Crackanory. Copyright: Tiger Aspect Productions.


Dave comedy storytelling show. 26 episodes (4 series), 2013 - 2017.

Series 1

Crackanory. Sally Phillips. Copyright: Tiger Aspect Productions.

1. Bitter Tweet & What Peebee Did Next

First broadcast: Wednesday 13th November 2013

Jackanory gets a reboot as famous faces read comic tales. Jack Dee and Sally Phillips narrate stories about a Twitter addict and a dead toymaker.

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Crackanory. Kevin Eldon. Copyright: Tiger Aspect Productions.

2. Fakespeare & What Do You Say?

First broadcast: Wednesday 20th November 2013

Rebecca Front narrates a story about a hack writer who finds a lost Bard play. Kevin Eldon tells a twisted tale about a man driven to insanity.

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Crackanory. Harry Enfield. Copyright: Tiger Aspect Productions.

3. The Teacup Has Landed & Pleasure Drone

First broadcast: Wednesday 27th November 2013

Twisted tales read by Harry Enfield and Sarah Solemani. An office worker takes on a high-street coffee chain and a downtrodden librarian gains access to a CIA military drone!

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Crackanory. Sharon Horgan. Copyright: Tiger Aspect Productions.

4. The Translator & Road To Hell

First broadcast: Wednesday 4th December 2013

Sharon Horgan and Charlie Higson read darkly comic tales. A translator changes the world order at a political summit and a young female motorist breaks down on Walpurgis Night.

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Crackanory. Jessica Hynes. Copyright: Tiger Aspect Productions.

5. Becoming Zoe & My Former Self

First broadcast: Wednesday 11th December 2013

Amusing stories for adults, read by Richard Hammond and Jessica Hynes. A postman reads his crush's mail to learn what makes her tick and a woman meets her eight-year-old self.

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Crackanory. Hugh Dennis. Copyright: Tiger Aspect Productions.

6. Head In The Clouds & The Newsreader

First broadcast: Wednesday 18th December 2013

Stephen Mangan and Hugh Dennis narrate funny yarns about a newsreader interviewing an evil dictator and a care assistant who moonlights as a superhero.

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Release date: Friday 20th January 2017

Imagine if Jackanory was set free from its childish shackles. What twisted, funny tales would it unleash upon the world?

Each episode of Crackanory contains two 15-minute tales and is a master class in storytelling, combining some of the UK's best comedy writers and performers.

Full author list: Nico Tatarowicz,...


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