The Sitcom Mission

Each year, the best scripts from the competition are showcased live in London. Have a read of the testimonials from some of the writers we have worked with.

The Sitcom Mission 2018

These four sitcoms will be showcased on Thursday 1st November 2018 with a cast featuring Lucy Farrett, Katie Wells, Komal Amin, Kathryn Bond, David Ahmad, David Broughton-Davies and Hayden Wood.

The Sitcom Mission 2017

The showcase took place on Thursday 19th October 2017, with judges including Morwenna Gordon (Sky), Victoria Lloyd (BBC) and Tanya Qureshi (Channel 4).

The Sitcom Mission 2016

The showcase took place on Thursday 27th October 2016, featuring the acting talents of Naomi Cooper-Davis, Rachel Hine, Steve Hodgetts, Rowena Lennon, Travis Oliver, Maggie Service, Phil Whelans, Sam Woolf and Becky Wright.

The Sitcom Mission 2015

After 160 entries, and over 200 hours spent on written feedback, the four sitcoms to make it to the industry showcase on 15th October 2015 were...

The Sitcom Mission 2014

The industry showcase at the New Diorama Theatre was held on September 18th 2014. For the first time ever the judges were torn between two scripts. We were glad about this. We really don't want a situation where there is one clear winner and three there to make up the numbers. Judges included Ben Boyer, Head of Comedy Development at Sky TV; and Saskia Schuster, Head of Comedy at ITV. The results were:

The Sitcom Mission 2013

Seven sitcoms were performed for the public at the Union Tavern. As indicated, four of the sitcoms were then performed at the industry showcase at the New Diorama Theatre on 17th October 2013, with Girlband declared the winner.

The Sitcom Mission 2012

In the 2012 run, 16 scripts were showcased live in April and May 2012...

The Sitcom Mission 2011

The eight sitcoms selected for The Sitcom Mission 2011 were showcased at The New Diorama Theatre during June and July 2011. These live shows also included top stand-up and sketch acts and an Edinburgh preview show.

The Sitcom Mission 2010

The 2010 showcase of sitcoms took place in April and May 2010...