be willing to hand over command to desert veteran Colonel Square?


4. The Enemy Within The Gates

First broadcast: Wednesday 28th August 1968

A free Polish officer tells Mainwaring that an award of £10 will be given to the platoon for every German they find "alive and in good condition". Jones, Walker and Pike soon find a couple of Luftwaffe men, but not before they accidentally shoot a swan!


5. The Showing Up Of Corporal Jones

First broadcast: Wednesday 4th September 1968

A Major from HQ believes that Jones is too old to serve in the Home Guard. However, following Mainwaring's pleas and Jones's clear enthusiasm, he agrees to allow the butcher to stay with the platoon - as long as he can complete an assault course in 15 minutes.


6. Shooting Pains

First broadcast: Wednesday 11th September 1968

Mainwaring's delighted when the platoon is chosen to provide a Guard of Honour for the Prime Minister at a local event. However, Major Regan is still on their backs, and sets up a showdown between Walmington-on-Sea and the nearby Eastgate platoon.


Short Insert: Present Arms

First broadcast: Wednesday 25th December 1968

It's Christmas Day and Mainwaring can't drop his sense of duty. Wilson's far more relaxed, and tells the men they can wear civvies when Mainwaring orders a parade.

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