Dad's Army. Image shows from L to R: Private Godfrey (Arnold Ridley), Lance Corporal Jones (Clive Dunn), Private Walker (James Beck), Captain Mainwaring (Arthur Lowe), Private Frazer (John Laurie), Sergeant Wilson (John Le Mesurier), Private Pike (Ian Lavender).

Dad's Army

BBC One sitcom about a home guard unit. 80 episodes (9 series), 1968 - 1977. Stars Arthur Lowe, John Le Mesurier, Clive Dunn, John Laurie and others.

Series 3, Episode 5 is repeated on Gold today at 1pm.

Series 2

1. Operation Kilt

First broadcast: Saturday 1st March 1969

The platoon take part in an exercise in which they must protect the church hall from being captured by full-time soldiers lead by a Scottish captain.


2. The Battle Of Godfrey's Cottage

First broadcast: Saturday 8th March 1969

Mainwaring plans to use Godfrey's cottage as a vital post in case the Germans should ever invade. His plan is put into action when the church bells ring.


3. The Loneliness Of The Long-Distance Walker

First broadcast: Saturday 15th March 1969

Walker receives his call-up papers for the regular Army. Whilst Mainwaring's concerned about losing one of his few able-bodied men, Sgt. Wilson's more concerned about his cigarette supplies. Can they unite to keep him in Walmington-on-Sea?


4. Sgt. Wilson's Little Secret

First broadcast: Saturday 22nd March 1969

Mrs Pike plans to take in an evacuee to help with the war effort, but Wilson gets the wrong end of the stick and believes that he has got her pregnant.


5. A Stripe For Frazer

First broadcast: Saturday 29th March 1969

Mainwaring is told that he can have a corporal and a lance corporal in the platoon. This results in Frazer being promoted to lance corporal. Predictably, the Scotsman is keen to take the role, but soon proves less than perfect for the position!


6. Under Fire

First broadcast: Saturday 5th April 1969

When Frazer is on fire watch, he believes he has spotted someone signalling to the enemy. The suspect claims he is innocent, despite his German-sounding accent and the fact his dog is called "Fritz".


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