Comic Relief. Copyright: BBC.

Comic Relief

BBC One variety show for Red Nose Day. 17 episodes, 1988 - 2019. Stars Lenny Henry, Jonathan Ross, Griff Rhys Jones, Dawn French and others.

A Night of Comic Relief 2 (1990)

Lenny Henry, Griff Rhys Jones and Jonathan Ross present a night of comedy. Hale & Pace set the pace at the British Telecom Tower and Little & Large deposit the first victim in the vile Gunk Tank.

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8pm - Kylie, Connolly and TV Gaga

Billy Connolly is in Mozambique for Comic Relief.

TV Gaga - this year's Supersketch Show, with a cast of hundreds, from Penelope Keith to Phil Collins, to Peter Howitt to Barry McGuigan via George Cole and Terry Wogan!

Frank Carson and the winners of the Kids' Red Nose Joke Box Jury competition.

A special Red Nose greeting from Kylie Minogue and Jason Donovan.

8:30pm - Bread, Butterflies and Liver Birds

A unique reunion of characters from Carla Lane's classic sitcoms, starring Nerys Hughes, Jean Boht, Felicity Kendal, Polly James, Caroline Blakiston, Linda McCartney and Kim Wilde.

And Rowan Atkinson in Westminster - looking suspiciously like Blackadder, despite a suit and tie - Rowan slithers back into the 20th century.

Ken Dodd goes totally and utterly tattifallarious!!

9pm - The Nine O'Clock News

9:30pm - Loadsamoney, Loadsa Lenny and a Bit of Dave Allen

Smith & Jones welcome you back and announce Loadsamoney's farewell performance.

Comic Relief and Radio 1 proudly present The Comic Hall of Fame starting with a classic clip of Dave Allen.

10pm- 'Allo 'Allo! and a Dollop of Sauce

'Allo 'Allo! from the Palladium: Rene has trouble with a blow-up Hitler.

French & Saunders have trouble without Bananarama.

10:30pm - The Night of the Comic Dead

A red-nose horror film with Phil Cool, Frank Carson and two gruesome ghouls from Brush Strokes.

Star-studded celebrity magic with Paul Daniels.

A snappy snippet from Victoria Wood.

Griff Rhys Jones on the ability in disability.

11pm - Barry Goes Bananas and Midnight Goes Mad

Barry Norman awards his personal statuettes to a feast of fun flicks, including clips from Airplane!, Life Of Brian, What's 's Up Doc? and Some Like It Hot.

The Joan Collins Fan Club and Rory Bremner fan the flames of fun, with the help of A Bit Of Fry And Laurie.

Midnight - Theophilus P. Wildebeeste Introduces the Big Love Hour

Theo flings down some hot comedy.

Hot Metal - The Satellite Years.

Also more TV Gaga, with spicy late-night sketches from Nigel Hawthorne, Pamela Stephenson, Jimmy Nail, Jimmy Cricket and, of course, Rolf Harris.

Whose Late-Night Line Is It Anyway? - improvised action with John Sessions.

Kevin Turvey and Woody Allen - the master of sit-down comedy and the master of stand-up get-in-the-groove.

Robbie Coltrane on projects in Northern Ireland.

1am - Hamlet by the Stavros Shakespearian Players

Hamlet, starring a very serious actor as Ham', Prince of Den', and Stavros as his Dead Dad and the Top Three in the Sketch Rundown.

A tearful farewell from the troops, as Lenny, Griff and Jonathan tuck themselves into bed with a cup of hot cocoa to watch...

1:30am - The Young Ones and Monty Python

Broadcast details

Friday 10th March 1989
480 minutes