Crackanory. Copyright: Tiger Aspect Productions.


Dave comedy storytelling show. 26 episodes (4 series), 2013 - 2017.

Video Clips

Too Cracked for TV on Audible

Did you know you can get extra Crackanory stories by downloading the free 98 minute Audible special Too Cracked for TV? Toby Jones, Katherine Parkinson, John Robins, Robert Bathurst and Simon Bird read new stories. In this video, Bird, Robins, Bathurst and Parkinson explain more. Download for free

From Series 4. Featuring: Robert Bathurst, Simon Bird, Katherine Parkinson, John Robins.

Miriam Margolyes interview

Miriam Margolyes discusses the art of reading, and we see some extracts from the Pickled episode.

From Series 4, Episode 8. Featuring: Miriam Margolyes, Matthew Steer (Benedict), David Gant (Old Man).

Mackenzie Crook interview

Mackenzie Crook makes up some names of some authors, and we see some clips from The Disappearance.

From Series 4, Episode 7. Featuring: Mackenzie Crook, Dominic Coleman (Solomon), Brook Exley (Young Solomon).

Doc Brown interview

Doc Brown talks about storytellers, and we see some clips from Devil's Haircut.

From Series 4, Episode 6. Featuring: Doc Brown, Sophia Di Martino (Lil), Darren Strange (Spencer).

Mel Giedroyc interview

Mel Giedroyc talks about storytelling, and hints at what Proxy Lady is about. There are also some preview clips from the episode shown.

From Series 4, Episode 5. Featuring: Mel Giedroyc, Ritu Arya (Beth), Ellie White (Greta).

Anna Friel interview

Anna Friel talks about her story, and we see some preview clips from The Survivor.

From Series 4, Episode 4. Featuring: Anna Friel, Alexander Owen (Thomas), Rose Reynolds (Laura).