Sitcom Mission

Please, Take A Seat

By: Tom Worsley

Sitcom Mission 2023 finalist

A team of idiosyncratic NHS admin drones must fight off the symptoms of excess paperwork and HR policy in a small-town hospital as their bureaucracy-obsessed, ambitious manager fights for promotion.

Tom Worsley

Tom Worsley is a comedy and children's writer based in Glasgow. He was part of the BBC Writersroom's inaugural 'Scottish Voices' development group, where he was commissioned to write a sitcom pilot for BBC Radio Scotland called Sue And John, which was later nominated for a Celtic Media Award. He later worked on BBC Scotland's mock-documentary cop comedy Scot Squad. He has written topical sketches and jokes for BBC Radio Scotland's Noising Up and Breaking The News, and most recently for the BBC Radio 4 Extra sketch show DMs Are Open. He is also a writer for kids' TV, having worked on the CBeebies pirate show Swashbuckle. He was previously an NHS administrator which inspired Please, Take A Seat...