Dad's Army. Image shows from L to R: Private Godfrey (Arnold Ridley), Lance Corporal Jones (Clive Dunn), Private Walker (James Beck), Captain Mainwaring (Arthur Lowe), Private Frazer (John Laurie), Sergeant Wilson (John Le Mesurier), Private Pike (Ian Lavender).

Dad's Army

BBC One sitcom about a home guard unit. 80 episodes (9 series), 1968 - 1977. Stars Arthur Lowe, John Le Mesurier, Clive Dunn, John Laurie and others.

Series 7, Episode 6 is repeated on Gold on Sunday at 7:20pm.

Series 4

1. The Big Parade

First broadcast: Friday 25th September 1970

Influenced by a trip to the cinema, Mainwaring decides that the platoon should adopt a mascot for an upcoming parade. They set about capturing a ram, but the task is easier said than done when Pike gets trapped in a bog.


2. Don't Forget The Diver

First broadcast: Friday 2nd October 1970

Captain Mainwaring tackles a difficult training exercise in competition against Captain Square, using a bird warbler, Jones floating downstream disguised as a log, and Frazer in a diving suit.


3. Boots, Boots, Boots

First broadcast: Friday 9th October 1970

Mainwaring becomes obsessed with the state of the platoon's feet and begins a series of courses designed to harden the soles. His demanding marches soon force the members of the platoon to try and stop him.


4. Sgt - Save My Boy!

First broadcast: Friday 16th October 1970

Pike gets caught in the barbed wire on Walmington's beach, so it is up to Mainwaring and Wilson to cross a minefield in order to save him before the tide comes in.


5. Don't Fence Me In

First broadcast: Friday 23rd October 1970

The platoon replace the resident guards at Walmington's local prison-of-war camp. The fact that the camp is full of Italians instead of Germans makes the job less appealing, but things become more interesting when it is suspected that Walker is helping the prisoners to escape.


6. Absent Friends

First broadcast: Friday 30th October 1970

Mainwaring is shocked to find that in his absence most of the platoon have not turned up for parade and are instead playing darts with the ARP Wardens. Things get worse when Mainwaring is called upon to help with the arrest of a member of the IRA.


7. Put That Light Out!

First broadcast: Friday 6th November 1970

Jones, Frazer, Pike and Godfrey are stationed on an exercise in the local lighthouse, but soon cause trouble when they turn the light on and shine it over Walmington-on-Sea... during an air-raid.


8. The Two And A Half Feathers

First broadcast: Friday 13th November 1970

The Home Guard get a new private in their ranks, who just so happens to know Jones. However, their relationship is not a happy one with the new arrival claiming that Jones left him in the desert to die. It is down to Jones to unearth the truth.


9. Mum's Army

First broadcast: Friday 20th November 1970

Mainwaring decides to invite more women to help the Home Guard. One of these women, Mrs Gray, catches his eye. Could this be the path to love?


10. The Test

First broadcast: Friday 27th November 1970

Hodges challenges the Home Guard to a game of cricket, but what Mainwaring does not know is that Hodges is getting a professional to play for the ARP. Of course, Hodges might not need his star ringer if Mainwaring's poor skills are anything to go by.


11. A. Wilson (Manager)?

First broadcast: Friday 4th December 1970

Captain Mainwaring is horrified to learn that Wilson has not just been made the manager of his own branch of the bank, but that he has been promoted to Second Lieutenant of the Eastgate platoon.


12. Uninvited Guests

First broadcast: Friday 11th December 1970

After Walmington-on-Sea's ARP HQ is bombed, Mainwaring is forced to share the church hall with Hodges. Problems soon arise after the church hall's chimney is set on fire.


13. Fallen Idol

First broadcast: Friday 18th December 1970

The platoon go on a course about the use of explosives. However, Mainwaring is lead astray by his fellow officers, in particular Captain Square.


Short Insert: The Cornish Floral Dance

First broadcast: Friday 25th December 1970

The platoon, air raid wardens and a number of local ladies congregate in the church hall to rehearse for a performance of 1911 song The Cornish Floral Dance. They do not get off to a smooth start...


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