Whatever Happened To Baby Jane Austen?. Image shows from L to R: Florence Ransom (Dawn French), Selina Mountjoy (Jennifer Saunders). Copyright: CPL Productions.

Whatever Happened To Baby Jane Austen?

BBC Radio 4 sitcom about two sisters fighting. 1 episode in 2020. Stars Dawn French, Jennifer Saunders, Josette Simon, Lisa McGrillis and Alistair McGowan.

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Need a laugh? It's French and Saunders to the rescue

When the days are cold and dark and the times are bleak, you have to take the laughs where you can get them. So thank goodness for Dawn French and Jennifer Saunders, charging to the rescue like knights on a white stallion - or perhaps more like two drunk aunties on a pantomime horse.

Charlotte Runcie, The Telegraph, 6th January 2021

French & Saunders to star in Radio 4 comedy

Dawn French and Jennifer Saunders will star in Whatever Happened To Baby Jane Austen?, a one-off festive Radio 4 comedy about two sisters. Radio 4's other festive highlights include new episodes of Ed Reardon's Week and Count Arthur Strong's Radio Show!.

British Comedy Guide, 30th November 2020