Crackanory. Copyright: Tiger Aspect Productions.


Dave comedy storytelling show. 26 episodes (4 series), 2013 - 2017.

Series 3

Crackanory. Carrie Fisher. Copyright: Tiger Aspect Productions.

1. Uncivil War & Dread And Breakfast

First broadcast: Monday 7th December 2015

In the first of story things escalate out of control at a reenactment troupe's weekend display after new evidence emerges suggesting history might have taken a different course. Next, a young couple checks into a mysterious B&B where the residents seem very keen to keep them there... forever. Read by Paul Whitehouse and Carrie Fisher.


Crackanory. Catherine Tate. Copyright: Tiger Aspect Productions.

2. The Catchment Area & The Frogbeast Of Pontfidd

First broadcast: Tuesday 8th December 2015

A couple desperate to get their "gifted" daughter into the best local primary school move into a makeshift camp. The second story goes back in time to 1901 as a photographer arrives in a sleepy local village determined to capture proof that the deadly beast residing there doesn't really exist. Read by Catherine Tate and Richard Ayoade.


Crackanory. Christopher Lloyd. Copyright: Tiger Aspect Productions.

3. The Zombie That Roared & DI Sat Nav

First broadcast: Wednesday 9th December 2015

First up, Brian wakes to find himself in a morgue alongside his friend Craig, who's suddenly attacked by zombies. Seeking revenge, Brian decides to pick them off one by one. In the second tale, a disgraced police detective becomes convinced that his dead partner has possessed his sat nav. Read by Jimmy Carr and Christopher Lloyd.


Crackanory. Sarah Millican. Copyright: Tiger Aspect Productions.

4. The Last Laugh & Abattnoir

First broadcast: Thursday 10th December 2015

When a bomb is discovered during their panto performance an amateur dramatics society has to keep the audience laughing or else. Next up, a girl takes a job at a local abattoir but can't bring herself to kill any cows, so takes them home instead. Read by Robbie Coltrane and Sarah Millican.


Crackanory. Morgana Robinson. Copyright: Tiger Aspect Productions.

5. The Truth About Suz & The Vexed Message

First broadcast: Friday 11th December 2015

In the penultimate episode's opening story, after lying about having a wife, Alan finds an unlikely date for the office awards ceremony. The second of tonight's stories sees a man mistakenly send a text message intended for his wife to his boss and so does everything he can to get his hands on the phone. Read by Morgana Robinson and Greg Davies.


Crackanory. Tamsin Greig. Copyright: Tiger Aspect Productions.

6. Unlucky For Sam & Bob's House

First broadcast: Saturday 12th December 2015

First up is the story of a young student who tries to convince his extremely superstitious elderly landlady that her beliefs are unfounded. In the last tale of the series a man attempts to hide the CIA agent living under his house from his girlfriend. Is he really tracking an imminent alien invasion? Read by Simon Bird and Tamsin Greig.


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Release date: Friday 20th January 2017

Imagine if Jackanory was set free from its childish shackles. What twisted, funny tales would it unleash upon the world?

Each episode of Crackanory contains two 15-minute tales and is a master class in storytelling, combining some of the UK's best comedy writers and performers.

Full author list: Nico Tatarowicz,...


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Some of the readers in the third series give hints about the stories they will be telling.

Featuring: Paul Whitehouse, Carrie Fisher, Jimmy Carr, Christopher Lloyd, Robbie Coltrane, Sarah Millican, Morgana Robinson, Simon Bird, Tamsin Greig.